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Wages of Sin


In response to threats of a griffon attack on Equestria, Twilight responds with a letter detailing just why such actions would prove unfavorable for them.

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In regards to Her Serene Majesty going "Nightmare", four words: Flaming Goddess of Death

4185014 Nothing ends a conflict quite like pure solar plasma.

A bit hyperbolic, but I enjoyed the imagery.
Cover art suggestion: close-up of a purple hoof inexplicably flipping the viewer the bird.

So thanks for that.

I read. I liked. I Faved.

I have often thought about the militaristic power of the ponies, but I have never gotten around to writing a story based on their power. Thanks for this.

And, she hanst even mentioned what happens when a unicorn deliberatly miss casts a teleport spell on an object, and as someone esle very succintly puts it, quantum mechanics prevents two pieces of matter from coexisting in the same space. Hoever, it allows two pieces of energy to occupy the same volume. Hence, the laws of quantum mechanics declare that that baseball taleported into that city wall, become two baseball sized chunks of pure energy. Which dont remain in the vicinity for very long, usually slightly less than one foot per nanosecond therafter. :twilightoops:

The only problem with people who deman their right to rule, are so mentally disorderd that nothing they observe is real unless they allow it, even to personal physical degradation and destruction. :pinkiesick:

I have a couple issues with this, since I'm fairly certain that Griffons would be capable of controlling the weather, since if I remember correctly Gilda could land on clouds so it stands to reason that Griffons could manipulate the weather. As well, the military of griffons, having been trained year round as well having body parts as weapons, would individually be much better soldiers than Equestrians. As well, in the past it has been shown that unicorns could control the sun and moon, and I find it unlikely that only ponies, changelings, and Discord can tap into magic that could potentially move the sun and moon.
All the same though, it's still a great story and it would be extremely difficult to write a story like this and not have someone be able to nitpick it apart.

Now this was and enjoyable story. I give many kudos to the author for such a fun and well thought out little story!

4185126 Yeah, griffons may be able to control weather, but pegasi have been shown to be powerless against things like tornadoes, so I doubt the griffons could stop or divert a well-built hurricane. I'd agree that griffons would be much better soldiers in single combat against pegasi though... As for the sun and the moon, I really don't know what to think about that... :applejackunsure:

Very amusing watching Twilight deconstruct the griffon's plan for war.
I found one mistake:

Equestria boasts four immortals: Celestia, Discord, Luna, and myself.

You forgot about Cadence.

4185174 She's the sovereign of the Crystal Empire, so she doesn't count. :pinkiesmile:

4185052 Works for me!

Is this nsfw by FIMFic standards?

Also: i.imgur.com/CxlokaZ.jpg

And doing an image search on the subject reminded me that horses' hooves are the middle finger/toe already. Go fig!

needs more Twilight rape face.:twilightsmile:

This was awesome. Just so you know, if I wasn't already following you, I would be after this.


so I doubt the griffons could stop or divert a well-built hurricane.

But what about the ponies who built the hurricane. Besides, I think you meant tornado, as I highly doubt Pegasi could make a hurricane.

4185487 Why not a hurricane? Given enough time to prepare, they could probably do it.:rainbowdetermined2:



That is a hurricane taken from orbit, the pegasi had difficulty whipping up a tornado, they're not making a hurricane.

A category 1 goes 74-95 mph, cat. 2 goes 96-110, cat 3 goes 111-130, cat. 4 is 131-155, and cat. 5 is winds exceeding 156.

And making a hurricane is much more complicated than just flying around in circles. Way more complicated. In fact, making a tornado is much more complicated than just flying around in circles.

4185632 they control the cycles of the seasons and the solar body that forms all weather on the planet, if your head cannon says they can't make a hurricane that's your right, but I like to keep a more optimistic view of their capabilities. :rainbowwild:



I have a headcannon?

I don't know about you, but I don't think I have a headcannon. What I do have is science and common sense.

The smallest hurricane on record, measured 11.5 miles wide.

Like I said before, they're not making a hurricane.

4185661 :rainbowhuh: ...oh... I'm being trolled... :ajbemused: not very well... :facehoof:



Good sir, I very rarely troll. And I'm not trolling, I was simply poking fun at your misspelling of headcanon.

Every other point stands.

4185736 So let me get this straight, in a land of magical flying ponies, where you accept their ability to raise the sun and moon, as well as manipulate water vapor with their hooves, the only problem your scientific philosophy finds is the claim that they can make hurricanes? I was hoping you were a troll at that point, because now I don't even know how to argue...


Ahah, but I can come up theories.

First off the sun and the moon. The IDW comics show them to be quite small. If you have the power to do it, pushing or pulling would not be that difficult.

Ability to manipulate water vapor? They're solidifying it by pushing magic out of their hooves.

They could theoretically make a hurricane, it's just too large.

4185763 ...and once again we round the bend to the fact you can say what you will, but I disagree... Anyway, since we've now hit this point for the second time, I'm not going to respond to any more discussion on this matter...


It makes sense though, Luna and Celestia have to power to mover their respective body, but they can't make an 11 mile wide hurricane.

A tropical depression? Maybe.

My headcanon is that Twilight is now responsible for magic (ley line pruning, balancing, repairing scars like the Everfree) in the same way that Celestia and Luna are responsible for the sun and moon.

So she may just divert the Griffon ley lines.

Griffons fly with magic. They grow food with magic, or hunt by flying. At minimum, they lose these abilities and die off in about a year or capitulate. Worst case, it's instantly lethal to all life in Griffon lands.

I think I'd rather anger Celestia.

Nicely done Wages. A most enjoyable read.


They don't necesarily use magic to fly, I'm not an ornithologist, but gryphon wings appear large enough to support them. Especially if they have hollow bones.

And it's not instantly lethal, that makes no sense.

Twilight didn't mention one of the other deadly forces in Equestria. A force beyond physics and logic. A force known primarily as Pinkie Pie. She may not be the best when it comes to combat, but if she gets inside the griffon lands (and there's no doubt that she can), all she has to do is chase those in charge of directing the offense. Even if they run inside a super secure safehouse and lock the door (even with a good head start), Pinkie will be there. I'd give any of the griffons in charge a week tops before they either concede defeat, give up, or go mad.

Is it worth noting that the last army to invade Equestria was defeated pretty much entirely by two ponies?

In other words, when it's time for a throwdown, simply say, "Luna, sick 'em,"


And their leader beat Celestia.

Dafuq you mean two armies? The changelings, that's it.


The square-cube law is brutal with regard to flight. A griffon is larger and heavier than an albatross even with hollow bones. An albatross has a wingspan of up to 12 feet and needs a running start to lift off. Magic is very necessary for griffon flight.


Meh, I suppose so. But like I said, I'm not an ornithologist, and I can't be bothered to learn things that involve math. Considering the fact that math is my mortal enemy.

Damn you math! Damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, but obviously you don't mention that part. The entire point of intimidation like this is to emphasize your strengths as much as possible while leaving out your weaknesses. Just like how she doesn't mention that there is only one pony in existence who can pull off the Sonic Rainboom.

Dafuq you mean two armies? The changelings, that's it.

What? :rainbowhuh:

"Or we could just drop the sun on your capital city. That works too."


Not meaning to come down on you, it's just that flight is really hard.


Whoops, sorry. Thought you said last armies which my brain then translated as two armies.


No, it doesn't. You'd destroy half the damn planet as well.

Just half? It would destroy the whole planet, and the entire solar system besides. Unless their sun is much much smaller than ours and actually is controlled by Celestia, in which case she can place it directly over their capital city and lower it to the right altitude to scorch the place, or have it emit a huge ball of fire to just plain nuke it. But while explaining that in detail has a certain nerdy charm, for purposes of intimidation "I can drop the sun on you" works just fine.


Theres a problem with that, in doing so, she would destroy the ozone layer or whatever they have. Which could have unknown effects on the rest of the planet. I think solar warfare is out of the question.

If we're going to foolishly start worrying about the 'consequences of our actions on the planet' then we probably wouldn't be warring in the first place. Happily, in a world that runs on magic any kind of massive environmental disaster can be fixed with an application of Deus Ex Machina.


I hate Deus Ex Machinas.

And besides, warring isn't bad for the planet. All those bodies act as fertilizers. :pinkiecrazy:


"Theoretically, wouldn't it be possible for Pegasi to trigger a Hurricane? After the Rotation has begun, natural forces would be able to Sustain the depression until a Hurricane is formed. Subsequently, Pegasi would only need to produce Gusts to dive the main from Equestria."

Just saying:

In times of a possable war with Griffins, imtimidating them is only gonna escalate things. I don't think the Emperor will take the threats seriously, or very well for that matter.

I think Diplomacy would be the smarter course of action.

Human history is a litany of blood spilled over differing ideals of rulership and afterlife. Barring the pre-Equestrian era, ponies have no such history. They share consensus on such things. Give me a choice between living in this world and living in Equestria, and I'll choose Equestria without fail. Meat may become something of a rare treat, but it would be a worthwhile change of living arrangements.


I'll choose here thank you very much.

Equestria boasts four immortals

What about Princess Mi Amore Cadenza? Wouldn't she be upset at the 'complete annihilation' of Shinning Armor?

Assuming the conditions are right to allow a Hurricane to continue, sure. They're a very specific set of conditions, but it's definitely possible.

And given that Earth hurricanes can exist in diameters of up to 4000km (2485mi for those that don't speak Metric), it could easily serve as a national barrier assuming the physics work the same way.

Note that this is the measurement of the area affected by the winds generated, not the wind-cone itself.

Getting a little sarcastic there Twi. You should know better! :D This deserves 4/5 moustaches! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

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