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Wages of Sin


This is a series of one-shot chapters that tell the stories of important events in griffon (and potentially world) history as pertains to the world built in Diplomacy for the Strong.

Chapter 1 - What is Griffonstone? How did a tiny decrepit village get the title of a Kingdom?

Chapter 2 - The Crystal Empire just accepts Cadance as their ruler? Why?

If you read these without the context of DftS, you do so with the understanding that this is expanded world-building and therefore innately head-canon territory. (Oh, and you won't really understand what's going on... so there's that too.)

Chapters (2)

Mis-communication has started many a war, but in this case maybe calling it a war was too generous.

The "war" is over, Twilight has successfully orchestrated a bloodless end to the Griffons' aggression, but only now does she realize that there is more to winning than she had first assumed, especially against a nation that holds war as a central part of their culture...

Now Twilight must deal with the aftermath while facing a challenge she never anticipated: being seen as a conqueror.

This can be read alone, but I recommend reading the letter that started it all for a chuckle and a little exposition. This series of expositional one-shots can also give some additional world-building.

Chapters (13)

In response to threats of a griffon attack on Equestria, Twilight responds with a letter detailing just why such actions would prove unfavorable for them.

Chapters (2)

Twilight wakes up after a failed experiment and quickly discovers just what that failure did to her.

Will she be able to function in her new form long enough to find the counter spell, or will she go crazy before she gets the opportunity?

Can she handle being a carnivore in a town of herbivores?

What happens when a pack of Timberwolves comes, driving her to an ultimate decision?

5/11/2014 -Featured!

Chapters (30)

As the newly coronated princess of Equestria, Twilight attempts to go back to the everyday life with her friends that she had grown used to.

...but being a alicorn princess living with her newly acquired royal retainers in the small town of Ponyville can lead to some... problems.

Chapters (26)

Twilight has always felt just a little uneasy about how others treat her, but after a tragedy befalls the Sparkle household, she reveals her greatest truth at the funeral.

Can her friends, family, and teacher comfort her this time?


...but when emotions are high and mistrust and confusion are rampant, is everything what it first appears?

Chapters (11)

Twilight receives a letter out of the blue that reveals a secret she's been keeping from her friends, a letter that conveys the condolences of a family friend. What hidden meaning does it carry, and how will Twilight deal with the responsibility that comes with it?

After Twilight's grim duty is completed, the mane 6 travel out of the country on a diplomatic mission to the Griffon territories and find trouble on the way.

(If there are grammatical or other errors, please tell me in the comments and I'll fix them)

Chapters (3)
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