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Wages of Sin


This is a series of one-shot chapters that tell the stories of important events in griffon (and potentially world) history as pertains to the world built in Diplomacy for the Strong.

Chapter 1 - What is Griffonstone? How did a tiny decrepit village get the title of a Kingdom?

Chapter 2 - The Crystal Empire just accepts Cadance as their ruler? Why?

If you read these without the context of DftS, you do so with the understanding that this is expanded world-building and therefore innately head-canon territory. (Oh, and you won't really understand what's going on... so there's that too.)

Chapters (2)
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Reading through the report without the author's notes, it almost sounds like Twilight's mission with The Crystal Heart was somehow a publicity stunt orchestrated by Celestia to get the crystal ponies to accept Cadance.

Yeah, I've never really seen the prospect of Crystal Empire self-determination addressed. It would be amusing for Cadence and Celestia the benign chessmaster to disagree over a minor issue in public just to put on a show of independence.

So often is history, all we can do is look back and ask, "What the hell?"

Given the condition of the library when Twilight found it, I can only assume that this organization system is from some years into Twilight's reign. But what's the significance of the asterisk next to Pristine?

7693615 it was to indicate both copies, but I pulled out the note and forgot to pull the asterisk...

The nuances of this are lost on poor Commander Friendly Fire, who only understands that what Twilight did looks a lot like what Cadance did, and thought the same rules applied.

You lost me there.

et's see how far down the rabbit hole you guys want to go.

For those of you, like me, who are reading this on a phone, here is the miniature portion of the Author's Notes.

Hm, pretty neat stuff so far. Look forward to seeing how much of this winds up getting incorporated in the grand narrative.

Small shorts, but interesting nonetheless. Would definitely like to see more of what you can come up with later :twilightsmile:

Yeah, you know, I think Alrek wasn't nearly as honourable as the text claims, as well that Griffonstone prospered despite the Empire's attempt at wiping it out.

Take me down the rabbit hole. All the way. Tell me about intricate legal backup plans and government systems. Get me all up in those Alicorn legislative brains.:heart:


And then a child king doing what child kings do.



ater. Let's see how far down the rabbit hole you guys want to go.


7699990 You think so? It seems odd that his minions would ignore the one most visibly keeping him from ruling.

Child kings are often uninformed and foolish. I suspect that his minions wrre doing a work-to-rule bit rather than seriously rebelling against the general.

I agree, this was either one of the worst insurrections or some General wanted to legitimize his rule. Even if they assassins were killing randomly some of the senior staff should have been killed. Of course it doesnt help that the outcome was that the son of his Emperor survived and even gained Equestrian territory in political asylum.

It's said they passed Alrek in the hallway without even attacking him. That's one of the biggest sign that all of this was a false flag operation.
I am wondering how Grover fits into this. Did he really steal the idol? Or did the Empire give it to him? That would be a great way to turn Griffonstone into a puppet state.

7705766 Is it modeled after the coup in Turkey? An insane, unsuccessful but bloody coup that ended up solidifying the current ruler's hold, and that many people suspect was masterminded by him?

Im not sure, but it definitely works to the betterment of the Griffon here. The competent ruler stays in power and any decenters are given pause as any question of legitimacy is removed. Wether or not this was an elaborate staged coup, or a botched grab for power only matters to who you want to belive what. The former sounds better to the people as it shows a kind ruler who has handled a hardship of an incompetent figurehead. While to foreign powers it shows a level of cunning that you wouldn't want to mess with. Im sure the griffon spies used both versions.

Take us as far as you possibly want bro

I would focus on the main story, but these are interesting enough and short enough I doubt they would take too much time away from it.

How did I just now find this?!?:twilightoops:



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