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A question was once asked. A question that should never have been asked.

Based on the artwork and story line of NCMares/Never Be Royals. Written with artist's permission. Thanks to TheGypsyBard for doing some editing! And last but certainly not least, Bathroomstahl is amazing with his editing skills!

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Nice, though I'd have liked some more details on the moments between the scenes.


I probably could have expanded upon it more, but this was more or less knocked out in about 2 days in a bit of a frenzy.

Well this could still be expanded, by taking the time you need. As it is now, to me it feels like just a written rendition of the tumblr story. Working on it some more would be the occasion to add more, something that can't be done with tumblr, and it would profit greatly. For example, things that are just mentioned (like when Twilight says Cadance is dangerous with cushions) could be made into new scenes.
But it's entirely up to you if you want to expand this.


I will take a hard look at doing just that! I appreciate the feedback and hopefully, I'll be able to flesh it out a bit more soon.

All I can is"Party Cannon™" was awesome !


Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for adding it to your favourites!

6954396 Thank you!! Great story

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