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One night, on Hearth's Warming, Diamond Tiara returned to her hometown of Ponyville.

She'd hoped that some things might have changed.

She didn't expect somepony to change so much.

Part of the Jinglemas 2019 collaboration.
Written for LIGHTNINGinTHEdark, who requested a story about Diamond Tiara and Cheerilee.
Edited by Anon Y Mousse, Present Perfect, Cold in Gardez and Regidar.
Big thanks to Ara for the cover art.

Chapters (1)

Cadance asks Luna what Flurry Heart dreams about.

Luna tells Cadance what she wants to hear.

Gold medalist in the December 2018 Write-Off, for the prompt "And at the End, You Shall Remain Alone"

Chapters (1)

In the middle of attempting to ruin Starlight's tenure as headmare of the School of Friendship, Discord's business takes him to Maud's class. She looks to be an easy target. But considering Maud's apathy towards him, he really should've known better.

Takes place during "A Matter of Principals".

Chapters (1)

The Apple family reunion got really awkward this year.

Special thanks goes to MagnetBolt for assistance!

Entry in the Sunset Shipping Contest!

Chapters (1)

Join me, come join me...

Adagio has one last song in her, but no voice to sing it with.

A present for NaiadSagaIotaOar.

Artwork by SkycatcherEquestria.

Chapters (1)

Princess Changeling Rainbow Magic Pants, the beloved being from beyond Equestria's skies who also resides in a land flooded with magic much as if Starswirl the Bearded's basement was flooded, senses that Twilight Sparkle needs her help.

Now if only ponies would stop screaming or throwing up every time they laid eyes upon her.

Princess Changeling Rainbow Magic Pants created by TheShadowStone

Chapters (17)

Tired of seeing the same old faces show up in the Everfree?
Can't stand to see one more 'meet the Mane Cast' sequence?
Sick onto death of seeing That One Tag appear in the New column?
Starting to wonder if there's still a single person in fiction or reality who hasn't been to Equestria?

Then welcome to World's Shortest Crossovers, in which the author takes your Comments suggestions -- mostly the sane ones -- and turns them into microfics! The people, settings, and occasional objects which you choose just might wind up as part of a tiny story! It's free! It's equal-opportunity! And it's guaranteed to be comprised of no more than 90% massive slaughter!

You know you want to...

(Author has both Patreon and Ko-Fi pages, but let's face it: they ain't gettin' any new referrals from this thing.)

Chapters (20)

Princess Cadance will find what she seeks at the top of the staircase. She just has to reach it.

Chapters (1)

Five years of cheap thrills in the big city have left Sweetie Belle in bad debt with dangerous ponies. Forced to pay up, she returns to Ponyville to seek money from an estranged sister she loathes with a passion.

Featured on Equestria Daily October 6, 2015
Non-spoiler review by Paul Asaran

Chapters (10)
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