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No sex actually happens in the story. Just missed past opportunities, and a non-canonical saucy joke at the end, which I think is the definition of Teen rating + Sex warning. Yes, that's right, "joke"...


Ellie makes an innocent remark. Maud and Trixie confess some things to Starlight. Starlight does not take it well.

Author's Note

There are about 15kish words that are supposed to be between this and Scenes From A Life In Equestria, establishing the start of Ellie's relationship with Rarity, up to her leaving on a business trip for a couple of weeks. But then I re-watched The Road To Friendship and A Rock Solid Friendship and got re-obsessed with Startrix and Starmaud and Startrixmaud all over again, and could not wait. Will connect it to the rest of the series once that catches up.

Chapters (2)

One night, on Hearth's Warming, Diamond Tiara returned to her hometown of Ponyville.

She'd hoped that some things might have changed.

She didn't expect somepony to change so much.

Part of the Jinglemas 2019 collaboration.
Written for LIGHTNINGinTHEdark, who requested a story about Diamond Tiara and Cheerilee.
Edited by Anon Y Mousse, Present Perfect, Cold in Gardez and Regidar.
Big thanks to Ara for the cover art.

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Twilight Sparkle is replaced by a firetruck.

I'm never writing another story.

Seriously, this is it.

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Trixie wakes up to find herself having been turned into a fluffy smol ponecat. And Adagio won't stop petting her.

Contains randomness, silliness, and floof :rainbowwild:

Popular 5/7/2019 - 5/9/2019!

Chapters (2)

"If you ever need anything, come see me, okay?"

When Fluttershy said those words, Sunset had not really believed her. Just last week, Sunset had been a tyrant, a bully. Surely the girl was just being nice. They weren't really friends.

But as her emotions rage inside, Sunset begins to wonder if, perhaps, those words meant something. Perhaps she really could go to Fluttershy for something. Something only a friend can provide...

Now with a reading by Fire Rain.

Chinese translation by studyb (学习b) is available on fimtale

This story was Featured on April 24, 2019

This story was featured on Equestria Daily as part of a best fanfics round-up for Sunset Day 2020.

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Cadance asks Luna what Flurry Heart dreams about.

Luna tells Cadance what she wants to hear.

Gold medalist in the December 2018 Write-Off, for the prompt "And at the End, You Shall Remain Alone"

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Everyone gather around the campfire to learn the story about how Detective Jakkid166 had to face my scareyest challenge yet.Read it if you dare or if you don't dare....

But still read it

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Most of the time, Pinkie Pie is the happiest, most cheerful of ponies, but she often has a hard time coping with loss.

Today we see just how hard, as Pinkie says goodbye to a special friend.

Written for the "Keep Pretending" Writeoff.

"I Love to See You Smile" (cover art), by Zaid Val'Roa, was part of the art competition and served as the specific inspiration for this story.

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In the middle of attempting to ruin Starlight's tenure as headmare of the School of Friendship, Discord's business takes him to Maud's class. She looks to be an easy target. But considering Maud's apathy towards him, he really should've known better.

Takes place during "A Matter of Principals".

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Spike is growing up, a little bit at a time. It has its upsides. He can carry Rarity's luggage more easily, he gets to have a bigger bed, he doesn't fall asleep all the time, and, hey, wings are pretty cool, too!

Unfortunately, part of growing up is outgrowing things you used to take for granted. Alicorn Princess or not, Twilight's still a pony, and ponies weren't built with carrying adolescent dragons in mind.

Something random that popped into my head while rewatching some of this season's episodes. It could be read as something of a tie in to my previous story, "Seven Hour Bubblebath", but it can be read as a standalone story as well.

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