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Friendly Writer, Supporter, a great Friend too! I look forward to making friends and meeting all kinds of wonderful people here!

Now, I used to be a member of this website on my previous account known as Matt_TheD3rp, I believe I created the account WAY back in 2013 or 2014, it was a long time ago but it was when I was 13 years old, haha time sure does fly! :raritydespair: I can feel myself getting old now that I'm back to writing MLP:FIM stories!

I've written stories for groups such as Sweetie Belle, CMC, Diamond Tiara, and even Button Mash! Most of them were Romance genre stories, but I plan on re-writing/re-creating those stories and bringing them back to life to today's world! These stories were one of the first stories I've ever created in my life as a young author back when I was an early teen, so I look forward to making friends here and meeting a lot of people! :derpytongue2:

I'm a writer on Fanfiction.net! Here are my stories on that website that I'd like to share down below!


A New Journey In Kalos! - (238,364 Words)
The Power of Two! - (18,526 Words)

Dragon Ball Z:
A Big Misunderstanding - (3,847 Words)
Goten's Eighth Birthday! - (14,155 Words)
Goten's Ordeal - (3,701 Words)

The Legend of Zelda:
A Series of Oneshots Between: Link x Medli - (20,100 Words)

Adventure Time:
A Series of One-Shots Between Finn x Flame Princess! - (9,471 Words)

Hotel Transylvania:
Dennis's Big Adventures! - (18,185 Words)


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Merci beaucoup for adding Day at the Beach to your reading list. Once you've read it please let me know what you thought.

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