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Rumble and Button Mash are the best of friends; they met at a young age, and everything since then has been golden. However, what happens when you throw in the usual stress of being a teenager, a newfound appreciation for the opposite gender, and the ultimate quest to try and figure out who you really are in life?

Sorry for that description. Preread by the ever-awesome Permangante and LunarWorshipper1. Thank you very much for reading!

Update: this story is under new management and will continue on from TBD
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And it's out so soon.

I can clearly tell that BM and SB will hook up:raritywink:. Rumble and Scoot will hook up right ?

4601041 Hehe, just as long Rumble doesn't hook up with Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon, I'm fine with this story.


Just make sure your body's ready at all times, man. I hope you enjoy whatever happens next.

4601194 Your not offended by the nickname Nothingman, right ?


Of course not! Nickname away, Ultrabit*!

* - "Ultrabit" is completely intentional. Congratulations.

4601682 The 8 Ultrabots are a force that you shouldn't insult, just one of the them can annihilate Spiderman. Here's two reasons why they can't be defeated easily, they're made out of metal called adamantium, the same metal as Wolverine's bones and claws. The other information is that they have each different weapons.
•Gauntlets (Mixed with the ability to go invisible)
•Buzz saws
•Chain Claws
•Bomb Cord
•Shuriken Shooter
•Gatling Gun


I read you loud and clear, Ultrabit.

Yesssssss, I am looking far and wide for quality ButtonBelle my friend, and you have it! More please!


Thank you very much! I hope you like whatever happens next!

4602378 Why do you call yourself Lord of Nothing? I mean really, that's just like a username called Big Time Loser


I don't know if I should be hurt or delighted by your comment. Please, elaborate!

4605861 I'm not trying to be hurtful, I just want to know why you call yourself that.


There are multiple reasons, my dear friend, each of which sounds incredibly dull and uninspired when spoken aloud!

You see, I first came to this site with no knowledge of anything, and here, almost two years later, I still know nothing. Second, I am poor, and no money equals nothing. Thirdly, I made an OC, one of my only ones ever, which I dubbed "Nothing".

Now the "Lord" part comes in because I wanted something that kind of stood out without being too in your face about everything, and because I may or may not have a small, light sub/dom fetish.

Work that equation out however you like, in as many different combinations as you can think, and hipefully then your question will be answered.

I'm loving this story!
More, please:fluttershysad:


Should be here by Tuesday! Glad you like it!

4652272 you lied to us all why?:fluttercry::fluttershysad::fluttercry::fluttershysad::fluttercry:

lovely story ,may i make a suggestion for the next chapter ,assuming that you are going to make anthor chapter

I was not planning on it, but you are always welcome to speak your mind :)

why did you stop? this story is going so good and if I may.how about we add a little drama, add diamond tiara or silver spoon in as away.saying that the 2 bullies became all of a sudden beautiful.we will be able to have a conflict as a term of resentment between the 2 colts and sweetie belle and there looks as a way to pull button and rumble closer towards the 2 bullies . also bring in scootalo .so that way we have an emotional conflict. Also say diamond and silver knows they gorges and they flirt with button and rumble as a way to get back at the CMC cause of ABCD

why did you stop the story ?


1) You've got some fun ideas there! They would have - and still could - make for an interesting story should you look to tell one!

2) Here is all I ever wrote of another chapter:

It was almost a whole week later when Rumble and Button Mash found themselves in the same exact position, aimlessly sitting around on the swing set. This time though, neither had anything to talk about that they had not already previously discussed, and both were in the kind of rut where nothing interesting seemed to happen to either of them. In fact, the only thing that appeared to be any different about their hanging out this time around was the abscence of a certain young, white-coated Unicorn.

None of it really mattered though, because both were equally sure the other would come up with something to fill the void. Unfortunately though, both youths were also equally wrong, without even knowing it.

Rumble tilted his head back and groaned, getting the attention of Button Mash, who had previously just been staring at the ground.

"So what do you want to do today?" the Earth Pony asked.

"If I had something in mind, do you honestly think we'd still just be sitting around here?"

The Pegasus had made a good point, one that thrust both of them back in to an extended period of silence.

Off in the distance though, and unbeknownst to them, Sweetie Belle sat and peered through some bushes, telling herself that what she was doing was not weird in any way; she was just walking by and decided to investigate some talking she had overheard, that's all.

3) I don't have a really good answer for you. I finished this very late on the night it was published (June 25th, 2014), and was excited to continue it, but I simply never did. I'm really very sorry about that, especially since you seem to like this story in particular. I was in high school at the time, and just found myself doing other stuff when I could have been writing. The time got away from me, I guess. I never meant to abandon this place and these people I was friends with, I just eventually did. Sorry.

np.are you going to continue this story ?

no pressure brother ,no pressure


No, I don't think I will. You're free to have it if you want, however that would work.

your willing to give me ownership?

If you are actually interested in doing something with it, yes. If not, I'm also content to just let it die here on my page. Either way :raritywink:

I would like for you to transfer the fic to my name .can you give me the link to the fic, please .i would like to complete the story

I have gotten in contact with a moderator, and should hopefully be able to simply transfer the story to your account. If they tell me that's not possible, I will still get this thing into your hands somehow.

wow, thank you brother

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