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I'm pretty uninteresting. I also can't write or draw, but I do both anyway.


One night, two nameless lovers take to a hill and climb, relaxing and truly enjoying the night once they reach the top. That's really all there is to this.

This was written almost a year ago, and hasn't been edited too much. However, whatever editing has actually been done was all thanks to Permanganate, so go show him some love sometime. Like it or don't, thank you very much either way.

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She smiled at the comment. He was indeed, very nerdy back then, and still was to this day. In fact, the first time they hung out, he had tried to get her into some crazy movie series called "Luna Wars", made by some guy named George Hoofcas. She didn't much care for it, but he just ate it up, and she rolled with it.

really.i mean really dude .star wars references .really

damn.it was beautiful but it wouldn't have hurt if you added a little description like

"she gently brushed the stallions wings with her hoof"

or "her white coat glistened in the moonlight"

but still , beautiful brother

Yes indeed! Lifelong fan, and so is he!

And thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

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