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It has been a good few months for the crusaders. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle finally got together and they have started to become even closer with Button Mash and Rumble. But, not all is quite as good as it seems. Because Button and Rumble have been acting weird lately almost like they are up to something. Can Apple Bloom find out what they are up to before its too late?

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But yeah, it's nice to see the mix up rather than the usual SweetieMash and Rumbloo.

I figured It was good to have a little change.:raritywink:

i still support sweetie mash and rumbeloo and i rather read a story about my favorite ships but i will give credit where it is due .nice story

I definitely feel that. I do like seeing stories about my favorite ships but, I just feel like it was a nice little deviation. I might change it down the road who knows. And thank you for your nice comment my friend

with the way the internet is. it wouldn't hurt for a friendly smile/comment .thank you for not raging cause i have been raged at before for not liking anther ship so thank you as well

Your welcome. My main ship will always be Scootabelle :raritywink:. But that doesn't mean it has to be everyone else's.

thanks and good luck with the rest of your future fics

You've been raged because you keep bitching under every story that doesn't include your ships. I advise you to finally stop this.

A) i do not go under every fic and insult the ships .
B) i try to have a polite conversation
C) if i really do go to other fics just to insult them i would of done the same here but i kept it polite and i gave credit to him

now please i am in no mood to fight so lets keep this polite or if you don't want to fight ,which i am hoping for, we can leave it here .thank you and goodbye

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