• Published 24th Mar 2020
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Meddling to the Max - SC14

It seems that Button Mash and Rumble are up to something. Is it to late to figure out?

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Creating Evidence

The two colts walked home as fast as they could, They were eager to see if they could make good enough clips with what they gathered today. But, one problem loomed, how would they convince Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo that they obtained these clips? It seemed to be a big hurdle that they just glossed over while planning this whole mission. They just brushed it off by saying that Scootaloo was gullible enough to believe it and Sweetie Belle would be able to be emotionally convinced. Whatever that meant.

But that was the last thing they were thinking about, all they could think about was the excitement that came with the possibility of their plan coming together in just one day. But, it wouldn't be as easy as it seemed. It had to sound believable which would be hard, especially for an eight-year-old. But, luckily his mom worked from home a lot so, she had a good computer. Again luckily for them, she was working late today so they got to use her good computer. Not that Buttons' computer was bad, his mom's computer was just better.

They finally reached Button Mash's house. It wasn't anything overly fancy but, it was a pretty nice house. They walked up the steps onto the porch. Button reached into his backpack and rummaged around before he pulled out the key. He unlocked the door before he opened it. Both of the colts entered the house and Rumble turned on the lights while Button closed and locked the door.

They looked at each other and nodded before running down the hall to Love Tap's room. It was at the end of the hall on the left. Once they reached the empty room they bolted directly to the computer and sat down. Button pulled the tape recorder out of his back and plugged it into the computer. He heard the beep indicating that the computer recognized the USB plugged in. He pulled up the audio files and they started listening to the clips that they had recorded. A lot of the clips were unusable of their own but, with a little bit of clever editing, they could be very believable.

The biggest problem that they were facing was, What phrase or sentence were they going to make them say? This was one of the only things that they did not have planned out. It proved to be more difficult than it seemed to create a sentence that would warrant a breakup.

Finally, they decided what they were going to do for both of the girls. For Scootaloo was quicker to anger than Sweetie Belle so they were going to use that to their advantage by making Sweetie Belle say this. "I think Scootaloo is just using me for attention, I mean her parents don't care about her," A bit cruel but, it should work. Sweetie Belle is more gullible than Scootaloo but, she didn't like to believe that bad things happen so they would need more clips. They settled on making Scootaloo say the following things. "I'm just using Sweetie for attention," "She is annoying especially when her voice squeaks," and, "I think she will become a whore, just like her sister," The last one would be very hard to make and is also very very cruel.

Button started working on the four-voice clips. And as their shock, it was harder than they initially thought to make these voice clips, believable anyway. It was proving very difficult to make Scootaloo's voice clips due to the complexity and the lack of clips in the first place. Sweetie Belle's clip only took about ten minutes and was very good, It sounded like she said it. Scootaloo's clips were coming along pretty nicely as well, once Button figured out how to make words using other words it was smooth sailing from there. Or so they thought. They were broken from concentration by the front door opening and closing. Button looked at Rumble before frantically trying to save the voice clips and get out of his mom's room. It was too late and they tried to act natural as she walked through the door.

"Button? What are you two doing in my room?" She asked. Button looked at the ground, trying to think of something, anything.

"We were just using your computer mom," Button said with a terribly faked smile. She didn't buy it.

"For what?" She asked with a skeptical look on her face. Button once again racked his brain for any excuse that he could use to get his mom off his back.

"We were just making music," He said with a stupid grin on his face. She gave him a confused look. Before he realized what she was doing she pressed play and the unfinished and baseline voice clips from Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo started playing.

"Music of Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo?" She asked still wearing a skeptical look. Button could see very few ways to weasel his way out of this situation. Rumble, who had been petrified for this whole altercation saw a great opportunity.

"Me Button and the Crusaders are experimenting to see if you can make a song with only a few voice clips!" Rumble said with semi fake enthusiasm. She seemed to think about it for a little bit.

"That sounds fun. It sounded like one interesting song, What is it about?" She asked. This is where Rumble's bright idea ended he didn't think that she would ask so many questions.

"A couple breaking up and then getting back together," Button blurted. He had no clue if that would work, It didn't even make much sense considering the lyrics that his mom heard. Nonetheless, his mom seemed to buy it.

"Well, you two have fun with that," She said with a smile. "Don't break my computer!" She added on her way out. Button and Rumble high-hoofed, That was the closest they were to being caught and boy was it terrifying.

It ended up taking Button a few hours to finish the rest of the voice clips. And they were pretty good and very believable. They decided to add a few clips of Apple Bloom agreeing to the statements, just to add another layer of evil to the plan.

After hours of working and a little bit of messing around, it was time for Rumble to go home. They left Button's room and started to head to the front door.

"Bye Rumble!" Button said with a wave.

"Later Button!" Rumble said as he walked away. Button turned around to see him mom staring at him, he raised an eyebrow.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Well since you seemed to make a big deal out of it, I kind of want to hear the song you created or at least what you have, I might be able to help, I was in a bad you know," She said with a smile. Button froze, this was a terrible situation he had to find a way out of showing his mom what he made.

"I would love to mom but uh, I can't show you yet because uh... I need to show the Crusaders first!" He sputtered. Despite how bad the sentence was all together, she seemed to buy it.

"Ok mister producer, I will wait," She said with a playful grin. It was reassuring to know that she was taking the whole thing as a joke but bad that she insisted on hearing the finished product.

"Whatever you say, mom," Button said with a roll of his eyes. He walked past her and to his bedroom. He laid down on his bed, dreaming of the day to come.

Author's Note:

I know this chapter is a little bit short but, this is buildup. The next chapter is where it all comes together.
Anyway, thanks for reading!