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It has been a good few months for the crusaders. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle finally got together and they have started to become even closer with Button Mash and Rumble. But, not all is quite as good as it seems. Because Button and Rumble have been acting weird lately almost like they are up to something. Can Apple Bloom find out what they are up to before its too late?

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Sweetie Belle has it all. Money, fame, fans, brand deals and pretty much anything else one could want. But, even with everything she has there is one thing or rather a pony that is missing from her life and it's tearing her apart. She thought that all of her big dreams and fame would make her forget about the daring orange pegasus that she once loved. But she just feels like a loser without her.

This story was inspired by the song Loser of the year by Simple Plan.

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Sweetie Belle can’t take the way her life is going at this point. Her sister abuses her to no end, her friends are detaching themselves from her, and she’s constantly being bullied by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. One night, while suffering the blows of her elder sister, the little filly snaps, and retaliates against Rarity, ending with a broken lamp and injured Rarity. Not knowing what to do, she runs away, hoping to escape the wrath of her sibling.

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Jack Generally Tries to be Non-Confrontational, But sometimes confrontation is the best option or seems like it. But it turns out this was a bad heat of the moment decision for Jack as he falls into a loop of fights with one very persistent earth pony.

(rated T due to strong language)

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Moving is hard. Especially if you are moving to a different town. And that is just what you have to do. At first, you hate the idea but as you start to settle in you realize, It might not be that bad.

(The character Lavender Solider belongs to my good friend Northenslide Used with permission)

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