• Published 15th Jun 2019
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Running With the wind - SC14

Sweetie Belle can’t take the suffering at home, so she does the only thing she can, runs away.

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Close Call

Sweetie awoke with a jolt, For a second she forgot where she was. While it is scary to wake up in the woods, She was there for a reason. She figured that the police had not been alerted yet. Rarity might have noticed Sweetie was gone but she probably just assumed that she was out with her friends. So Sweetie had some time before the police started looking for her. That is if Rarity even reports her missing. This was a Farfetched though because if Rarity flat didn't report Sweetie missing it would blow her cover.

Despite this, she knew she had to keep moving. She wanted to at least get out of the dangerous part of Los Pegasus by dark. Truth be told she didn't want to go through that part of town in the first place but, she would rather go through a dangerous town than risk getting lost in the woods.

Sweetie Gathered her things and then started moving again. She didn't know how long it would take to get to Los Pegasus but, she was pretty sure that it would take at least an hour. That's a long time to continuously walk but, at this point, there was no turning back.

But Sweetie Was starting to have second thoughts she could go back and convince someone that Rarity was abusing her right? Most of her indecision was coming from her destination, See back when Rarity you know... Still liked Sweetie she used to tell her horror stories about Los Pegasus. Like how she had to take extra bodyguards because someone was murdered about every night. Or the more troubling though was that a lot of kids went missing around the train station. But she was able to shake these thoughts because all of these crime rates were just from the area around the train station. the rest of the city wasn't all that bad, at least not as bad as manehatten.

That didn't make the situation any better. But she still managed to convince herself to keep walking alongside the train tracks. 'Could my Life get any worse?' Sweetie thought and she couldn't think of an answer for that. But, she knew she had to continue.

Sweetie snuck up to the Westside Los Pegasus train station it wasn't too crowded considering it was mid-day but, that didn't mean that it was going to be easy get into town without getting noticed. She wasn't quite sure how she was going to avoid everyone because she wasn't too keen on getting arrested in Las Pegasus.

She slowly approached the maintenance gate that led to the platform. As she expected had a lock on it. Luckily for her, there was a small hole under the fence that looked like she could climb under. Her suspicion was confirmed as she wiggled her way underneath the fence, And it was going well until her saddlebags got caught on the fence, She cringed as the fence made a loud crashing noise. She quickly took off her saddlebag and crawled under the fence and then reached back under and pulled her bag through. She got up and put her bag back on and quickly walked away hoping that no one would notice her.

And it seems that no one noticed her because she walked away without getting any weird looks from anyone in the train station. As she walked out of the train station it made her realize just how massive Los Pegasus was. She didn't know where to go.

Sweetie turned down an alleyway, She hoped that she could get some time to collect her thoughts and plan out the rest of her day and possibly life.

"You know, Little girls like you shouldn't walk around on their own" Sweetie jerked her head upward to see a scruffy looking stallion standing at the end of the alleyway.

Sweetie Belle turned around to run as the stallion started to approach her. "Where are you going?" Sweetie looked up to see another rough looking stallion blocking her path. She turned back to see the other stallion closing in on her.

"Please don't hurt me!" Sweetie Belle yelled. But it seemed to be of no use as the two stallions continued to close in on her. Sweetie cringed as she felt a pair of hooves wrap around her and pick her up. She was so scared that she couldn't even scream as they carried her down the dirty alleyway.

"What is going on here" Sweetie was suddenly dropped on the ground as the two stallions ran out of the alleyway. She looked up to see a police officer standing at the end of the alleyway.

Sweetie started to back up as the police officer began to approach her. "It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you" The officer stated in a comforting tone. Sweetie stopped backing up as the police officer offered his hoof to her. Sweetie took his hoof and he helped her off the ground.

"Are you alright?" He said. Sweetie looked up at the officer and he smiled at her. She knew he was being nice and doing his job but, this situation might be hard to talk her way out of. Because he would want to talk to her parents about it.

"Y-yeah I'm fine" Sweetie stammered. He nodded as she looked back at the ground still trying to find out how to talk her way out of it.

"Alright I will take you down to the station," He said. Sweetie nodded and they both started walking. She wished that he would just leave her alone but, she figured that it would be best if she just followed. As they progressed through the city Sweetie Belle still couldn't think of a way to talk her way out of her situation.

"Alright, Officer Split Sight will take care of you from here," He said. Sweetie's head shot up as she saw Officer Split Sight slowly approaching them.

"Are you sure you can't stay with me?" Sweetie asked in desperation. Out of everyone Officer Split, Sight was one of the last ponies that she wanted to run into at this time.

"I'm sorry but, I have to get back on duty," The officer said. He looked up and waved at Split Sight before turning around and walking off. Sweetie looked at the alleyway that was to her left. It was beckoning her in, She was trying to fight the urge to take off down the alleyway. But she couldn't resist, she knew what would happen if Spit Sight recognized her. She heard Split Sight yell "HEY!" As she took off down the alley.

Sweetie ran until her legs gave out and she collapsed into some bushes outside of a mansion. She fought the urge to fall back asleep as hard as she could. But in the end, it was too much and Sweetie slowly drifted off to sleep.

Author's Note:

This chapter was hard to write. Not because I didn't want to write Sweetie almost getting kidnapped. Because I couldn't find a good way to start it.
In fact when I first thought of this idea I already knew I wanted this chapter to happen. Why? I have no clue.
Anyway Thanks for reading!