• Published 15th Jun 2019
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Running With the wind - SC14

Sweetie Belle can’t take the suffering at home, so she does the only thing she can, runs away.

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Applejack dropped Apple Bloom and Scootlaoo off at the house (Scootaloo didn't go home for whatever reason). And said she needed to talk to Rarity which wasn't totally a lie because she was going to talk to Rarity but, she was also technically just going to spy on her. She trotted towards the carousel boutique, still not wanting to do this. She was mentally scolding herself for agreeing to something like this. But, once again she justified it to herself because if it exonerates Rarity from this whole abuse thing, she was doing good.

She made it out of Sweet Apple acres and continued into the town she called home. It wasn't long before she reached her destination, The Carousel boutique. A beautiful structure it was and one that held some dark secrets. With one deep breath, Applejack reached a shaky hoof up and knocked on the door. She stood there, the only noise being the occasional pony walking by. She knocked again, and again, and a fourth time. She was starting to get more panicked and frantic with her knocking. What Sweetie's kidnapper (If she was kidnapped) came for Rarity too! All of her fear vanished as she heard Rarity yell. "It's unlocked!" Applejack breathed a sigh of relief and embarrassment, She was probably just working or something. Applejack pushed open the door, still wearing a slight blush of embarrassment.

She walked into the boutique and heard Raritys voice once again. "I will be there in a second!" Applejack took this time to take a look inside Rarity's fridge. At first, she just saw a normal amount of alcohol but, she noticed a small hatch in the side of the fridge confused, she opened the hatch and almost gasped at what she saw, there were at least fifteen bottles of assorted alcohol. She shut the hatch and the fridge as she heard Rarity coming down the stairs. She quickly turned around and took a seat at the table in the center of the dining room. Rarity walked in and gave Applejack a friendly smile. This broke Applejacks heart, could Rarity really be putting on a facade? She is so friendly and nice, could she really hit Sweetie Belle?

"Hello Applejack, What brings you here this fine morning?" Rarity asked. But something was wrong she looked much more... disheveled, almost hungover.

"Just wanted to visit," Applejack said, forcing a smile, While internally wincing at her technical lie. She was suddenly uncomfortable being in Rarity's presence knowing that Rarity was possibly an abuser. In the end, she knew that she needed to find a way to get out of this conversation. She noticed the suspicious look Rarity was giving her. "You know, See how you are holding up," She said with another fake smile. Rarity seemed to buy into it, giving her a fake smile of her own (Not that Applejack knew).

"It has been hard, knowing that Sweetie Belle is out on her own, and possibly in the hands of a monster," Rarity said with fake sadness. She mentally commended herself for sounding so believable. Applejack just looked at the ground, she sounded so sad, she couldn't have done anything bad... could she?

"Ah understand. Ah just wish this whole situation would just end," Applejack said with a sigh. She really did wish that all of this would just end and everything would just go back to normal and she could stop thinking her friend was a criminal. She realized at this point that Rarity was staring at her with a spaced-out look. "Are you alright Rarity?" Applejack asked with concern. Rarity shook her head and nodded.

"Quite alright dear. Just a bit tired, that's all," Rarity said. It was believable But, Applejack knew that it wasn't true, she could smell the alcohol from across the table. Applejack was trying to find a polite way out of this situation. "I'm sorry dear but, I must get back to work," Applejack breathed a sigh of relief hearing those words leave Rarity's mouth.

"That's alright, I should probably get goin'," Applejack said with a fake smile. Rarity returned the smile and walked away. Applejack sighed and slowly started to leave the carousel boutique. She knew what she had to do, So with a sigh, she started trotting in the direction of the police station. She still was in denial, Just because Rarity drank didn't mean that she was an abuser. Maybe if they got a search warrant for Rarity's house it could exonerate her. But, at the end of the day, Applejack knew that it would probably end up getting her arrested.

After what felt like an eternity, The police station finally came into view, She continued to trudge in the direction of the station that she just left. She pushed open the door and entered. Night Shade, who was talking to the receptionist turned around and raised an eyebrow.

"I completed the mission," She said flatly. Night Shade looked at her in shock. He nodded and signaled for her to follow him as he started to walk back to the interview room that they had used previously. Along the way, Blue Streak joined them and he followed them into the room.

"What did you find?" Night Shade asked as he took a seat. Applejack took a seat and stared at the ground, trying to collect herself. She still couldn't believe that she was doing this to one of her best friends.

"Ah'm not sure ah have seen that much alcohol in my life," Applejack said. The two officers looked between each other with varying degrees of concern and well, Blue Streak Almost looked angry.

"We should go pull her medical records, See if her sister caused the fracture," Blue Streak said. Applejack looked at the two officers with a confused look.

"You think we have enough evidence for a warrant?" Night Shade asked. Blue Streak seemed to think about it for a second.

"It's a public hospital, I bet they would give it to us. Even if we have to bend the truth a little," Blue Streak said. Applejack looked between the two of them, anger building in her. Did they even care that Sweetie Belle was missing? Or did they just care about arresting Rarity?

"No bending the truth," Night Shade said. "When we get the records, If it really does look like it was caused by a hoofprint then we can probably get a warrant for her arrest," Night Shade said thoughtfully. Applejack had enough of their talking.

"Forgive me but, I feel like you guys are ignoring the fact that a twelve-year-old filly is Missing!" Applejack said angrily. Blue Streak gave her a hateful stare.

"I don't appreciate people telling me how to do my job!" Blue Streak fired. "And I personally thi," He was stopped by Night Shade jabbing him in the ribs.

"She is right Blue, there is a filly who could be in the hands of a monster and we aren't making any efforts to find her," He said sadly. Blue Streak gave him an angry glare.

"Who's side are you on?" He said. Night Shade looked at him with a serious expression.

"You are a little too worried about becoming the next Split Sight, We got a ways to go before we are the best agent in the EBI (Equestrian Bureau of Investigation). For now, let's just focus on doing our jobs," Night Shade said. Blue Streak looked at the ground and mumbled something.

"Your right, We should focus more on the missing girl," He said. Night Shade wore a surprised look, Blue Streak admitting that he was wrong? That's a first. "Can I at least go pull the medical records?" That was what Night Shade was expecting.

"Sure, I will go see if we have any tips on her whereabouts," Night Shade said. Blue Streak nodded and left the room. "I'm sorry about that, We just feel like this department is underrated and arresting Rarity, the fashion goddess would bring appreciation to us," He said. That statement made Applejack angry but, she chose not to say anything because she knew he meant well. She watched as he left her in the interview room, she turned at watched him walk down the hall, She decided to follow him.

He approached the Receptionist. "Have we received any tips about Sweetie Belle?" He asked. She nodded and grabbed a paper out of a filing cabinet.

"A rock was thrown at the platform of the train station approximately five days ago, We have reporting sightings in Manehattan, Fillydelphia, and Los Pegasus," She said. Night Shade nodded. He looked back at Applejack and gave her a friendly smile.

"Have a nice day," He said as he turned to exit the Police station. Applejack decided to follow him once again, It couldn't hurt to do a little investigation of her own. She watched as he radioed Blue Streak and told him that he was heading to the train station. She continued to follow from a distance. She followed him all the way to the train station, He started talking to the stallion working the ticket booth, Night Shade showed his badge and the worker left only to appear a minute later with what appeared to be the manager of the station. She decided to get closer so she could hear what they were saying.

"Who was the night guard five days ago?" Night Shade asked. Applejack looked at the stallion that Night Shade was talking too his badge said 'Railmaster' She assumed that it was his name.

"That would be Black Night," Railmaster said. Applejack noted that he had an accent similar to Rarities. Night Shade nodded and Wrote the name down.

"Do you know where I can find Black Night?" Night Shade asked. Railmaster nodded.

"I believe that he lives in house four on Hayseed road," Railmaster said looking deep in thought. Night Shade nodded and looked in the direction of Hayseed road while doing this, he made eye contact with Applejack, he gave her a raised eyebrow before thanking Railmaster. He approached Applejack.

"What?" He said in an almost rude tone. Applejack was slightly taken aback at the sudden change in demeanor.

"Ah figured that I have the right to know what is happening in this investigation," Applejack stated. He rolled his eyes.

"Your not even family," Night Shade said flatly. Applejack felt bad she could tell that she was bothering him and he looked tired.

"Well ah also figured I could try and help," She said. This was her best chance at keeping her promise to Scootaloo. Night Shade sighed.

"You know I can't let you help," He said with a smirk. Applejack looked at the ground, It was worth a shot. She smiled.

"Can ah at least oversee that investigation?" She said in a pleading tone. He gave her a playful smile.

"I shouldn't but, I guess I can if it means that much to you," He said with a friendly smile. Applejack pumped her hoof in victory.

"You won't regret it," She said with a smile. 'It's good to see that she is happy' Night Shade thought. Since he met her earlier today, she always seemed sad.

"I'm sure I will," Night Shade said with a chuckle. Applejack laughed. "I'm going to go catch up with Blue Streak, You are welcome to follow if you want," He said. Applejack nodded and started following as they walked back towards the Ponyville Police Station.

Author's Note:

It's important to note that No-one knows if Sweetie Belle ran away or was kidnapped. They will figure out in due time.
Been a while since we heard from Rarity. This is the last chapter in Ponyville for a bit even though the Ponyville... Arc? Is not even at its peak yet. People might forget that this is about Sweetie Belle. Also, I'm aware that the interaction between Applejack and Rarity is very short but, I feel like it could have dragged on.
I'm sorry this took so long!
Anyway, thanks for reading!