Running With the wind

by SC14

Found out

Sweetie shot upright and turned around to face the person who yelled at her. She turned around and made eye contact with a stallion who looked to be a butler staring at her.

"What are you doing?" He asked. Sweetie looked at the ground. She searched her mind for anything that she could say.

"Oh, I was uh getting my bag. M-my friend hid it from me" Sweetie stated rather proudly. She was impressed with herself for thinking of an excuse like that. But she knew that if they didn't believe her it would all be for nothing.

"Oh alright?. Well then be careful will you?" He asked.

Sweetie nodded "I will thank you" As She turned to walk away could've sworn that she heard him mumble something like "darn kids these days" as she walked away but, it didn't really bother her as long as she goes away without getting in trouble.

Sweetie continued to press on into the now bustling city. Once again she wasn't really sure where she was going but, she did know that wherever she ended up would probably be better than where she was currently. Suddenly Sweeties' stomach rumbled and it occurred to her that she had not eaten since the night she left ponyville. It wasn't a problem though she had enough money to buy food and there was no shortage of places to get food in Los Pegasus. She decided to go into some random hayburger place.

As soon as she opened the door she was hit with a rather unpleasant odor. She wanted to turn and leave right then but, she noticed that their prices were very low at least compared to the places in ponyville. Despite the fact that she assumed that the food would be terrible it was more important to save the little money she had.

Sweetie walked "Can I have one hayburger please?". It was simple but it only cost her one bit.

"Uh alright," He said. surprisingly he just gave her a small suspicious glare. But he gave in when she put the bit on the counter. She got her hayburger and walked to a seat away from any other ponies. And Just as she suspected the food smelled just as repulsive as the establishment. And even less surprisingly it tasted pretty repulsive too. Sweetie nearly gagged as she took a bite of the hayburger. It was an experience that was for sure. And not a good one. But she was hungry and she knew that this was the best way to guarantee that she was going to eat tomorrow.

Once she had finished her food she discarded her trash and left the establishment. She continued to push onward through the city. Even though she was pretty sure that she would not be spotted she still kept her head on a swivel to make sure that the two stallions that attempted to kidnap her were not following her. She was also looking out for pretty much any police officers at this point just to make sure that they wouldn't mess with her.

But Sweetie was starting to get suspicious because she was not the only kid walking around but she was still getting weird passing glances. And then it hit her. She frantically looked around for anywhere that there was a newspaper. When she spotted a small stand she galloped over to it and stared in awe at the front page.

Ponyville filly reported missing!Sweetie Belle started to back away from the stand as it felt like everyone was looking at her. She darted her head back and as it seemed that everyone was staring at her. How did they figure her out so quickly? And how did the news already reach the headlines? These were all good questions that Sweetie had no answer for.

Sweetie continued to back up she figured out that her mind wasn't playing tricks on her as there were several ponies looking back and forth between her and the newspaper. She turned and started galloping away from the booth. She heard several ponies yell "Wait!" But she didn't listen she just ran wherever she could.

She galloped in and out of the traffic and even bumped into people on occasion. She turned her head to see that one of the people that she saw at the stand was attempting to follow her but, he was having a much harder time as he was a much bigger pony than Sweetie Belle was. She spotted an alley and quickly ran down it. She took random turns until she was pretty sure she lost the stallion who was chasing her despite this, she continued to gallop down random back alleyways.

After what felt like hours running she ran out of energy and collapsed in a back alley. She laid there and stared up at the sky while trying to catch her breath. Sweetie wasn't sure about a lot of things but, she felt like she needed to get out of Las Pegasus as fast as she could but, there were a few problems with that one, she was pretty sure she couldn't get a train ticket without being spotted and two, There was nowhere besides Ponyville that was within a reasonable walking distance,
and the other option was to go and even if she went back to Ponyville she really didn't have any good options besides canterlot but, her sister and friends went there too often and plus it would be really risky.

She sat up and looked around. To see that unsurprisingly no one was in the alley with her. She tried to get to her hooves but stumbled backward and fell flat on her back. She was exhausted from all the energy that she had used the past few days. But, the knew that she had to get moving. So she forced herself to her feet she stumbled around for a bit until she caught her balance. It took her a while to start to trot out of the alley but, as soon as she left the alley she dove right back in. Because once again she saw someone she didn't want to see. Officer Split Sight. It seemed that Sweetie couldn't catch a break. First, she almost gets kidnapped and then she sees Split Sight... for the first time and then she is reported missing and people spot her and then she sees Split Sight for the second time.

Sweetie watched as Officer Spilt Sight passes the alley. As soon as she thought he was a safe distance away she darted out of the alley and walked down the street as fast as she could trying and failing to not look suspicious.

'This might have been a bad idea' Sweetie thought to herself as she continued to walk through the massive city. At this point, she pretty much had the whole city after her because She had the mafia or something like that on her tail she also had the police after her. And she was pretty sure that Someone back in Ponyville would put out some sort of reward for her which meant normal people in the city could potentially be after her as well.

At this point, she was starting to think that relocating to a different city was her best option well her best option if she didn't want to get caught she could always just turn herself in. But, her mind was convincing her that if she did turn herself in she would just have to go back and get beat by Rarity.

Sweetie tried to shake these thoughts from her mind. The last thing she needed at this point was to worry about anything that wasn't getting caught by anyone that wanted to harm her or do other unspeakable things that she did even want to think about.

With these thoughts in mind, she continued to wander the seemingly endless streets of Las Pegasus.