Running With the wind

by SC14

Intermission-Ponyville Part 1

Rarity awoke to her alarm buzzing in the background. She reached over and turned it off. She walked over and opened the window to see that it was a beautiful day outside.

She left her room and started to walk towards the stairs but, she noticed that Sweetie Belles's door was open. 'That's weird' She thought Sweetie didn't wake up before her often and she always slept with the door closed. She peeked into Sweeties' room to see that she wasn't there. 'She's probably out with her friends doing another one of their stupid crusades' She thought and honestly she was happy that Sweetie was gone because it meant that she didn't have to deal with her.

Rarity walked down the stairs and into the kitchen once there she opened the fridge and stared into it. She reached in and grabbed an Apple Jack Daniels. Even though it was eight in the morning she found that it was easier to just drink away all her problems. She sat there drinking until there was a knock at the door.

Rarity quickly put the alcohol away and walked over to the door. When she opened the door she saw Apple Jack standing there. "Howdy Rarity," She said.

"Why hello, AppleJack," Rarity said. "Why don't you come in" Apple Jack nodded and followed Rarity into the Carousel Boutique. They sat down at the table and stared at each other for a few moments.

"So what brings you here Apple Jack?" Rarity asked.

Apple Jack sighed and said "Well. Have you noticed that the other two crusaders have been hanging out with Sweetie Belle a lot less?" Rarity shot her a confused look.

"Well I have noticed that she was hanging out with them less" Rarity said.

"Well, it seems that the Apple Bloom and Scootaloo have been hanging out without her a lot. And ah'm afraid that they might be trying to phase Sweetie out of the group." Rarity tried to make it look like she cared. Because she didn't care honestly if Sweetie had a falling out with the crusaders she probably wouldn't have noticed.

"Is that so?" Rarity asked. "I didn't know they were hanging out without her" Rarity said once again trying her best to make it sound like she cared.

"Yeah. And ah just stopped by here to try and set up a... I don't know... Playdate?" Apple Jack said. Rarity looked at Apple Jack. She was pretty happy this meant she got Sweetie out of the house later. Just as Rarity was about to speak a thought hit her. 'I thought Sweetie was out with her friends' She looked at Apple Jack in confusion.

"I thought Sweetie was out with her friends now," Rarity said. Apple Jack looked up at Rarity with a surprised look on her face.

"No, Apple Bloom is at home sleeping," Apple Jack says giving Rarity a worried look.

"Then where is she?" Rarity says looking back at Apple Jack. While she should be happy because Sweetie was gone she was less than happy because this meant that she had to look for her.

"What! Rarity what are you talking about!" Apple Jack practically yelled. Rarity was taken slightly aback by Apple Jacks' sudden outburst.

"She is not in her room" Rarity said. They both sat there staring at each other for what felt like an hour.

"Rarity Pardon me but you seem a little nonchalant about this" Apple Jack said. Rarity stared at her for a second. Her cover is close to being blown.

"What makes you say that dear?" Rarity said trying her best to sound convincing which she failed at.

"Your sister is not in her room and she is not with her friends and you don't seem to care," Apple Jack said. While this was a true statement Rarity would never tell anyone that.

"Sweetie is an adventurous pony. I'm sure she is out exploring or maybe she is out with Scootaloo" Rarity said.

Apple Jack deadpanned. "It's eight in the morning and Scootaloo had a sleepover with Apple Bloom last night" Rarity tried her best to not look shocked. She racked her brain for a good response to that.

"W-well I don't know then," Rarity said. She was genuinely worried that Apple Jack might catch on to her facade.

"Well I guess we have to go look for her" Apple Jack said in a suspicious tone. It took everything Rarity had not to sigh because she knew that she couldn't say no.

"Alright then," Rarity said. She looked up to see Apple Jack narrowing her eyes at her. "What?" Rarity asked.

Apple Jack stared at her for a few seconds before saying "Are you alright?" Rarity shot Apple Jack a confused look even though she knew what Apple Jack meant.

"Yes," Rarity stated simply. Apple Jack nodded before getting up "Well then. Shall we go?" Apple Jack asked.

"Yes, we shall," Rarity said as she stood up and followed Apple Jack out of the carousel boutique.

After hours of walking around Ponyville, the two mares knew what they had to do and one was not quite as sad as the other. They both approached the Ponyville police department.

Apple Jack sighed as she pushed open the door to the Police Station she knew what she was about to do wouldn't be fun but it had to be done. One of the most confusing things was did she run away? was she kidnapped? All were good questions that she didn't have an answer for. But there was one other question that she didn't currently have an answer to why did Rarity seem to not care about the whole situation. She could sort of understand Rarity not being worried in the beginning but now? When they were certain that Sweetie Belle was missing why wouldn't she care more than she did? But she couldn't worry about that now she knew what had to be done.

"Welcome to the Ponyville police department how may I help you?" They both looked up at the receptionist.

"We would like to file a missing pony report" Apple Jack stated sadly. The receptionist gave her a sad smile.

"Alright. Down the hall and to the right" She Said pointing down the hall. Apple Jack nodded and walked down the hall. It was a sad journey well, For at least one of the two as Rarity was a little too drunk to realize what was happening, in fact, she was barely able to act like she wasn't drunk.

Apple Jack walked into a small room at the end of the hall and saw a lone police officer sitting at a desk. He looked up at them and nodded. "Have a seat," He said. They both took a seat and stared at the officer for a little. He looked up and raised an eyebrow. "Here to file?" He said when he was met with confused looks from the two mares he clarified "File a missing pony report. Sorry its a habit"

"Well then we are here to file," Apple Jack said. While it might not have been the time for jokes but she figured it would one small little joke couldn't hurt.

He chuckled and looked back at the two mares. "I need age, name and short description" Apple Jack looked at Rarity who looked back at her with a confused look.

"Well?" Applejack said.

"Well, what?" Rarity asked.

"She's your sister!" Apple Jack practically yelled at her. Rarity was taken aback by Apple Jacks' sudden outburst and so was the Police Officer.

"Oh uh right sorry," She said. "Her name is Sweetie Belle and she is ten years old" She paused to think of a good description for Sweetie Belle "Well she is a unicorn her coat is the same color as mine her mane is purple and she doesn't have her cutie mark," She said.

He nodded and dropped his pencil and then closed his notebook. "Alright that's all," He said. The two mares nodded and got up to leave. "We will call you both back in for interviews sometime this week," He said. Applejack looked back and nodded.

While they were leaving one thought would not leave Apple Jacks' mind. Why was Rarity so nonchalant about this whole situation? They had just reported her sister missing and she didn't seem to care.

Then a thought hit her. The last conversation with Sweetie Belle.

"Now I know that Rarity might not give you the same attention that your parents could but that doesn't mean that she is abusing ya," She said. This was not her first rodeo. She had been through this with Apple Bloom when their parents died well not quite to this extreme. Apple Bloom just tried her hardest to get attention.

"I'm not lying!" Sweetie yelled. Apple Jack was taken aback by the sudden outburst. Sweetie had never yelled at her before. It was a big surprise.

Apple Jack blocked the memory out of her head. She didn't want to remember what happened next... She yelled at Sweetie for lying and now she might have been telling the truth.

Apple Jack opened her mouth to ask Rarity. But she stopped herself no one would ever admit to something like that. She would have to do some investigating if she wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery.