Meddling to the Max

by SC14

Gathering evidence

After a few hours of planning Button Mash and Rumble had come up with a rather simple plan that would only take a week or two. They take the tape recorder anywhere they might need it. And record various things that Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo say throughout the day to make it easier to edit clips together. It was a simple and rather genius plan that only presented them with two real hurdles one, hiding the tape recorder from the other foals at school and two, how would they convince Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo that they got the recording? Were they just going to say that they recorded them? In the end, they figured that they would be to mad to even question it.

They were rather anxious as they walked to school together. This was the day that they would finally put their plan in motion. Rumble had fewer things in his backpack so he carried the tape recorder in his saddlebag.

"Do you think this will work?" Rumble broke the silence. Button looked over at his friend. In all honesty, He wasn't one hundred percent sure that the plan would work but, he figured confidence was best in this situation.

"Of course I do. We came up with it" Button said. He was curious as to why the normally brave Rumble now seemed to have second thoughts about the whole situation. Because even if they were caught in the recording stage they could just say that it was for a personal project. As long as they don't listen to the recordings

"I-I guess your right" Rumble stammered. Why was Rumble scared all of the sudden? Just yesterday he seemed confident in the plan and now he is scared. Button had never seen Rumble act like this.

"What's got into you?" Button asked. "Just yesterday you seemed to like the plan". Rumble looked over at him with a sheepish grin on his face.

"I'm just excited" Rumble admitted. Button rolled his eyes. If this plan worked it would benefit Button in more way than just dating Scootaloo, It would make Rumble stop talking about how jealous he was of Scootaloo or just how much he wanted Sweetie Belle.

"Me too," Button said with a happy sigh. It was exciting to think that in a short week He and Scootaloo could be going on romantic dates, sharing milkshakes and possibly gaming together. Button wasn't quite sure if Scootaloo liked video games or not but if she didn't he could probably find a game that she did like.

Rumble nodded and looked up to see the schoolhouse come into view. They came early so they could get everything set up. Even if the plan wasn't too hard to execute they figured that it would be better to work out any problems before school.

They walked up the steps and into the building. Their only obstacle in this mini-mission was Miss Cheerliee. And since they were going to be the only ones in class it would make it even more difficult. Again if they got caught they could just say it was for a project or they were recording the lesson for future study.

They navigated the halls until they found their class. They entered the classroom that was empty except for Cheerliee. "What are you boys doing here this early?" Cheerliee questioned. Luckily, the boys were expecting this question so they had their response ready.

"Just going to get some studying in," Button said innocently. Cheerliee smiled.

"That's great!" She said enthusiastically. 'If only she knew what were doing' Button internally chuckled at the thought. She was so happy that they were 'Studying' when they were trying to ruin a relationship. It honestly sounded a lot worse when it was phrased that way. But, it was better to not think about it that way.

The two colts took their seats and Rumble discreetly took the tape recorder out of his saddlebag. Rumble leaned over and whispered, "Where do we put it?" Button looked down and started to rummage through his saddlebag. He finally pulled out a roll of tape.

"I think we might be able to tape it to the bottom of the desk" Button whispered back. Rumble nodded and started to position the tape recorder under his desk. Button ripped off a piece of tape as quietly as he could and put it across the recorder on the two metal supports underneath the desk. He ripped off another piece of tape and put it perpendicular to the first one. After the two pieces of tape were applied to the tape recorder they were confident that it would stay suspended under the desk. They ran some tests, like how easy it was to press the buttons and be inconspicuous. Once they had everything worked out, A few Ponies were starting to file into the class and take their assigned seats.

The plan was still in play, whenever Scootaloo or Sweetie Belle would speak, they would record as much as they could. They also decided to record some things that Apple Bloom said just in case they might need it for back up. They weren't quite sure why they would need a voice clip of Apple Bloom but, maybe they could make it so she sided with Sweetie Belle or Scootaloo just in case she caught on to them.

Eventually, the bell rang and class started and so far the day was already successful because they already had a few voice clips from Sweetie Belle and Scootlaoo. With as many as they had in the short 5 minutes, they were in the class with the two crusaders this whole mission would be easy. Button had assumed it would be hard to splice the clips together because he thought the wouldn't have enough clips. But, if the class continued like this, they would have more clips than needed they might already have enough to make their plan work.

The class was dragging on and on as usual but, luckily it was lunchtime. And they reached a dilemma, do they take the recorder with them? Or do they leave it in class? They were worried that they might get caught either taking it down or taping it back up but, they could also get caught trying to use it at lunch and recess.

In the end, they decided to take the risk and bring the recorder with them. It was hard to remove it from under the desk without anyone noticing or making to much noise. But, they managed to remove it and store it in Rumble's lunchbox because her only brought an apple and it was his job to record when it was necessary.

The day had slowed down in terms of usable voice clips went well at least for Scootaloo because the two of them had come to realize that she didn't answer questions very much. Sweetie Belle was pretty smart so they had more than enough voice clips from her and even as many as they would need from Apple Bloom. So their target was Scootlaoo. That means Button would have to try and talk to her and possibly try to get her to say certain words that would help with splicing the clips.

Once the Two colts made it outside the Cutie mark crusaders were already sitting under the tree that they always at under. They looked at each other and nodded before making a b-line for the trio of fillies who had already started eating their lunches. They were greeted by warm smiles from the three crusaders.

"Hey boys!" Sweetie Belle greeted. Rumble and Button took a seat under the tree, Rumble positioned himself in a way that would make it hard to tell what he was doing. Button gave one last glance in Rumble's direction. They nodded at each other and Button got to work.

"How had you guys day been?" He asked with a friendly smile. He knew that he had to start small to get where they needed to be.

"Ugh. Boring," Scootaloo said. This was great, that was a very good voice clip to have. Button once again gave a glance in the direction of Rumble, who gave him a smile and a nod.

"I thought it was rather interesting," Sweetie Belle chimed in. That voice clip was less useful but, it could probably be used somehow.

"Ah didn't think it was too bad," Apple Bloom said in a playful tone. Scootaloo rolled her eyes. There was a long pause as Button pondered his next move.

"I hope she doesn't give us homework," Button stated. almost as if he was thinking out loud. The crusaders also seemed to think about their responses.

"Yes! I hate her homework," Scootaloo said enthusiastically. They hit the jackpot with that one. He was hoping a clip this good would come out of this.

"I don't think its too bad," Sweetie Belle said with a giggle. She leaned over and gave Scootaloo a playful nudge and Scootaloo reciprocated the gesture. This hurt Buttons' heart, he hated to see the filly he loved with someone else. But is this whole plan worked he wouldn't have to see it much longer.

"Ah don't like it either," Apple Bloom said. Button chuckled the whole plan was falling into place, all of this was happening so quickly, what was once supposed to be a week-long mission was turning into just a few days and neither of the colts could wait. There were still some questions in the back of their minds like, Was this wrong? Will it work? But, none of that mattered they had already started their mission and neither of them were going to turning back.

Lunch and recess ended as quickly as it began as the bell rang and all the colts and fillies started to flood back into the schoolhouse for the rest of the day.

The day continued to drag on and on until the final bell rang and fillies and colts got out of their seats and slowly started to pack up their belongings and exit the classroom. Luckily, they were not assigned homework which meant that Button and Rumble had plenty of time to get to work on their voice clips. They had gotten even more after lunch again, mainly from Sweetie Belle but, with the good ones that they got from Scootaloo at lunch, they could make it work.

"Bye Rumble, Bye Button!" Sweetie Belle said. Button Smiled and waved goodbye.

"Bye Sweetie!" Rumble said with matched enthusiasm. Sweetie gave a cute smile and a wave goodbye as she turned to go catch up with the other two crusaders, who had already exited the classroom.

The two colts gathered their things and managed to get the tape recorder out from under Rumble's desk without anyone noticing, they contemplated leaving it there for the next day but, they were afraid Cheerliee or the Janitor might find it.

Once they had all of their things together they said their goodbyes to Cheerliee and their other friends and excitedly left the School-house.