by SC14

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There is a stranger behind me. and i don't think he has good intentions

There is a stranger following me. and i don't think he has good intentions


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There is a stranger following me. He has been for a few miles I have tried to lose him. I Walked trough Shops, Restaurants, and back alleys. but he is still just lurking behind me. I don't know what to do. I don't want to lead him to my house, but I also don't want to lead him to the police station because he might get suspicious.

I think I should get something to eat. he might get bored and leave me alone.

I'm scared of what he might do if he catches me. I wouldn't usually call myself a paranoid person, but I think those horror stories are starting to get to me. Will he kill me? Will he torture me? Will he do generally unspeakable things to me? I'm not sure and I'm not interested in finding out.

I just ordered coffee, I hope this plan works. What could he want with me? why is he after me? what could I have done to deserve this? Man, I need to get these thoughts out of my head, I'm sure this is all a big coincidence right? No, it can't be I'm sure he is following me why would he have followed me through back Alleys and everywhere else I have walked. Could he just have the same route as me? That is a possibility, but It is an unlikely one.

I think I need to drink my coffee, it might calm my nerves a little. Oh god, he is staring at me through the window, he is following me. why is he just standing there so menacingly? does he not think other people might get suspicious of him too? maybe everyone else is too busy to even notice? No there is no way nobody else has noticed he is just staring at me right? I mean the other half to be as paranoid or even as observant as me right? Maybe they have noticed and just think he is looking at the menu or something? Surely there is some way out of this situation. Maybe I could go to twilight. No, she is in canterlot for the week. Maybe I could ask Rainbow Dash Or Apple Jack for help, they are pretty strong they could probably help. They are in town I think, I might not have the best relationship with.... either of them, but I think they are good enough people I think. Or what if they are in on it too? maybe they will help him do whatever he wants with me. No, I'm looking too deep into this right, I'm just being paranoid right? Could they do that to me? Would they do that to me? I know neither one of them really like me, but surely they aren't that Devilish, are they? maybe I should just go to Fluttershy's. I know she wouldn't do that to me. but at the same time, I don't want to bring this creep to her house. maybe she could talk him down or something. No, I doubt this dude could be talked down without a gun. Or what if Rarity could help me she is a unicorn I bet she could hold him back. She has a crush on me anyway, so I'm sure she would help me out. Wait what if she is in on it too? She seems like the type to make a deal with the devil. No, I'm almost 100% sure she wouldn't do that especially to me. but she is my only other option I think. Yeah, I think that's what I'll do.

Ok, so I have it all planned out the First step Get to the Carousel Boutique, Second Tell Rarity the story, Third Call the police. Wait what if she isn't home? then I think my only option is to make a run to the police station. But it is getting pretty late, which means fewer people out which means fewer people to come to my rescue. Which does beg the question should I even go to the Boutique and risk Rarity not being there? No, she has to be there it is a Friday night, which is one of the busiest nights of the week which means she has to be there right?

I just left the coffee shop And am on my way to the Carousel Boutique and oh god he is still following me. He just sat outside on a bench looking at me for the 30 minutes and then I got up and left he got up and started following me again.

I reached the portico and knocked and he is just kinda standing across the street looking at me. Oh crap I don't think she is home, I mean I know It has only been a few minutes since I knocked and maybe she is busy, but usually, the doors are unlocked especially on business days.

Oh crap, I don't think she is home its been like 10 minutes and I don't think she is just busy. I'm just going to try to make it to the police station before this guy gets me. Should I run? No, I think that is too obvious that I'm trying to escape him if It wasn't already too obvious. Ok ok, I think my plan should be to just casually walk towards the police station and then If he starts to speed up I will too. But what if he is faster than me? What will I do then? I'm sure it will be fine because if I'm running and he is chasing me the should be a dead giveaway that he is after me and then I might have a better chance of Someone stopping to help.

Ok, I'm on my way to the police station and I don't think he realizes where I am going yet which could mean that he doesn't know the town too well.

Oh no, he has realized. He is speeding up, I am too. Oh god, I hope I can get there in time.

Shit, he is speeding up even more. He is almost jogging now. Should I jog too? I think I have too or he will catch up if I don't.

Code red he is full-on Sprinting now and so am i. He is faster than me, but I think I can make it to the station on time. No No he is way to fast he will catch me before then. Whatever happened to good Samaritans? I have passed at least 3 people during this chase.

He is gaining on me now I'm not sure what to do know I have yelled help 2 or 3 times at this point but It has only gained me weird looks.

There is nothing left to do but to just embrace my fate.