• Published 15th Jun 2019
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Running With the wind - SC14

Sweetie Belle can’t take the suffering at home, so she does the only thing she can, runs away.

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Defying Orders

Author's Note:

Quick disclaimer, This chapter contains implied oral rape. I didn't actually write it but it is implied. I'm sorry.
I hope you enjoy it?

There comes a point in every stallion's life where they have to question the validity of rules. Walker was at that point, They sat there for at least an hour trying to find out what they could do to this kid and nothing was the prevailing answer. That meant there was pretty much no point in even keeping her around.

This meant he had to take matters into his own hands, He figured it couldn't hurt to defy orders at least once. "I'm going to go roust the kid," He said as he got to his hooves. Stormy Seas who appeared to be half asleep nodded his head. Walker opened the door and looked in, he could barely see Sweetie Belle make eye contact with him.

"This ain't going to be fun for you, and that only makes it better for me," Walker shut the door as he approached Sweetie Belle. She was confused at first because she heard the argument earlier and she thought she was safe for the time being but, as he approached it all made sense. Walker had gone rouge and he was excited to see her. She backed away from him until she hit the wall. "No point in resisting, Besides Its only your mouth," He said with a devilish smile on his face. He wanted to go all the way but, he could probably only get away with the mouth. With that, he went to work.

Walker exited the small room or dungeon both terms would be correct. "I'm going out," He said.

"Don't bring anyone back with you, " Stormy Seas said. Walker rolled his eyes.

"I won't," Walker said as he strolled out of the weird office thing. Stormy Seas sat there staring at the wall until a noise caught his attention. It sounded like a soft cry and it was coming from the dungeon (Walker left the door open because Stormy Seas was there) he looked at the roof with a thoughtful expression. 'I wonder why she is crying,' He thought. At first, he figured it was because you know she had been kidnapped. But, as he thought about it further the more he started to question, She had never cried before and Walker was in there for an awfully long time to just 'Roust' her.

"What did he do?" Stormy Seas said with an exasperated sigh. He was hoping that Walker hadn't defied a direct order but, he couldn't be too sure. He came to the slightly opened door, he reached over and flicked a light switch on the wall, a switch that seemingly no-one besides Stormy Seas knew existed.

Once he fully opened the door, the situation was fully clear. He immediately recognized the liquid that Sweetie Belle had attempted to spit out. He floated a roll of paper towels over and tossed it in the room to Sweetie Belle. He slammed the door and walked back to his desk it took everything in his strength to not kick Walker's desk over. He knew it wouldn't be long before Walker got back, he was taking the short route which only took about 30 minutes. In this hectic situation, one thing was for certain, It wasn't going to end well.

Walker was confused as he walked in the door, Stormy Seas was standing there staring at him. "Whats up Stormy?" Walker said in confusion. Stormy Seas took a moment to compose himself.

"I'm not stupid," Stormy Seas said. Walker gave him a quizzical expression.

"What are you talking about?" Walker asked. He decided to continue with his lie.

"Quit insulting my intelligence!" Stormy Seas shouted. Walker took a few steps back.

"I'm not insulting you," Walker said.

"Drop the act Walker you already defied the order," Stormy Seas said. Walker rolled his eyes, he knew there was no way around this one.

"I didn't hurt her," Walker said.

"He also outlawed rape!" Stormy Seas shouted.

"Then what's the point in even keeping her around!" Walker fired back. "If we can't do anything to her, we should just let her go!" He continued.

"You have to be strategic about stuff like that!" Stormy Seas Shouted.

"In what way!" Walker returned. Stormy Seas took a second to get the argument back on track.

"That's not the point! You defied orders and you will face the repercussions!" Stormy Seas said. He started approaching and Walker started backing away.

"Hey uh, chill we can work this ou-" Walker was cutoff by Stormy Seas' hoof making contact with his face, knocking him out. Walker fell to the ground with a thud. Stormy Seas huffed before turning around and walking to Sweetie Belle's room. He opened the door and made eye contact with Sweetie Belle.

"Follow me," He commanded. Scared to disobey, Sweetie Belle slowly got to her hooves and followed Stormy Seas. She watched in a mixture of confusion and horror as Stormy Seas dragged Walker's unconscious body through a door. She followed him through the door and up the stairs. She noted the bag that Stormy Seas was also carrying, She was very confused, what was in that bag?

After a long trek up this mysterious staircase, they exited a door that led to a rooftop pool. She wasn't quite sure why this was connected to their weird office thing. She watched as Stormy Seas opened the bag and pulled out four weights. Sweetie Belle didn't know why he needed weights for whatever he was going to do.

But it all made sense as she saw Stormy Seas tying the Weights around all four of Walker's legs. He was going to drown Walker. Sweetie Belle wasn't sure how she felt. On the one hand, she was traumatized and angry because of what Walker had done to her but, was she going to watch him die?

Her train of thought was broken when she heard the splash of the water. She looked to see Walker sink to the bottom of the pool. It wasn't long before he regained consciousness and began thrashing around desperately trying to make his way above the water. Sweetie Belle was couldn't believe what she was seeing but, strangely she found it hard to stop looking at the drowning stallion before her.

"You seem to be enjoying this," His words once again brought Sweetie Belle from her thoughts. She looked up at Stormy Seas and it was at this point that she realized how truly psychotic Stormy Seas was, to any other pony he might seem normal maybe even charming but that couldn't be further from the truth. Sweetie Belle could tell he was enjoying watching Walker drown.

"N-no," Was the only word that Sweetie Belle could force out. Stormy Seas smiled.

"I too was in denial at first just wait until you get your first," Stormy Seas said with a chuckle. Her first? Was he talking about kills? Was Stormy Seas a killer?

"I'm not in denial!" Sweetie Belle blurted. Stormy Seas laughed. Silence befell the two. "A-Are you going to let him die?" Sweetie Belle stammered.

"I might," Stormy Seas said. Sweetie Belle looked back to Walker, who was still struggling she was starting to get worried, not for Walker but because she was afraid Stormy Seas might try to frame her if he let Walker die.

Her fears stopped when she saw Stormy Seas pull Walker out with his magic. As soon as he hit the ground he started coughing up water and trying his hardest to catch his breath.

"Tell me, Walker, will you go against orders again?" Stormy Seas said in a condescending tone. Walker took a second to catch his breath.

"N-No," Walker said. Stormy Seas smiled. He decided that he should be petty about the situation.

"Apologize," He commanded.

"W-What?" Walker asked.

"Apologize to Sweetie Belle," Stormy Seas said with a smile.

"Is that really necessary?" Walker asked. Stormy Seas slowly started to push him back towards the water. "Ok Ok Ok!" He shouted. "I'm sorry Sweetie Belle," Stormy Seas decided not to push it any further, he was getting tired.

"Alright, let's get back to the office," Sweetie Belle and Walker followed Stormy Seas back down the stairs and into the office.