• Published 15th Jun 2019
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Running With the wind - SC14

Sweetie Belle can’t take the suffering at home, so she does the only thing she can, runs away.

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Fatal Distraction

It had been a long day and a restless night for Sweetie Belle. She couldn't fall asleep mainly because it was hard to find a good spot to sleep. But, she did eventually get to sleep pretty late.

It was a nice morning. Sunny and slightly chilly, Even though it wasn't freezing she was worried that it was going to get colder a little bit sooner than she expected it too.

Sweetie knew that she had to stay on the move at all times, She had only awoken a few minutes ago and she already saw one of the stallions that were chasing her. It was undeniable that they were still after her and it would seem that they were going to stop at nothing to catch her. But she knew one thing, neither one of the stallions after were smart and while Sweetie Wasnt the smartest filly around she was a pretty smart cookie. But, she was pretty sure that they would not be the only ones after her for long and they were most likely footsoldiers. Her biggest fear was getting some sort of crime boss after her because they were typically masterminds and she wasn't quite that smart.

With these terrifying thoughts in mind, she got up and started to walk. She was pretty sure that the best way to avoid her pursuers was to keep walking around the city so she wouldn't be in one spot for too long. The plan wasn't foolproof because she could always run into them around the city.

As she continues to wander around the city one thought wouldn't leave her mind ' I wonder if the crusaders miss me' She wanted the answer to be yes but the dark side of her mind was telling her that they were happy that she was gone and they were having all sorts of fun without her.

Sweetie tried desperately to push these thoughts out of her mind as she was on the brink of tears. She didn't want to have a mental breakdown in the middle of the street because, for one, it would bring attention to her and two, it was just embarrassing.

But her attempts were futile and her mind ran rampant with all the fun the crusaders and all of her other friends were having without her. None of them cared that she was gone right? She didn't matter that much to them they were just her friends out of pitty and Rarity only took care of her because she had too. That's why Rarity verbally and physically abused her. It was no one's fault but Sweeties all of this was her fault. If she had just been less annoying then Rarity wouldn't have turned to alcohol if she had just been nicer Rarity wouldn't have started hitting her.

Sweetie shed a single tear as she was still trying her hardest to not break down right there in the middle of the street she had never had thoughts like this and she never thought she would there was never a reason for her to think that her friends didn't like her.

But she knew that needed to focus on the people around her because her safety was more important than her friend's opinion on her. She hadn't run into anyone suspicious so far. No one looking for her or looking at her weird. Which meant that this was so far her most successful day in Los Pegasus but, she also tried to block this thought out as she didn't want to jinx her good luck. Even if Sweetie wasn't superstitious she didn't want to take her chances.

Maybe it's your fault your parents died. Sweetie shook her head trying to get the voice out of her head. If you weren't so annoying maybe they wouldn't have gone to Manehattan. She tried desperately to stop the voices. Its all your fault. All of it the chain of events that led to this was all caused by you. Sweetie started speeding but, the voices continued. Just accept it. You know its all your fault! It was your stupidity that got you here!. Sweetie started to gallop but it was as if the voices were chasing her. Why are you running? You are just running from the truth! Can you not handle the truth? She continued to gallop through the city trying to avoid all of the ponies going about their days. Sweetie tried to convince herself that the voices were wrong that she was just being a kid. But, she was starting to believe them. Sure she was a kid but maybe she was a little more annoying than most kids. Maybe her parents didn't like her they had been going on more and more "Business trips" Lately maybe that was just an excuse to get away from her. Could all of this be true? Maybe her mind was right. Maybe the crusaders were just her friends out of pity. They didn't seem to care as much about her and she had caught them hanging out without her on several occasions.

Sweetie collapsed behind a bookstore and started to sob uncontrollably. At this point, she didn't care if anyone heard her none of it mattered anymore, She was a nopony lost in a city of criminals and corrupt corporations. The streets of Los Pegasus was teaching her that the would isn't all sunshine and roses like Ponyville was. It was a dark, corrupt, and crooked place and you did what you could to survive. And Sweetie knew that if she wanted to survive it would take a lot more than running away from all of her problems.

Sweetie tried to gain control of her sobbing. It was hard but she did eventually get it under control. She got back up and stared at the people passing the alley. Any of them could be after her. They could be part of the gang that was after her or they could just be after her for the reward.

All of a sudden a hoof made contact with the back of Sweeties' head causing her to fall to the ground. Barely clinging to consciousness Sweetie looked back up at her attacker to See the stallion she had hit with a rock staring back at her with a devilish grin.

"Got you," He said. Sweetie tried to crawl away from the stallion but was stopped by her tail. She looked back to see that he was standing on her tail.

"P-Please don't do this" Sweetie said. She started crying again as he slowly shook his head back and forth. There was no escape this time.

"No can do kid," He said. Sweetie braced herself as he raised his hoof in the air.

And with one fell swoop Sweetie Belle was knocked unconscious.

Author's Note:

This is where things start to get dark.
Thank you for reading.