• Published 15th Jun 2019
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Running With the wind - SC14

Sweetie Belle can’t take the suffering at home, so she does the only thing she can, runs away.

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The great escape

A stallion by the name of Quincy just boarded the train from Appleoosa to Los Pegasus. Split Sight smiled "Perfect,"

Walker sat at his desk, staring off into space. Ever since the drowning incident, he was having trouble concentrating and was even hallucinating. It had only been a full day since then so he just figured he would get over it.

"Hey Stormy?" Walker asked. Stormy Seas glanced at him.

"Yeah?" Stormy Asked.

"I have been having trouble with hallucinating, should I get it checked out?" Walker asked. Stormy Seas chuckled, he knew this would probably happen.

"You should be fine, just give it a few days," Stormy Seas replied. Walker nodded, he figured that was what he was going to say but, it couldn't hurt to ask. "I'm heading out, Wake the kid up before you do your route," Stormy Seas stopped before he exited the office and looked back at Walker. "No funny business, I will kill you next time," Walker nodded as Stormy Seas exited the small office. Walker decided to leave a little early. He got up and walker to the room.

He opened the door and looked in. "Wake up," Luckily for him Sweetie Belle was already awake and staring at the ceiling. She muttered some inaudible words, Walker rolled his eyes before shutting the door, He looked into the office to see Stormy Seas was back? He shook his head, Maybe he decided to come back early? Walker didn't dwell on it he decided to just leave without saying a word to Stormy Seas.

Sweetie Belle tried to say some sort of insult but it came out as an inaudible whisper. Walker shut the door and Sweetie Belle waited for the loud door lock... it never came. She sat up, Stormy Seas already left she heard the main door open and close. It wasn't long until she heard the main door open and close once again, Was Walker going to stay around today? No, she heard Stormy Seas mention something about Walker waking her up before he goes on his 'route'. Maybe Stormy Seas was back? No, he mentioned a meeting he had to go to today while they were returning to the office from the 'incident' last night. Sweetie Belle knew it was risky but she figured this might be her only chance at escaping.

She got to her hooves and made her way to the door, She slowly opened it and peeked into the office. It was empty, she made her way into the office and to the front door, locked, she sighed, maybe it wasn't meant to be. But a thought hit her, she didn't anyone lock the door that led to the rooftop pool, she practically sprinted to the door, it was unlocked she galloped up the many flights of stairs until she reached the familiar door, she pushed it open and continued to gallop across the pool area and to the door that led to what she presumed was a hotel. She opened the door and entered the hotel she was confused as to why no one was in the pool area but, she was too scared to try and figure out why.

She knew that it wasn't a good idea to gallop around the hotel, it drew too much attention. She found a staircase but, it was closed, she had to take the elevator and risk someone recognizing her. Reluctantly, she boarded the elevator, despite looking at the ground the whole time, she could tell that the stallion in the elevator with her was staring at her, it didn't matter anymore she had to get out of there. The stallion started to say something to her but, the door opened and she darted out, galloping through the lobby and out of the doors. She once again had no clue where she was going but one thing was for certain, she had to get out of Los Pegasus.

Stormy Seas unlocked the door and pushed it open, He sighed, he never understood the point of half the meetings that the boss called. He made his way to his desk but before he could sit down something caught his attention, the door to Sweetie Belle's room was open he quickly walked to the room and peered in. She wasn't there, he let out a shaky sigh before turning and swiftly making his way to the door, he had to find Walker. He knew Walker's route pretty well so he could find him pretty fast.

Stormy Seas galloped past the many buildings, restaurants, and storefronts scattered throughout the sprawling city of Las Pegasus, He took a sharp right down the alleyway behind the Los Pegasus branch of the carousel boutique, despite the situation he chuckled to himself. Walker was exactly where Stormy Seas thought he would be. Walker seemed to hear the commotion of galloping hoof steps as he turned around and gave Stormy Seas a look.

"What's up?" Walker asked He could tell Stormy Seas was serious.

"She's gone,"

"WHAT?" Walker shouted. "How did she get passed you?" Walker asked.

"I wasn't there dipshit!" Stormy Seas shouted. Walker gave him a puzzled look before it dawned on him, Stormy Seas had a meeting.

"I-I thought I saw you before I left," Walker said.

"You must have hallucinated," Stormy Seas said, looking at the ground this was his mistake, he should have taken Walker's Hallucination seriously. He made eye contact with Walker who opened his mouth to speak but, he was cut off by Stormy Seas. "We can't waste time we have to start looking," Walker nodded and the two of them split off to try and find Sweetie Belle.

They looked for two hours but, there was no luck in finding Sweetie Belle. They decided to regroup at the office. They discussed their next course of action. They concluded that she wasn't going to go to the police so they would just have to move on, that is until there was a heavy knock at the door. Stormy Seas gave Walker a worried look, "Hide!" He whispered. There was another heavy set of knocks followed by 'Police!' He let out a worried sigh before he opened the door.

He didn't have time to speak before the officer spoke. "Are you Stormy Shores?" The officer asked Stormy Seas resisted the urge to smile, his alias worked.

"Yes, that's me," He responded. The officer nodded.

"We received word that a missing filly that goes by the name of Sweetie Belle was seen exiting the closed rooftop pool of the hotel, and We were informed that this office has an entrance to that pool," The officer said.

"And?" Stormy Seas asked.

"You understand how this looks right?" The officer asked. Stormy Seas was starting to worry that this officer would call for backup and that raised his chance of being recognized.

"Yes I do but, if the door was unlocked she could have just wandered her way up there earlier in the day," Stormy Seas reasoned.

"Fair enough, Do you mind if I take a look around?" The officer asked.

"Yes," Stormy Seas said.

"It's for exclusion purposes," The officer reasoned.

"It might be but, I'm sorry if I'm not very keen on letting a stranger search my office," Stormy Seas said, trying his best not to sound annoyed.

"Okay, we will get a warrant," The officer said, He turned to walk away.

"Good luck!" Stormy Seas called to the officer. He shut the door and turned to see Walker emerging from the hallway. "Start packing, I will be right back," He commanded.

"What are you doing?" Walker asked.

"We are bleaching this place, no evidence that we or Sweetie Belle was ever here," Stormy Seas said. Walker gave him a confused look.

"But, that officer saw you here," Walker said.

"Yeah but there is plenty of ponies that look like me in Equestria," Stormy Seas said, Walker, nodded it made enough sense. Stormy Seas didn't care if Walker had any more stupid questions he left the office and started fast walking to the home improvement store.

It only took a few minutes to get to his destination. He walked in and b-lined to the cleaning department, once there he grabbed three bottles of bleach and a lot of towels and quickly made his way to checkout.

"Why do you need three bottles of bleach?" The cashier asked with a chuckle. Stormy Seas found himself getting a little bit irritated, he didn't have time for this shit.

"Cleaning my house," Stormy Seas said.

"This much will probably mess up some of your furniture," The cashier said, clearly trying his best to sound smart.

"Fuck off!" Stormy Seas said as he grabbed his things and left the store. He hurried back to the office. he burst through the doors to see Walker coming out of the stairwell. "How did you pack all our stuff so fast?" Stormy Seas asked, bewildered. Walker wasn't even a unicorn and he packed all their crap in record time.

"Determination," Walker said. "Now let's get to work," Stormy Seas smiled, he let himself get bossed around from time to time, it was just funny to see how afraid Walker was of going to prison, Stormy Seas wasn't all that scared of going to prison, it was mainly just the fact that it would put the whole crew in jeopardy.

The two of them grabbed a rag and started to bleach both rooms of the office.

Split Sight walked into the West Los Pegasus Police department he had finally got a lead on this whole case, he believed that this 'Quincy' Stallion had something to do with Sweetie Belle's disappearance. He was greeted with a paper of information, he glanced at it, reading over all of the leads and sightings that were reported in Los Pegasus But, his attention was drawn to a young-looking officer telling the receptionist to remind him to go get a warrant for the suspicious office, Split Sight looked back at the paper of sightings he saw that she was seen leaving a closed rooftop pool and there was an office that led to said pool. He approached the officer.

"Who answered you?" Split Sight asked. The officer looked up at him, He seemed a little surprised.

"A stallion who went by the name Stormy Shores," The officer answered. Split Sight's brow raised, that sounded like one of Stormy Seas' aliases.

"What did he look like?" Split Sight asked.

"He was yellow with a teal Maine," The officer answered. Split Sight's eyes widened.

"We have to get that warrant!" He shouted as he galloped out of the police station, he was excited and focused, For one he had a chance to find Sweetie Belle but, he also had a chance to capture is arch-nemesis, Stormy Seas.

The trip to the courthouse took a little longer than he wanted it too but if he could just get a quick signature it might make up some time, He was happy that the officer knew to follow him so they had enough proof for the warrant.

He busted through the front door and walked into the judge's office. "Hello Split Sight, What brings you her-" The judge was cutoff by Split Sight.

"I need a warrant," The judge raised an eyebrow. "We found where Stormy Seas is hiding out," The judge's expression changed.

"Did you witness this yourself?" The judge asked.

"No, but he did," Split Sight pointed at the officer. The judge gave him a signal to speak.

"Yes, he had a yellow coat and a teal mane," The officer said. "And he went by the name Stormy Shores," He said. The judge nodded and pulled out a warrant, he scribbled some stuff down before signing it. He handed it to Split Sight, who took it and galloped out of the office and out of the courthouse.

After a two-minute run Split Sight reached his destination, He banged on the door and yelled 'Police!'.

Stormy Seas and Walker looked at each other. Stormy Seas pointed at the door to the stairs. "Go!" He whisper yelled. The two stallions galloped up the stairs until they found themselves on the roof, despite being on the roof they heard the sound of the door being broke down.

Stormy Seas threw a key ring at Walker. "Get into the hotel office any way you can and take all of the files mentioning our office and meet me at the corner of fifteenth street," Stormy Seas commanded. Walker nodded and the two stallions parted ways.

Author's Note:

This one was fun to write, I think its good that I finally got over two-thousand words again, My chapters definitely need to be longer but, I just feel like they might seem boring or stretched.
Let me know what you think!
As always, thanks for reading!

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