• Published 15th Jun 2019
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Running With the wind - SC14

Sweetie Belle can’t take the suffering at home, so she does the only thing she can, runs away.

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Intermission-Ponyville Part 2 Falling apart

The only way Ponyville could be described was complete disarray. Once the news was made public a shock wave ripped through the town. There had never been such a big story associated with the quiet town. Truth be told Apple Jack didn't want the story to go public so quick but when the police officers found out who Sweetie Belle's sister was, they didn't want to wait. It wasn't a big deal AppleJack just wanted to be the one to tell the other two crusaders for emotional purposes but, they ended up figuring out on their own.

Surprisingly Rarity seemed to handle all of her interviews rather Bad It's not like she said she said that she didn't care that Sweetie Belle went missing. She just stuttered and just overall seemed more preoccupied than sad or worried. But, Apple Jack couldn't worry about that now she had to go calm the crusaders down. Big Mac said that he heard them In the clubhouse and it did sound good. But to AppleJacks' surprise, Big Mac said that they were not crying but arguing. While that surprised Big Mac, AppleJack knew exactly what they would be arguing about. She knew that Scootaloo wanted to go find Sweetie Belle it was just in her daring nature.

As AppleJack approached the Cutie mark crusaders clubhouse she was surprised to hear them arguing her from outside. She never thought that any of the crusaders would yell at anyone like that let alone each other. And not only that but they were some pretty harsh words from both fillies.

As AppleJack was approaching she heard Scootaloo yell "We need to help her!". AppleJack sighed and shook her head 'No ya don't'She thought no matter how touching the story would be it was just too dangerous.

"Scoots ah know ya want to help her but it just ain't safe!" Apple Bloom shot back. AppleJack hated to take sides but she knew that Apple Bloom was right.

"But Sweetie needs us!" Scootaloo shouted angrily. AppleJack started to walk up the stairs that led into the clubhouse. She wasn't quite sure if she was going to make her presence known or just wait for them to figure out on their own.

"I know she does! But it's just way too dangerous!" Apple Bloom fired back. AppleJack hated to hear them argue like this but, her curiosity was getting the best of her.

"We have done dangerous things before!" Scootaloo shot back. AppleJack knew that the crusaders had done some dangerous and rather dumb things in the past but she knew that Scootaloo didn't know how dangerous this situation was.

"That don't make it right!" Apple Bloom retorted. As much as She would like to hear more of this argument AppleJack knew that she had to stop it. So she walked through the door to the clubhouse immediately catching the eye of Apple Bloom.

"H-how long have you been there?" Apple Bloom stuttered. Scootaloo looked back to see AppleJack standing there in the doorway.

"Long enough," AppleJack said softly. Both Apple Bloom looked at the ground and Scootaloo just shook her head. "Now I know that ya want to try to help Sweetie. But Apple Bloom is right it's just too dangerous" AppleJack said sadly. Her comment gained her a hateful glare from Scootaloo.

"What's wrong with you guys!" Scootaloo shouted. AppleJack took a step back shock she had never expected Scootaloo to yell at her.

"Now Scoo-" AppleJack was cut off by Scootaloo.

"Our friend is out there alone and probably afraid and you guys don't even want to try and help her!" Scootaloo yelled. AppleJack could see how much this was hurting Apple Bloom by the look in her eyes. So she had to stop it.

"Now Scootaloo, I know Sweetie is out on her own somewhere but, the police have the situation under control," AppleJack said seriously. This comment gained her another angry glare from Scootaloo.

"That doesn't mean we can't help!" Scootaloo said angrily. AppleJack shook her head as much as she hated to say it Scootaloo was a very dense pony.

"Scootaloo, Ya don't even know what city Shes in," AppleJack said. Scootaloo stared at her, She would never admit it but AppleJack had a point.

"B-But I... We can find that out!" Scootaloo stammered. AppleJack could sense that something bad was going to happen but at this point, there was nothing she could do to stop it from happening.

"And how do ya suppose we do that?" Apple Bloom Interjected. Scootaloo turned her head to look at Apple Bloom.

Scootaloo opened her mouth but was cut off by AppleJack. "Now Now you two we don't need another argument" Scootaloo turned her head to look at AppleJack again.

"I don't remember asking you!" Scootaloo shouted. AppleJack once again took a step back surprised by Scootaloo's outburst. She stared at Scootaloo in disbelief since when did Scootaloo get so hostile?

"I'm just looking out for your safety!" AppleJack Fired back. She was starting to get a little angry herself.

"And I'm trying to look out for Sweeties safety!" Scootaloo shot back. AppleJack decided to control herself and just try to defuse the situation.

"Sometimes ya just got to look out for your own safety," AppleJack said gently. She knew that Scootaloo wouldn't listen to her but, it was worth a shot.

"Whatever I'm out of here," Scootaloo said as she started to walk towards the door of the clubhouse. AppleJack did nothing to stop her as she knew it wasn't a good idea. Despite this Scootaloo still decided to push past AppleJack on her way out.

"Scoots wait!" Apple Bloom called out. She started to follow Scootaloo but, AppleJack stopped her. "What are ya doing?" Apple Bloom questioned.

"Don't mess with her. She will come round eventually" AppleJack said sadly. She knew that it was best to just leave her alone. Apple Jack knew that Scootaloo was not only fighting with Apple Bloom but, she was also fighting with herself. She wasn't quite sure why Scootaloo was fighting with herself but, that was the least of her worries.

"But what if she tries to run after Sweetie Belle!" Apple Bloom said in a worried tone. AppleJack had that thought too but she was pretty sure that Scootaloo wouldn't try anything if she didn't know where she was going.

"As long as she don't know where she is goin' She won't do anything," AppleJack said reassuringly. By the look on Apple Bloom's face, Apple Jack could tell that she wasn't buying it.

"Ah don't think ya know Scoots as well as ah do," Apple Bloom said. While AppleJack knew that statement was true she was pretty certain that Scootaloo wasn't that dumb.

"It'll be fine. Why don't you go home" AppleJack said soothingly. "If it makes ya feel better I will find Scoots and talk to her" Apple Jack offered. Apple Bloom nodded her head. "Alright you hurry on home and ah will go look for Scootaloo," AppleJack said.

"Alright," Apple Bloom agreed as the two mares went their separate ways.

Author's Note:

Well, I'm back. Please ignore the poor attempt at writing an accent. I tried but I just don't think I pulled it off. Also, I just feel like I should mention that the crusaders are a little bit older.
Also, is Apple Jacks name one word or two? :derpyderp1: I always thought it was two but for some reason, while writing this chapter I had some indecision about it.
Please let me know what you thought about this.
Thank you for reading!
(Also, please excuse the over-used the "Long enough" Cliche :twilightblush:)