• Published 15th Jun 2019
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Running With the wind - SC14

Sweetie Belle can’t take the suffering at home, so she does the only thing she can, runs away.

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Painful Memories

Author's Note:

Hey! I re-did this chapter.
It's still not great, but it is better than it was. And it might have taken me about 8 months to re-write but, we don't talk about that.
Also just so everyone is clear. The second half of this story or after the page break is also a flashback.

Sweetie sat there with a bored expression on her face, Rarity was drunk again and was trying to teach Sweetie how to sew. She wasn't paying a lick of attention to what Rarity is telling her, She was teaching her how to thread a spool or something like that. This was about the 9th time Rarity was attempting this and it always ended the same way, Sweetie has no clue what she is doing Rarity gets pissed and then they fight again. Sweetie Groaned, She just wished that Rarity would realize that she had no interest in becoming a fashion designer.

"Something wrong dear?" Rarity asked, looking down at Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie sighed "Yes," She said blankly. She lifted her head and made eye contact with Rarity, Sweetie could see right past the caring expression Rarity wore, She could tell that Rarity didn't care about her career goals all she cared about was the fame that having a sisterly fashion duo would bring.

Rarity raised an eyebrow "Whatever is the matter, dear?" She asked with fake cheer. Sweetie looked at the ground trying to contain the anger that was welling up in her. She hated when Rarity used that tone, She hated that Rarity was trying to convince her that she cared. Sweetie had to fight the urge to introduce Her hoof to Rarity's face.

"I don't care about sewing," Sweetie said Flatly. Her remark was rewarded with a quick slap on the back of her head.

"Don't talk like that! You will care in due time" Rarity said with the same fake care in her voice. While Sweetie did know better than to mess around with drunk Rarity it still furthered Sweetie's anger, She was tired of Rarity pushing her around.

"You're drunk again arent you?" Sweetie Asked. This would not be the first time Rarity made a drunken attempt to force her to learn how to make clothes.

"W-what makes you say that?" Rarity asked with fake innocence. At this point Sweetie was trying her hardest not to blow up, She had been bottling up all her anger for the past few weeks, Just letting Rarity yell and hit her constantly. Even with this she somehow managed to keep her cool.

"You know I don't want to be a fashion, designer, You're only doing this because you are, drunk" Sweetie said trying hard not to sound angry. She looks up to make eye contact with Rarity who now had an angry expression.

"Why would alcohol make me act any differently" Rarity scoffed.

Sweetie could barely contain her anger "Do you even know what alcohol is?" She asked anger present in her tone

"Why of course I do!" Rarity shouted. Here we go Sweetie thought And here comes the inevitable daily argument, This was always Sweeties' least favorite part of the day especially when Rarity was drunk. At this point she could only hope that Rarity wouldn't hit her, It didn't happen all the time, but when it did it hurt like heck Sweetie was still recovering from the Fractured rib that Rarity gave her a few weeks ago. Rarity managed to convince Sweetie to lie about how she received the injury by making some pretty lofty threats like not letting her eat for a week or making her sleep outside.

"I don't think you do!" Sweetie shouted back.

"Don't you raise your voice at me!" Rarity barked.

"You are yelling too!" Sweetie retorted. Her remark was rewarded by an immediate slap across her face. Instead of cowering back in fear like usual Sweetie decided to stand her ground.

"I'm tired of you pushing me around," Sweetie said with a newfound bravado. She took a step forward and pushed Rarity with all her might. Unfortunately, Rarity in her drunken state could not keep her balance causing her to fall back, in a desperate attempt to stay on her hooves, she grabbed a nearby lamp, Her plan backfires as she pulls the lamp down with her. The lamp shattered as it collided with the ground, the pieces scattered across the hardwood floor.

Sweetie watched in horror as blood started to trickle out of a small cut on Rarity's face. The facial expression that Rarity wore could only be described as pure rage. Any courage Sweetie had immediately vanished. She had no interest in seeing her sister's reaction, She suddenly turned and sprinted to her room.

Sweetie was jolted from her flashback as a train barreled down the tracks a few feet away from her. She wiped the tears from her face, She hadn't realized she was crying. She still had no clue what made Rarity start acting this way, She thought about asking, but She figured that it wouldn't end well.

She was pretty sure that this track led to Los Pegasus. While Los Pegasus was mostly safe The Train station was in a Very dangerous part of town. She didn't have a plan for when she got there, nothing was surrounding Los Pegasus so she couldn't go anywhere else.

She was getting pretty tired, it was around Midnight after all. So she decided to call it a night, She cleared a small area and made a makeshift bed. She laid down and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Sweetie was jolted out of her trance by a sudden knock at the door. At this time of night, it was fairly unusual to get a knock at the door. Shortly after the knock, she heard the bell above the door go off as she assumed Rarity opened the door.

Sweetie left her room to see what was going on. Shortly after leaving her room she heard Rarity yell "WHAT!" This made Sweetie Belle jump. Why would Rarity yell like that? She Practically ran down the stairs. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs when she saw Rarity trying her best (And failing) not to cry, Past Rarity was a police officer standing just outside the door. Sweeties heart sank as all the possible scenarios ran through her head. Did something happen to her Friends? One of her friends? Or maybe one of Rarity's friends? As she thought about it more she realized that it had been a while since she had seen her parents. The thought alone almost made her cry she didn't know what she would do if it turned out to be true.

"You must be Sweetie Belle," the officer said to her. Sweetie lifted her head to make eye contact with the officer. She couldn't tell much about him by just looking but one thing was for certain. She didn't like the look on his face.

"Yeah that's me," Sweetie said. He nodded and gave her a sad smile. Sweetie didn't know where this was going but, she didn't like it.

"Right. I'm Officer Split Sight With the EBI" He said. He paused and looked down. presumably to collect himself. "I regret to inform you that... Your parents were found dead In Manehattan Yesterday morning." Sweetie Sat there staring at Officer Split Sight for what felt like an eternity before she really realized that he just confirmed her worst fears.

Not knowing what else to do. Sweetie turned around and Sprinted to her room to cry in peace.