Running With the wind

by SC14

Anywhere But here

It was a typical night in Ponyville, Most ponies were heading home some were even going to work. But for one Filly tonight was different, tonight would change her life and many others.

Sweetie Belle laid in her bed. She was thinking about the fight she had with Rarity earlier that day, She couldn't help but wonder why they were fighting so much, It was always the stupidest thing to argue about like Her bed is not made or She didn't give Her a salad fork. All this arguing was starting to get to Sweetie, She would oftentimes cry herself to sleep at night thinking about the increasingly awful things Rarity would call her.

One of the worst problems was that her friends were getting a little bit distant from her all because of this. Rarity would act normal when the other crusaders came over but when they left, she would be on Sweetie Belle almost immediately. Sweetie Tried to tell the other crusaders, but they just thought she wanted attention because Apple Jack Said Rarity would never do or say anything like that to Sweetie Belle, And of course, they believed Apple Jack over Their best friend.

Sweetie Had never been so miserable in her life and she just wanted it to end. One of the worst parts was having to go to sleep knowing that it would happen again tomorrow. It had even gotten to the point where Rarity was getting abusive Striking Sweetie on multiple occasions.

Sweetie Felt, she had no choice but to run away She couldn't bear going to sleep again knowing that it would happen again tomorrow. She slowly slid out of her bed and walked over to her desk and grabbed her saddlebag, She then started to fill it with anything she might need, she made sure to leave room for some food to, She then slung the bag over her back and quietly walk over to the door, She slowly opened the door and peeked her head out and quietly started to make her way down the hall and to the stairs, When she reached the stairs she took one look back in the direction of her older sisters room, And with that, she makes her way down the stairs and into the kitchen, she carefully opened the fridge and cupboards and put everything she thought she would need in the bag. Then a problem presented itself to Sweetie, How was she going to exit the house? The front door has a bell on it and the back door is practically as loud as the bell, this would be a major problem because if She got caught trying to sneak out who knows what rarity would to her. Sweetie decided that she would go with the safer option and use the back door, she planned to open it and make a run for the bushes across the street.

Sweetie walked over to the back door and Nervously put her hoof on the nob and slowly turned it to the left, She then pushed the door open and closed it, The door was a lot quieter than she had expected it to be but nonetheless, she still ran as fast as she could and practically dove into the bushes.

She sat hidden in the bushes for what felt like an eternity, She finally decided that the coast was clear and got out of the bushes and started her trot towards the edge of town, Even with it being late Sweetie Still made an attempt to stay hidden from the people of the town, Even if she didn't know the people walking throughout the town she still didn't want to get reported by someone, Or even worse one of Rarity's friends catches her, If she got this far with a full saddlebag, Rarity would be beyond livid. Sweetie shuttered at the thought of that, She could just imagine the situation, One of Rarity's friends find her and take her back to the boutique, Rarity would act normal, she would give the typical speech about how she was going to 'Talk to Sweetie" and then when said friend left it would be all downhill from there.

To make matters worse she didn't even know where she was going, but there was no turning back now. 'I Probably Should've planned this out more' She continued walking towards the outskirts of town 'I guess I will just go where the wind takes me' This wasn't a good plan and Sweetie knew it, but there was nothing else she could do she just had to get away from the life she was living.

Sweetie then had a deeply troubling thought, She didn't have any bits, this was a major problem considering the fact that she had no way of getting a job because she is only twelve years old. And there was almost no way she could go back to the boutique and get the little money she had. This is a major problem for obvious reasons such as not being able to buy food or other various necessities.

Sweetie suddenly dove into the bushes once again, She peeked through the bushes and watched Twilight and Spike walk by her. 'Why is Twilight out this late?' Despite this being a high-intensity situation Sweetie decided to take this time to plan out where she was going to go, She thought about going to the train station and catching the midnight train, but then the problem of money presents itself again, so it was back to the drawing board for Sweetie, 'Maybe I should just walk along the train tracks' She thought. This was a dangerous idea but It was her only choice. Sweetie went over the plan in her head. 'So I'm going to sneak over to the train station, then I'm going to walk along with the trees that line the train tracks and just see where it takes me'

Sweetie emerges from the bushes and continues her journey towards the train station. Now the tricky part for Sweetie was finding out a way to get on the train tracks without getting arrested.

Sweetie continues to ponder on this question as the train station comes into view. As she continues towards the Train Station a good idea comes into her head 'I should throw a rock to create a distraction and then run into the trees' Which is a pretty stupid idea but again Sweetie is desperate so pretty much anything goes.

Sweetie finds a rock of a suitable size and chunks it towards the platform, The rock collides with the platform and makes a loud thud, Somehow Sweeties plan does work as the workers are jerked from their thoughts. Sweetie takes this time to run across the tracks and dive into the woods.

Sweetie laid in the bushes and carefully watched the Platform to see if they saw her. Luckily for her, she was not suspected in the bushes, She gets up dusts herself off, and turns and starts to walk down the tracks.