• Published 24th Mar 2020
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Meddling to the Max - SC14

It seems that Button Mash and Rumble are up to something. Is it to late to figure out?

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Button Mash laid on the floor of Rumble's house. They had been sitting there for hours talking about their recent emotions towards their new friends The cutie mark crusaders. They had started to befriend the trio just about a month prior and since then Button had developed a crush on Scootaloo and Rumble had developed a crush on Sweetie Belle. Now, this wouldn't usually be a problem especially for Rumble due to his nature he normally would have just asked Sweetie Belle out but, there was one obstacle that stood in the path of both of the colts. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were in a relationship together. It's not that they were against their relationship, Well they were against it just not for those reasons.

They were trying to convince each other to move on and just accept that they didn't have a chance with either of them. But, one statement came to Rumble's mind, Something that Diamond Tiara said to him. "It's fun to be evil sometimes" Rumble was debating on whether or not he should bring it up to Button because he wasn't sure what reaction Button might have to such implications. Would Button be able to even attempt ruining a relationship? Rumble knew that he could do something like that, just as long as he didn't get caught. He figured that it was worth a shot.

"Hey Button?" Rumble said almost nervously. He saw Button raise his head to look up at him.

"Yeah?" Button said curiosity evident in his tone. Rumble swallowed hard before letting out a long exhale.

"You want to be with Scootaloo right?" Rumble asked cautiously. Button nodded his head. "Well did you ever think that maybe we should just... I don't know. Go get them?" Rumble forced out. He knew that may have not been the best wording but it got the point across.

Button gave him a skeptical glance. "What is that supposed to mean?" Button asked sounding genuinely confused. Rumble looked down at his friend while he was trying to formulate a response.

"Do you think maybe we should... you know tear them apart?" Rumble said. He still wasn't quite sure how Button was going to react. They sat in silence staring at each other for a good amount of time before Button spoke up.

"That sounds very immoral. I love it" Button said with a mischievous grin. Rumble fell back on his bed at laughed. Why was he so worried? Of course, Button would go along with it, He loved Scootaloo as much as he loved Sweetie Belle!

"What do you say. Should we start planning?" Rumble said with a goofy grin plastered across his face. Button nodded and Rumble hopped off his bed and walked over to his desk. He tore a piece of paper out of his notebook grabbed a pencil and sat down on the floor with Button.

"So, How do you propose we do this?" Button asked. This was a question that Rumble did not have the answer to. But he knew that they could brainstorm.

"I'm not quite sure of that yet but, we can come up with something right?" Rumble said. Button on the other hand still wasn't quite so sure that anything they could come up with would work. He knew Scootaloo well enough to know that she was pretty gullible but, Sweetie on the other hand. She would probably be their biggest hurdle.

"Are you sure we can make this work?" Button asked. He knew that Rumble would be confident in whatever plan he came up with and that was why Button was the brains in their friendship.

"Of course!" Rumble declared. "We are two sharp ponies. We can make it work!" Rumble said with enthusiasm. Button rolled his eyes.

"Yeah but, this plan needs to be very elaborate if we want to succeed." Button said. He figured or at least he hoped that Rumble already knew that. Button was to lost in his thoughts to realize that Rumble was drawing up some sort of plan on the piece of paper he ripped from his notebook.

"Ah-ha!" Rumble exclaimed triumphantly. This sudden outburst broke Button from his thoughts. He looked at Rumble who was holding up the piece of paper with a proud look on his face. Button raised his eyebrow.

"Would you care to tell me this plan of yours?" Button asked skeptically. He knew that Rumble was creative so, he could probably come up with something good. But, he made this plan a little to fast and Button wasn't convinced that it was well thought out.

"Why don't we just make up some silly rumor that they said bad things about each other!" Rumble said excitedly. Button looked at Rumble. He let out a small chuckle at his friend's ignorance. It's not that that plan couldn't work especially if they got Diamond Tiara on their side. He just had a feeling that they wouldn't believe the rumors.

"We would need to prove that the other said that," Button said. "It is a good start though" He added with a smile. He wasn't sure how they would prove the either one of them would say something bad enough to warrant a breakup but, he just figured that they would find that out as they went along.

"Hmm," Rumble said while tapping a hoof on his chin. "I got it!" He exclaimed. Button jumped at his sudden outburst. He looked at Rumble and signaled for him to continue. "Well, Thunderlane has a tape recorder that I could borrow. And I'm sure if we recorded enough you could make it sound like they were saying something else!" Rumble stated proudly. Button looked at his friend and laughed.

"Rumble! You are a genius!" Button exclaimed. Even if it might be a little far-fetched it still could work. The plan might have been a little rough but, it was better than no plan.

"I know I am," Rumble said with pride. Button rolled his eyes. "Let's go see if Thunderlane will let us use the recorder," Rummble said. Jumping to his hooves. Button barely had time to react before Rumble darted out of the room. Button, once again rolled his eyes and chased after Rumble.

By the time Button made it to the kitchen Rumble had already started talking to Thunderlane.

"Hey bro," Rumble said. Button could head Tunderlane greet his brother. "Can we borrow your tape recorder for a little?" Rumble said just about as politely as possible. Button just hoped that Thunderlane wouldn't ask why they needed it. Because if he couldn't think of a good excuse Celestia knows that Rumble couldn't.

"Sure. It's over on the coffee table" Thunderlane said. Button just assumed that he wanted the thing to get some use. He couldn't imagine what Thunderlane would do with a tape recorder or, anypony for that matter.

"Thanks, bro!" Rumble said as he grabbed the tape recorder off the table and started to run back to his room.

Author's Note:

Yes, this is my second Scootabelle fic in a row. Do I regret anything? Well yes. And I also did go with the weird crush pattern of Rumble and Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo and Button. Why? The other pairing felt a little too cliche. But who cares? Because the rest of this story will probably be horribly cliche.:twilightblush:
Would love to hear any thoughts you have.
Anyway thanks for reading!