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Words are hard.


Moving is hard. Especially if you are moving to a different town. And that is just what you have to do. At first, you hate the idea but as you start to settle in you realize, It might not be that bad.

(The character Lavender Solider belongs to my good friend Northenslide Used with permission)

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Could u give us some of the colts features, hobbys and stuff just so i know what he looks like :twilightsmile: I am interested in the story

Thank you for the feedback!
I was going to leave his features and stuff up to the reader but I can add that stuff in if you would like me to

Comment posted by SC14 deleted Feb 13th, 2020

I thought u were going to make a haunted basement or Pinkie Pie pops out :twilightblush:

Lol yeah I should've
Thank you for the continued support!

What kind of ideas do you need ?

What do you mean?

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