Meddling to the Max

by SC14

First published

It seems that Button Mash and Rumble are up to something. Is it to late to figure out?

It has been a good few months for the crusaders. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle finally got together and they have started to become even closer with Button Mash and Rumble. But, not all is quite as good as it seems. Because Button and Rumble have been acting weird lately almost like they are up to something. Can Apple Bloom find out what they are up to before its too late?


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Button Mash laid on the floor of Rumble's house. They had been sitting there for hours talking about their recent emotions towards their new friends The cutie mark crusaders. They had started to befriend the trio just about a month prior and since then Button had developed a crush on Scootaloo and Rumble had developed a crush on Sweetie Belle. Now, this wouldn't usually be a problem especially for Rumble due to his nature he normally would have just asked Sweetie Belle out but, there was one obstacle that stood in the path of both of the colts. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were in a relationship together. It's not that they were against their relationship, Well they were against it just not for those reasons.

They were trying to convince each other to move on and just accept that they didn't have a chance with either of them. But, one statement came to Rumble's mind, Something that Diamond Tiara said to him. "It's fun to be evil sometimes" Rumble was debating on whether or not he should bring it up to Button because he wasn't sure what reaction Button might have to such implications. Would Button be able to even attempt ruining a relationship? Rumble knew that he could do something like that, just as long as he didn't get caught. He figured that it was worth a shot.

"Hey Button?" Rumble said almost nervously. He saw Button raise his head to look up at him.

"Yeah?" Button said curiosity evident in his tone. Rumble swallowed hard before letting out a long exhale.

"You want to be with Scootaloo right?" Rumble asked cautiously. Button nodded his head. "Well did you ever think that maybe we should just... I don't know. Go get them?" Rumble forced out. He knew that may have not been the best wording but it got the point across.

Button gave him a skeptical glance. "What is that supposed to mean?" Button asked sounding genuinely confused. Rumble looked down at his friend while he was trying to formulate a response.

"Do you think maybe we should... you know tear them apart?" Rumble said. He still wasn't quite sure how Button was going to react. They sat in silence staring at each other for a good amount of time before Button spoke up.

"That sounds very immoral. I love it" Button said with a mischievous grin. Rumble fell back on his bed at laughed. Why was he so worried? Of course, Button would go along with it, He loved Scootaloo as much as he loved Sweetie Belle!

"What do you say. Should we start planning?" Rumble said with a goofy grin plastered across his face. Button nodded and Rumble hopped off his bed and walked over to his desk. He tore a piece of paper out of his notebook grabbed a pencil and sat down on the floor with Button.

"So, How do you propose we do this?" Button asked. This was a question that Rumble did not have the answer to. But he knew that they could brainstorm.

"I'm not quite sure of that yet but, we can come up with something right?" Rumble said. Button on the other hand still wasn't quite so sure that anything they could come up with would work. He knew Scootaloo well enough to know that she was pretty gullible but, Sweetie on the other hand. She would probably be their biggest hurdle.

"Are you sure we can make this work?" Button asked. He knew that Rumble would be confident in whatever plan he came up with and that was why Button was the brains in their friendship.

"Of course!" Rumble declared. "We are two sharp ponies. We can make it work!" Rumble said with enthusiasm. Button rolled his eyes.

"Yeah but, this plan needs to be very elaborate if we want to succeed." Button said. He figured or at least he hoped that Rumble already knew that. Button was to lost in his thoughts to realize that Rumble was drawing up some sort of plan on the piece of paper he ripped from his notebook.

"Ah-ha!" Rumble exclaimed triumphantly. This sudden outburst broke Button from his thoughts. He looked at Rumble who was holding up the piece of paper with a proud look on his face. Button raised his eyebrow.

"Would you care to tell me this plan of yours?" Button asked skeptically. He knew that Rumble was creative so, he could probably come up with something good. But, he made this plan a little to fast and Button wasn't convinced that it was well thought out.

"Why don't we just make up some silly rumor that they said bad things about each other!" Rumble said excitedly. Button looked at Rumble. He let out a small chuckle at his friend's ignorance. It's not that that plan couldn't work especially if they got Diamond Tiara on their side. He just had a feeling that they wouldn't believe the rumors.

"We would need to prove that the other said that," Button said. "It is a good start though" He added with a smile. He wasn't sure how they would prove the either one of them would say something bad enough to warrant a breakup but, he just figured that they would find that out as they went along.

"Hmm," Rumble said while tapping a hoof on his chin. "I got it!" He exclaimed. Button jumped at his sudden outburst. He looked at Rumble and signaled for him to continue. "Well, Thunderlane has a tape recorder that I could borrow. And I'm sure if we recorded enough you could make it sound like they were saying something else!" Rumble stated proudly. Button looked at his friend and laughed.

"Rumble! You are a genius!" Button exclaimed. Even if it might be a little far-fetched it still could work. The plan might have been a little rough but, it was better than no plan.

"I know I am," Rumble said with pride. Button rolled his eyes. "Let's go see if Thunderlane will let us use the recorder," Rummble said. Jumping to his hooves. Button barely had time to react before Rumble darted out of the room. Button, once again rolled his eyes and chased after Rumble.

By the time Button made it to the kitchen Rumble had already started talking to Thunderlane.

"Hey bro," Rumble said. Button could head Tunderlane greet his brother. "Can we borrow your tape recorder for a little?" Rumble said just about as politely as possible. Button just hoped that Thunderlane wouldn't ask why they needed it. Because if he couldn't think of a good excuse Celestia knows that Rumble couldn't.

"Sure. It's over on the coffee table" Thunderlane said. Button just assumed that he wanted the thing to get some use. He couldn't imagine what Thunderlane would do with a tape recorder or, anypony for that matter.

"Thanks, bro!" Rumble said as he grabbed the tape recorder off the table and started to run back to his room.

Gathering evidence

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After a few hours of planning Button Mash and Rumble had come up with a rather simple plan that would only take a week or two. They take the tape recorder anywhere they might need it. And record various things that Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo say throughout the day to make it easier to edit clips together. It was a simple and rather genius plan that only presented them with two real hurdles one, hiding the tape recorder from the other foals at school and two, how would they convince Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo that they got the recording? Were they just going to say that they recorded them? In the end, they figured that they would be to mad to even question it.

They were rather anxious as they walked to school together. This was the day that they would finally put their plan in motion. Rumble had fewer things in his backpack so he carried the tape recorder in his saddlebag.

"Do you think this will work?" Rumble broke the silence. Button looked over at his friend. In all honesty, He wasn't one hundred percent sure that the plan would work but, he figured confidence was best in this situation.

"Of course I do. We came up with it" Button said. He was curious as to why the normally brave Rumble now seemed to have second thoughts about the whole situation. Because even if they were caught in the recording stage they could just say that it was for a personal project. As long as they don't listen to the recordings

"I-I guess your right" Rumble stammered. Why was Rumble scared all of the sudden? Just yesterday he seemed confident in the plan and now he is scared. Button had never seen Rumble act like this.

"What's got into you?" Button asked. "Just yesterday you seemed to like the plan". Rumble looked over at him with a sheepish grin on his face.

"I'm just excited" Rumble admitted. Button rolled his eyes. If this plan worked it would benefit Button in more way than just dating Scootaloo, It would make Rumble stop talking about how jealous he was of Scootaloo or just how much he wanted Sweetie Belle.

"Me too," Button said with a happy sigh. It was exciting to think that in a short week He and Scootaloo could be going on romantic dates, sharing milkshakes and possibly gaming together. Button wasn't quite sure if Scootaloo liked video games or not but if she didn't he could probably find a game that she did like.

Rumble nodded and looked up to see the schoolhouse come into view. They came early so they could get everything set up. Even if the plan wasn't too hard to execute they figured that it would be better to work out any problems before school.

They walked up the steps and into the building. Their only obstacle in this mini-mission was Miss Cheerliee. And since they were going to be the only ones in class it would make it even more difficult. Again if they got caught they could just say it was for a project or they were recording the lesson for future study.

They navigated the halls until they found their class. They entered the classroom that was empty except for Cheerliee. "What are you boys doing here this early?" Cheerliee questioned. Luckily, the boys were expecting this question so they had their response ready.

"Just going to get some studying in," Button said innocently. Cheerliee smiled.

"That's great!" She said enthusiastically. 'If only she knew what were doing' Button internally chuckled at the thought. She was so happy that they were 'Studying' when they were trying to ruin a relationship. It honestly sounded a lot worse when it was phrased that way. But, it was better to not think about it that way.

The two colts took their seats and Rumble discreetly took the tape recorder out of his saddlebag. Rumble leaned over and whispered, "Where do we put it?" Button looked down and started to rummage through his saddlebag. He finally pulled out a roll of tape.

"I think we might be able to tape it to the bottom of the desk" Button whispered back. Rumble nodded and started to position the tape recorder under his desk. Button ripped off a piece of tape as quietly as he could and put it across the recorder on the two metal supports underneath the desk. He ripped off another piece of tape and put it perpendicular to the first one. After the two pieces of tape were applied to the tape recorder they were confident that it would stay suspended under the desk. They ran some tests, like how easy it was to press the buttons and be inconspicuous. Once they had everything worked out, A few Ponies were starting to file into the class and take their assigned seats.

The plan was still in play, whenever Scootaloo or Sweetie Belle would speak, they would record as much as they could. They also decided to record some things that Apple Bloom said just in case they might need it for back up. They weren't quite sure why they would need a voice clip of Apple Bloom but, maybe they could make it so she sided with Sweetie Belle or Scootaloo just in case she caught on to them.

Eventually, the bell rang and class started and so far the day was already successful because they already had a few voice clips from Sweetie Belle and Scootlaoo. With as many as they had in the short 5 minutes, they were in the class with the two crusaders this whole mission would be easy. Button had assumed it would be hard to splice the clips together because he thought the wouldn't have enough clips. But, if the class continued like this, they would have more clips than needed they might already have enough to make their plan work.

The class was dragging on and on as usual but, luckily it was lunchtime. And they reached a dilemma, do they take the recorder with them? Or do they leave it in class? They were worried that they might get caught either taking it down or taping it back up but, they could also get caught trying to use it at lunch and recess.

In the end, they decided to take the risk and bring the recorder with them. It was hard to remove it from under the desk without anyone noticing or making to much noise. But, they managed to remove it and store it in Rumble's lunchbox because her only brought an apple and it was his job to record when it was necessary.

The day had slowed down in terms of usable voice clips went well at least for Scootaloo because the two of them had come to realize that she didn't answer questions very much. Sweetie Belle was pretty smart so they had more than enough voice clips from her and even as many as they would need from Apple Bloom. So their target was Scootlaoo. That means Button would have to try and talk to her and possibly try to get her to say certain words that would help with splicing the clips.

Once the Two colts made it outside the Cutie mark crusaders were already sitting under the tree that they always at under. They looked at each other and nodded before making a b-line for the trio of fillies who had already started eating their lunches. They were greeted by warm smiles from the three crusaders.

"Hey boys!" Sweetie Belle greeted. Rumble and Button took a seat under the tree, Rumble positioned himself in a way that would make it hard to tell what he was doing. Button gave one last glance in Rumble's direction. They nodded at each other and Button got to work.

"How had you guys day been?" He asked with a friendly smile. He knew that he had to start small to get where they needed to be.

"Ugh. Boring," Scootaloo said. This was great, that was a very good voice clip to have. Button once again gave a glance in the direction of Rumble, who gave him a smile and a nod.

"I thought it was rather interesting," Sweetie Belle chimed in. That voice clip was less useful but, it could probably be used somehow.

"Ah didn't think it was too bad," Apple Bloom said in a playful tone. Scootaloo rolled her eyes. There was a long pause as Button pondered his next move.

"I hope she doesn't give us homework," Button stated. almost as if he was thinking out loud. The crusaders also seemed to think about their responses.

"Yes! I hate her homework," Scootaloo said enthusiastically. They hit the jackpot with that one. He was hoping a clip this good would come out of this.

"I don't think its too bad," Sweetie Belle said with a giggle. She leaned over and gave Scootaloo a playful nudge and Scootaloo reciprocated the gesture. This hurt Buttons' heart, he hated to see the filly he loved with someone else. But is this whole plan worked he wouldn't have to see it much longer.

"Ah don't like it either," Apple Bloom said. Button chuckled the whole plan was falling into place, all of this was happening so quickly, what was once supposed to be a week-long mission was turning into just a few days and neither of the colts could wait. There were still some questions in the back of their minds like, Was this wrong? Will it work? But, none of that mattered they had already started their mission and neither of them were going to turning back.

Lunch and recess ended as quickly as it began as the bell rang and all the colts and fillies started to flood back into the schoolhouse for the rest of the day.

The day continued to drag on and on until the final bell rang and fillies and colts got out of their seats and slowly started to pack up their belongings and exit the classroom. Luckily, they were not assigned homework which meant that Button and Rumble had plenty of time to get to work on their voice clips. They had gotten even more after lunch again, mainly from Sweetie Belle but, with the good ones that they got from Scootaloo at lunch, they could make it work.

"Bye Rumble, Bye Button!" Sweetie Belle said. Button Smiled and waved goodbye.

"Bye Sweetie!" Rumble said with matched enthusiasm. Sweetie gave a cute smile and a wave goodbye as she turned to go catch up with the other two crusaders, who had already exited the classroom.

The two colts gathered their things and managed to get the tape recorder out from under Rumble's desk without anyone noticing, they contemplated leaving it there for the next day but, they were afraid Cheerliee or the Janitor might find it.

Once they had all of their things together they said their goodbyes to Cheerliee and their other friends and excitedly left the School-house.

Creating Evidence

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The two colts walked home as fast as they could, They were eager to see if they could make good enough clips with what they gathered today. But, one problem loomed, how would they convince Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo that they obtained these clips? It seemed to be a big hurdle that they just glossed over while planning this whole mission. They just brushed it off by saying that Scootaloo was gullible enough to believe it and Sweetie Belle would be able to be emotionally convinced. Whatever that meant.

But that was the last thing they were thinking about, all they could think about was the excitement that came with the possibility of their plan coming together in just one day. But, it wouldn't be as easy as it seemed. It had to sound believable which would be hard, especially for an eight-year-old. But, luckily his mom worked from home a lot so, she had a good computer. Again luckily for them, she was working late today so they got to use her good computer. Not that Buttons' computer was bad, his mom's computer was just better.

They finally reached Button Mash's house. It wasn't anything overly fancy but, it was a pretty nice house. They walked up the steps onto the porch. Button reached into his backpack and rummaged around before he pulled out the key. He unlocked the door before he opened it. Both of the colts entered the house and Rumble turned on the lights while Button closed and locked the door.

They looked at each other and nodded before running down the hall to Love Tap's room. It was at the end of the hall on the left. Once they reached the empty room they bolted directly to the computer and sat down. Button pulled the tape recorder out of his back and plugged it into the computer. He heard the beep indicating that the computer recognized the USB plugged in. He pulled up the audio files and they started listening to the clips that they had recorded. A lot of the clips were unusable of their own but, with a little bit of clever editing, they could be very believable.

The biggest problem that they were facing was, What phrase or sentence were they going to make them say? This was one of the only things that they did not have planned out. It proved to be more difficult than it seemed to create a sentence that would warrant a breakup.

Finally, they decided what they were going to do for both of the girls. For Scootaloo was quicker to anger than Sweetie Belle so they were going to use that to their advantage by making Sweetie Belle say this. "I think Scootaloo is just using me for attention, I mean her parents don't care about her," A bit cruel but, it should work. Sweetie Belle is more gullible than Scootaloo but, she didn't like to believe that bad things happen so they would need more clips. They settled on making Scootaloo say the following things. "I'm just using Sweetie for attention," "She is annoying especially when her voice squeaks," and, "I think she will become a whore, just like her sister," The last one would be very hard to make and is also very very cruel.

Button started working on the four-voice clips. And as their shock, it was harder than they initially thought to make these voice clips, believable anyway. It was proving very difficult to make Scootaloo's voice clips due to the complexity and the lack of clips in the first place. Sweetie Belle's clip only took about ten minutes and was very good, It sounded like she said it. Scootaloo's clips were coming along pretty nicely as well, once Button figured out how to make words using other words it was smooth sailing from there. Or so they thought. They were broken from concentration by the front door opening and closing. Button looked at Rumble before frantically trying to save the voice clips and get out of his mom's room. It was too late and they tried to act natural as she walked through the door.

"Button? What are you two doing in my room?" She asked. Button looked at the ground, trying to think of something, anything.

"We were just using your computer mom," Button said with a terribly faked smile. She didn't buy it.

"For what?" She asked with a skeptical look on her face. Button once again racked his brain for any excuse that he could use to get his mom off his back.

"We were just making music," He said with a stupid grin on his face. She gave him a confused look. Before he realized what she was doing she pressed play and the unfinished and baseline voice clips from Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo started playing.

"Music of Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo?" She asked still wearing a skeptical look. Button could see very few ways to weasel his way out of this situation. Rumble, who had been petrified for this whole altercation saw a great opportunity.

"Me Button and the Crusaders are experimenting to see if you can make a song with only a few voice clips!" Rumble said with semi fake enthusiasm. She seemed to think about it for a little bit.

"That sounds fun. It sounded like one interesting song, What is it about?" She asked. This is where Rumble's bright idea ended he didn't think that she would ask so many questions.

"A couple breaking up and then getting back together," Button blurted. He had no clue if that would work, It didn't even make much sense considering the lyrics that his mom heard. Nonetheless, his mom seemed to buy it.

"Well, you two have fun with that," She said with a smile. "Don't break my computer!" She added on her way out. Button and Rumble high-hoofed, That was the closest they were to being caught and boy was it terrifying.

It ended up taking Button a few hours to finish the rest of the voice clips. And they were pretty good and very believable. They decided to add a few clips of Apple Bloom agreeing to the statements, just to add another layer of evil to the plan.

After hours of working and a little bit of messing around, it was time for Rumble to go home. They left Button's room and started to head to the front door.

"Bye Rumble!" Button said with a wave.

"Later Button!" Rumble said as he walked away. Button turned around to see him mom staring at him, he raised an eyebrow.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Well since you seemed to make a big deal out of it, I kind of want to hear the song you created or at least what you have, I might be able to help, I was in a bad you know," She said with a smile. Button froze, this was a terrible situation he had to find a way out of showing his mom what he made.

"I would love to mom but uh, I can't show you yet because uh... I need to show the Crusaders first!" He sputtered. Despite how bad the sentence was all together, she seemed to buy it.

"Ok mister producer, I will wait," She said with a playful grin. It was reassuring to know that she was taking the whole thing as a joke but bad that she insisted on hearing the finished product.

"Whatever you say, mom," Button said with a roll of his eyes. He walked past her and to his bedroom. He laid down on his bed, dreaming of the day to come.

Set in motion

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Button awoke to his alarm ringing, on any other day he would dread that sound but, today was the day that he and Rumble would set their plan in motion. Whether it would work or not remained to be seen. But he liked to think that it would all work out fine.

He jumped out of bed and practically floated through his morning routine as his mom watched on with a confused look. She couldn't think of a reason that her son would be so happy, not that it was a bad thing. It was just odd to seem him in such a good mood before school.

As Button grabbed his saddlebag from his room he realized a minor flaw in the plan. They only had one tape recorder, when they were going to show Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo the messages they would need two tape recorders to do it. He looked at the clock, he had enough time to go by the store and buy one if he could convince his mom to give him the money for it. He grabbed the back up copy of the voice clips from his nightstand before he left his room.

"Hey mom," Button said cheerfully. His mom looked at him with a smile.

"Yes, Button?" She asked.

"Can I have Thirty bits?" Button asked. His mom gave him a puzzled look.

"What for?" She asked.

"You remember that tape recorder we were using yesterday?" He asked. His mom nodded. "Well, we accidentally broke it and we need to buy a new one," She seemed to buy into his story. Button justified this lie to himself by reasoning that what he was going to do later was going to be worse than lying to his mom.

"I guess so," She said as she reached for her purse. She pulled out Thirty bits and handed them to Button. He smiled to himself their plan was already shaping up. He exited his house and headed towards the store. It was a short walk, he walked into the store and made a b-line for the electronics section. He grabbed the first tape recorder he saw it was twenty-four ninety-nine. He made his way to the front to checkout. He bought it and left the store. As the school came into view he started looking around for Rumble. He walked around the school and to the playground where he found Rumble who appeared to be sleeping against the school. He sighed before shaking his sleeping friend. Rumble shook awake, looking around his eyes settled on Button and he let out a sigh.

"Thanks, Button," Rumble said sarcastically. Button laughed and handed him the second tape recorder. "When did you get this?" Rumble asked after he realized that this was not the one his brother let him borrow.

"This morning, I figured we would both need one," Button explained. Rumble was glad that Button had thought of this because the plan probably wouldn't have worked without it. Truth be told, Rumble was a little bit scared. What if this plan didn't work? It would probably ruin his whole life well, maybe not that far but, it would definitely make the rest of his school life hard. Button seemed to catch on to Rumble's concern. "Would you quit worrying, It's going to work to perfection," He said.

Rumble sighed. "I guess," He said. Button rolled his eyes.

"Let's get to class," Button said. Rumble nodded and followed Button into the school and to class. They sat down and anxiously awaited the end of class.

The rest of class was a blur for the two colts they were preoccupied. The bell rang out and fillies and colts started to file out of the class their plan was about to come together nicely. They happened to be the last ones out of class which meant they had some catching up to do. They practically sprinted to catch up to the trio of fillies.

"Hey!" Button shouted. The crusaders turned around to face the two. One of them said some sort of greeting but, neither colt was listening. "Hey, Scoots I need to talk to you," Button said. Scootaloo looked confused. Her confusion was furthered when she heard Rumble tell Sweetie Belle almost the exact same thing. But, she figured it was important considering she had never seen Button act so serious. Apple Bloom started to follow Button. "Alone," He said without turning around. She turned to go after Rumble but was met with the same response.

"That was odd," Apple Bloom nearly jumped into the stratosphere. "Sorry," The voice said with a chuckle. Apple Bloom turned around to see Limestone Spy Standing behind her. The lime green earth pony looked at her with a stupid grin on his face.

"Now I know why your name is Spy," Apple Bloom said sarcastically. Limestone Spy chuckled.

"I wasn't spying," He said playfully. "But seriously though, What was up with those two?" He asked, his tone turning serious.

"Ahm not sure but, I think they're up to something," Apple Bloom said thoughtfully. Limestone Spy gave her a confused look.

"What makes you say that?" He asked. Apple Bloom looked at the ground, she wasn't quite sure how to explain her suspicion.

"Well, yesterday they were actin' mighty suspicious, and Rumble kept reaching into his lunchbox yesterday," Apple Bloom said. It was a valid suspicion, why would Rumble keep reaching into his lunchbox yesterday. And she saw Button hand Rumble a tape recorder this morning why did he need that at school? Were they recording? All good questions that she would quickly get an answer too.

"What is so important that you couldn't just tell he other crusaders?" Scootaloo said, getting more and more impatient as they walked.

"I think you will understand," Button muttered. Scootaloo muttered back some insult but, it was too quiet for Button to hear. Scootaloo breathed a sigh of relief as they stopped at a tree. "So I was working on a project that Miss Cheerliee gave me and I accidentally recorded this," Button pressed play on the tape recorder. Scootaloo was shocked to hear Sweetie Belle's voice saying 'I think Scootaloo is using me for attention, I mean her parents don't care about her,' Scootaloo looked at the ground, She didn't know what to believe. Sweetie Belle didn't say that right? But it sounded so real and Button would make something like that up,

"S-She said that?" Scootaloo stammered. Button was a little bit shocked, Scootaloo didn't usually stutter like that, this was way going better than he thought!

"I'm sorry Scoots, I just thought you should know," Button said with fake sadness. He was giving himself mental pats on the back for how well his plan was working out.

"No! Thank you for telling me I'm going to go teach her a lesson!" Scootaloo shouted as she stormed off in Sweetie Belle's direction. Button smiled to himself. He decided to move in a little closer so he could enjoy the show.

Sweetie Belle wanted to ask Rumble where he was taking her but, she was too shy. She wasn't really sure what Could be so important that not even Apple Bloom could hear. Sweetie Belle looked up just in time to stop seconds before hitting Rumble.

"What did you want to tell me?" Sweetie Belle asked. Rumble looked at the ground and took a deep breath.

"So I was working on a project and I accidentally recorded this," He hit play and Scootaloo's voice started Speaking. 'I'm only using Sweetie For attention' Sweetie Belle couldn't believe what she was hearing. 'She is so annoying especially when her voice squeaks," Sweetie Belle sat there staring at the ground, She thought that she had something good going with Scootaloo. 'I think she will become a whore, just like her sister,' Sweetie Belle couldn't take it anymore she started crying, Rumble patted her on the back and confronted her to the best of his abilities. "Do you want to speak with Scootaloo," Sweetie Belle didn't want too but, she knew that she had too. Reluctantly, she got to her hooves and walked in Scootaloo's direction.

"I wonder what they could be up too?" Limestone Spy thought out loud. Their attention was drawn to Scootaloo who was storming back towards them. Apple Bloom and Limestone Spy gave each other confused but concerned looks. Scootaloo pointed, they thought she was pointing at them until they heard Scootaloo yelled.

"YOU!" Their eyes landed on Sweetie Belle who was also approaching them.

"I think I know what they are up too," Limestone Spy said. Scootaloo pushed passed the two of them.

"I thought We had something!" Scootaloo shouted.

"I did too!" Sweetie Belle blurted out.

"Now wait girls-" Apple Bloom was cutoff by Scootaloo.

"Stay out of this!" Apple Bloom took a few steps back. Scootaloo had never shouted at her like that.

"I thought you loved me," Sweetie Belle sniffled.

"I did! But now I know how you really feel!" Scootaloo fired. Sweetie Belle's mood shifted, She started off sad but, the way Scootaloo was talking to her in an accusatory fashion was starting to anger her.

"How I really feel? I think you are the one who feels that way!" Sweetie Belle retorted.

"Don't try to turn this on me!" Scootaloo shouted.

"It was always on you!" Sweetie Belle returned.

"Whatever! We are done!" Scootaloo shouted. She turned and stormed in the direction of her house. Sweetie Belle, on the other hand, lost all her anger and realized what she had done and started galloping back home.

Apple Bloom and Limestone Spy looked at each other, eyes wide in shock and confusion. "You think they did this?" Limestone Spy asked.

"They had to, Neither one of them would say anything bad about the other," Apple Bloom explained.

"Let's get to the bottom of this," Limestone Spy said. Apple Bloom agreed and the two of them set off for Sweet Apple Acres for a brainstorming session.