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Just a trans girl writing horseword stories while thinking about all the longer stories I could be writing. And then not writing them because I get easily distracted.

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Rimmer #1 · Jul 2nd, 2022 · · 16 ·

A poignant ending to a thought-provoking and beautiful story. Deep, inspiring, and insightful to our current age.


(Twilight was a pre-bottom surgery trans woman, which is still a woman, so the sex is still lesbian even if she has a dick. That’s just facts.)


Everything about this is wonderful. Especially the parts about trans ladies. Damn right it's still lesbian sex no matter what's in our pants.

You deserve all the thumbs up. And only Nazis and homo/transphobes will downvote. And yes you are part of the problem if you even begin to spout centrist "but why can't we just talk it out" crap. We're talking about people that want to murder people like me and all other trans women, and trans men, intersex, non binary, and in the case of Nazis, anyone who isn't cishet white and meets a certain criteria of facial features. (Which means yes even if you are cishet and white you can still be labeled as something for Nazis to gas if you have too big a nose or jawline or something.)

Anyway rant over, story good.

And nothing of value was lost.

I'm curious which will come first: a superficially polite self-righteous hat-wringer insisting that all lives matter (but Derek Chauvin totally did nothing wrong), or a Trumpzi troll who goes right for "So much for the tolerant left!"

Or maybe no one? Maybe I'll be impressed. We'll see.

Shilic #5 · Jul 2nd, 2022 · · 16 ·


Funny thing is, I'm actually pretty centrist (center left, to clarify) on most topics, and I do believe that everyone's life is valuable, but when it comes to those who want people like me and my girlfriend dead, I'm not gonna cry about it when they get hit by cars. Fascism and bigotry are like diseases: they're passed on from person to person, twisting hearts and minds. It's not a force you can simply destroy with violence, and there's always a chance to bring someone back from the brink, but some people are just too far gone to be reasoned with, people who can't be talked though with. And when it comes to those people, all you can do is prevent them from hurting people, claiming power, and infecting others with their evil. And sometimes, the best way to do that is to hit them with a car.

(For the record, that later category includes at least 6 of the current 9 Supreme Court Justices, the previous US President, most of his political allies, and a significant chunk of his supporters. Just to make it absolutely clear where I stand on that. The Republican Party, QAnon, and their like can go fuck themselves.)

the dislikes made me expect this to be poorly written or something but the comments intrigued me. and I of course recognize the tumblr post. oldie but a goodie.
yeah this was pretty amusing for a crackfic disguised as social commentary. barely over 1K words and you still made room for several cleverly written jokes. nice.

dislikes just mean you pissed off a bunch of this website’s userbase, many of whom are homophobic (fetishizing lesbians doesn’t make someone less of a homophobe), transphobic, and nazi sympathizers. oh and misogynists, can’t ever forget that. not to say everyone who uses this website is a bigot but way too many are.

although I do want to know why sunset has a car and not a motorcycle.

edit- wow I got 13 dislikes. good, it means I hurt the feelings of 13 bigots.

Shilic #7 · Jul 2nd, 2022 · · 7 ·

Because it's much harder and riskier to hit a homophobe with a motorcycle.

It is only ever permissible to punch a Nazi if stronger means are currently unavailable. (c)

Looked at this without my glasses and thought it said "homophone" and I was all like, "What?"

y'know it would be great if just one of these downvote spammers would show their faces in the comments rather than shy away and run like a goddamn coward so that we can have the chance to roast them properly

Fair enough, heh. I definitely respect that point of view when it comes to ideas.

Shilic #13 · Jul 2nd, 2022 · · 14 ·

The real truth is that any of them that try are hit by Sunset's car before they can post.

Posh #14 · Jul 2nd, 2022 · · 17 ·

everyone who downvotes this, your mom’s a ho

That was great! Good vent piece with a fun tone.

And their heads go flying off and hit the dislike button. Shame that physics work out that way but worth it.

“I know writers who use subtext, and they're all cowards.”

A fun bit of crackfic writing that hilariously flaunts its sheer lack of subtlety. Thank you for it.

Howdy, hi~!

I just finished visiting a history museum with a very blatant take on exactly what those kinds of people want/have/will do so the timing of this was very cathartic to me. Thanks for the read.

The most based fic on the site

So basically this little piece you wrote is the literary equivalent of a revenge porn film.

A revenge porn film that was done by an amateur film crew who have all of the following: no experience writing scripts, no cinematographic experience, no idea how to do sound, no idea how to do lighting, no idea how to do basic video editing, no budget for costume or sets, don't even know how to work the handheld camera they borrowed from a friend, and who think slowmo and shaky cam are valid artistic choices for conveying an incoherent vision.

Good to know.

Shilic #20 · Jul 2nd, 2022 · · 11 ·

Dude, this is fanfiction. You're lucky I bother to use punctuation and capital letters. If you're looking for quality go read a book.

Dude, don't give attention to an obvious trollfic (the funniest part of this fic is people in the comments waiting for Godot/mysterious alt right chud/hacker known as 4chan).

Hillbe #22 · Jul 2nd, 2022 · · 37 ·

US "Pride" It takes a month to condition a brain, US backed Eugenics / population control.

Nice troll fic has all the right buzz words and triggers

US backed Ukraine has real Nazis and trains Anti Fa for US domestic terror activities

Homo/Tranns/gay all mental disorders embraced by US political establishment [can't reproduce - Child Grooming] Eugenics policy


Enjoy your stay
P.S. Don't cut off your naughty bits, You might change your mind...

Oh yes. Because using violence makes you better than those being homophobic 🙄. Violence only shows that you're no better than they are. No matter who they might be.

A sane guy? In a fimfic comment section? This can't be.

I'd ask for your dealer's number, but I'm afraid it may start with +7499.

It's exaggerated, trollish cynical humor, like on Simpsons or Family Guy. It's like. Super normal as a story? Y'all are weird.

“He was a Nazi, too. A literal card carrying Nazi.” She grimaced. “Who even does that?” She flipped the card over in her fingers. “There’s not even anything else on it, it’s literally just a card with a swastika…”

Anyone who reads that and is still offended either didn't see the cloud of straw kicked up by the impact or should double-check the contents of their own wallets.

As has been said, tolerance is a peace treaty, not a white flag. The consequences of violating a peace treaty are self-explanatory.

Twilight furrowed her brow. "There. Their. Thhhhh..." She cut herself off, took a deep breath, and started over. "They. Are. They are. Thhhhhhht." One of her eyelids started twitching. "How?"

"In my defense," said Sunset, "Pinkie was riding shotgun."

“Hey… that’s not the wallet inspector…”

Who do you think I am Elon Musk?
Flame throwers 50% off
No ride on space ship for you... Tesla?

Jinxed #30 · Jul 2nd, 2022 · · 36 ·

I advocate that if it's alright to hit people with cars for disliking gays, it's alright to hit people with metal bats for shoving their 'uniqueness' in my face.

>chooses to click on comedy about killing homophobes
>complains about gay content being shoved in face

Jinxed #33 · Jul 2nd, 2022 · · 18 ·

I have to see it on the front page because there's not an adequate tagging system to block it from my view, sadly. Not only that but blocking an author does not block their stories so that action is pointless.

Well, chances are you will if you just keep trying. :trollestia: It's like one of those scratch-off lottery tickets.

I mean homophobes always shove their idieologies on everyones faces scince forever

...........kid get off the internet for a bit and go touch some grass......also go back to school and learn how to write your grammar is worse then mine and i dont even speak inglish

Flawless magnum opus right here.

Real talk, though, getting run over is too good a fate for these people, being relatively quick and painless. But that's fine. We don't want people to needlessly suffer.

Hillbe #38 · Jul 3rd, 2022 · · 11 ·

You funny...[kid] No goats here:pinkiehappy:
Hint [I don't give a shit]:rainbowlaugh:
It's English.. Actually American...:facehoof: Geography ?
Self mutilation your kink?

Why would you damage your poor car in such a way? Have some respect for the machinery!

Are you havin a stroke?

You scared of a cute little lop eared bunny?
Your avatar alone can poke out someones eye...
Didn't you learn about running around the house with scissors?

Are... are you okay? Like, actually? Do you need some schizophrenia medication or something? Because if you're trying to convey a point I can't make it out.

If it's an old Ford Pinto I could be a bad day for everyone!

What? No cupcakes after a crack fic?:pinkiegasp:
Enjoying the trolling with lots of bait.:twilightblush:
:ajsmug: What made you write such an epic opus?

The two of them got back into Sunset’s car and drove away, leaving the body of the Nazi homophobe behind. He probably did have a name, but nobody actually cares, because he was a Nazi homophobe. His body would later be found by some police officers, one of whom knew the man personally for reasons that should be obvious, but without any witnesses, his fortunate death would thankfully go unsolved.

Ah, my first low-effort low-level hate-murder fantasy fanfic I've come across. Right off the back of reading "The Guard of a different stripe"
THIS is how you fail pride month. Have a well-earned dislike for triumphantly beating a strawman using cartoon characters

The difference is, once they're done shoving their uniqueness in your face, you still have a face. Once a Nazi is done with you, if you still have bones you're lucky.

abortion is pretty poggers too

pretty poggers

Wish I could unread the bold section.

2/10, ATV Offroad Fury had a better storyline than this, but at least this one had a bloody impact.

EDIT: Not bad but this one seemed to be a mouthpiece story on crack. Easily predictable, but at least I got some enjoyment out of it.

You should really go to a hospital it sounds like you are having a stroke

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