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a no-brainer

Because it's you, that means something slightly different and therefore not technically sarcastic. :twilightsmile:

Nice throwback. I wish I could take credit for that particular line, but it came from the commissioner, not me

Today I learned what kinbaku means.

I love when I can be informative and entertaining!

Man, you know how jealous the others would be if they find out you did all this and knocked up the Shadowbolts before them?

Took me a moment to realize you meant "before you did the same to our friends" and not "before our friends did the same to the Shadowbolts." :twilightoops:

In any case, Midnight, the Shadowbolts, Sciset...

You hit a lot of my favorite notes here. Very nice work.

Well, I asked you to take a ridiculous porn premise and embrace the ridiculousness. You delivered 110%. Good job.

This was both hot and a lot of fun:pinkiehappy:

Not bad. But it could use more concrete details about bodies and their positions. The part where Midnight described which one was the tightest was excellent.

Stuffing 6/7 characters in differing positions into 6k is a difficult task, and definitely not one I'm eager to try again. This story needed either 2k more words or 4 fewer characters

It sounds like I'm making excuses, and I guess I kinda am, but really I just mean that I don't disagree with your assessment.

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