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In layponies terms: kawaii in the streets, senpai in the sheets.

Goddamnit, well said.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well, at least she didn't sleep with Haven... Or did she?

Very funny, appreciated.

Quite amusing. FYI, talking about sex isn't a mature rating, it's a teen one. I suspected that was the case when I saw the short and long descriptions.


True, though I believe the swearing in the cover art qualifies for a mature rating under FimFiction guidelines, unless I'm mistaken.

Shouldn't be the case unless it was changed at some point. The Mature rating was for sexual explicit(actual sex or sexual acts) or extremely graphic violence.
Proper tagging has always been something that hurts authors on this and other sites. Some people will avoid this cause they think its porn and others will downvote it when its not porn, even though there's no sex tag, based on description and M rating.

unless policy has changed in the last few years, which to be fair is extremely possible, an F bomb in the cover art automatically engenders the story with a Mature rating.

Thus, if when I finally publish which requires first finishing it My StarTrix magnum opus
Fuck Cops                                      Be Gay                                      Do Crime
It will bear this censored ((with about the same amount of actual censorship those tiny ass black bars provide in doujinshi hentai comics (while normally the assumption that I'm a massive degenerate is a fairly reasonable one, I do not in fact regularly look at anime tiddie.) cover art of:
This has since been rendered moot by my changing the stories rating to mature after realizing as much as I've gotten away with Toing the T/M line in the past (most proudly with one of my favorite personal efforts and an expletive free but inuendo-infested,

TTrixie and Starlight Do the Kiss
Lips collide and hearts ignite and uh... other areas moisten, when love is in the air.
Super Trampoline · 1.3k words  ·  65  15 · 3.6k views

, I was forced to accept that I could absolutely in no way possible argue in good faith that its final few paragraphs don't extremely unequivocally push an already extremely questionably actually Teen rating that to be clear would never fly by the vast majority of somewhat prudish but not particularly unreasonable mainstream standards for what qualifies as Teen), as the denouement of Trixie's quest to figure out what the fuck the titular phrase actually means (with thousands of words of her indefatigable drive to annoy Twilight Sparkle as much as equinely possible as an ever-present secondary motivating force) involving her finally having her enlightenment epiphany will pegging Flim and Flam until they experience their first prostate orgasms.


wow that was a fucking tangential ramble and a half. Meth is a hell of a drug.

but yeah, hope that provides fresh insight and perhaps even clarity to the discussion.

Not as funny as i imagined it would be... Like I almost feel like:
But at the same time...it's not..."bad"...Just not funny.

“Ah-ha!” he said. “I can’t believe you, putting me through all this when you’re guilty of the exact same thing. Well I hope you were at least using protection like I was.”

Somewhere a record was being scratched; Hitch sensed he said something wrong when Sunny and Zipp stopped laughing and, almost in unison, directed their gazes at him.

“Why would they need protection, Hitch?” said Sunny, followed seconds later by Zipp.

“Yeah. You do know that two mares don’t equal a baby, right?”

Well, I mean...avoiding unwanted pregnancies is just half the reason you use protection, there's also STDs to consider.


Yeah, what 11232192 said, more or less.


more or less.

hopefully less, lol. I shudder at the thought of an explanation more needlessly
*wildly waves arm to gesture at all the words below that would well apply to my previous comment


adjective: circumlocutory

  1. using many words where fewer would do, especially in a deliberate attempt to be vague or evasive; long-winded.
    "he has a meandering, circumlocutory speaking style"




















That was oddly enjoyable. Who knew Izzy would have that little secret.

That was an adventure:pinkiehappy:

Izzy is the Pinkie of G5 confirmed

Uhhh… I guess it’s kinda based?

Comment posted by RandomCommentor deleted May 6th, 2022

What are you talking about, this is Fucking hilarious

The unicorn had a smile on her face and eyes that stared off into space. Her head was clearly empty, and whatever previously resided in her skull had taken a vacation to the land of puppy dogs and kittens.

This is 100% in character. Love it.

“No… Not anymore,” Pipp said, defeated. “I mean, is it really cheating if it was with Izzy? Still want that shower, though.”

Izzy is the Free Parking square of pony sex. She doesn't count!

This is doubly important when one of the participants has sex with lots of different people/ponies. And the latter, unlike the former, actually can spontaneously abort a fetus if necessary.

Good premise. I thought Izzy didn't need to be a non-active participant the entire time during the conversation. She's a joyful, frivolous pony but I hardly feel like she's an air-head or the kind to blank. It seemed out of character of her.

I think I'd have had her come home with the guards after the tennis match right after the "Wait, we're ALL having sex with Izzy?" punchline and Izzy to be talking about having the threesome with them. Building on just how far Izzy's idea of "free love" goes.

This is fanfiction though! Different interpretations are valid. Maybe I misinterpreted all of it and Izzy was just waiting for the guards and figured the conversation was anything to be worried about. Or she knew they all liked to keep it private so she didn't spoil the punchline for them.

“Them? Nah,” said Izzy. “They’re still coming to terms while also simultaneously reeling from the fact that behind my innocent and carefree exterior lies a certain promiscuity the likes of which is beyond their wildest dreams. In layponies terms: kawaii in the streets, senpai in the sheets. Anyway, I can take you both on at the same time.”

This entire paragraph is something...

"This seems realistic..."

I Don't Like That,
or maybe I do?

-Ya Boi Satan

Out of curiosity but is there any chance Sunny can meet Dusk Shine

This is good.

Wish it had sprout though. He needs love

Izzy would totally tap that MILF's ass.:rainbowdetermined2:
Eat out the pussy where two of her friends were squeezed out of!:rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

Given that, in her song, Izzy gave lessons on how to shake a butt like a unicorn, this story checks out.:trollestia:

Izzy: "Watch us shake our unicorn butts!"
Sunny: "Butts!"

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