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This chapter was hot, especially with the build up and the suspicious drink of the truth and dare. The parts with Luna saying and wanting to join the orgy were hilarious. I really want to see the next chapter.

Nurse outfit...! Nurse outfit !!
Luna in a nurse outfit with a big syringe !!! :pinkiecrazy:

Imma say dominatrix! Complete with a cat o' nine tails.

I'm guessing that drink was some sort of enhancer so Dusk doesn't suffer the same fate as Flashlight

That look Pinkie has on the cover could only get more terrifying is if she had fangs and horns

I suspect that Luna will finish getting into costume just as that Mane Six's orgy winds down.

Presumably they've given Dusk Shine Love poison.

"we're all consenting adults here"

I'm not sure roofieing someone's drink is considered consensual sex. :facehoof:

Lucky basterd....
also by a ways away do you mean "not even started" ways , or "Work in progress ways?

I want this to be an ongoing longfic.
So much.

Like, with an actual story.

You need to write the scene where the girls grill Rainbow and come up with their plan for Dusk.

Bonus chapter after the main story finishes? :trollestia:

Damn it Dusk is one lucky stallion not only dose he have 6 mares after him one of them is a princess.
Oh also I love all this hilarity contained in this chapter

6754224 Sorry to plug my own story here but I am writing Dusk Shine's Saga, it's humanized but hopefully it is closer to what you are looking for?

Did they freaking ROOFIE him with a thermas of magic potion!? Guh! :raritydespair:

...all of them circled around a game of Ponopoly as they casually conversed with one another. Seeing that the game in question was one of careful planning and wise investments, Dusk was naturally in the lead with Rarity and Applejack closely tied for second...

Wow, I think the Earth realm got cheated out of a good version of Monopoly. The only strategy I know about in the game is, "Buy the Orange and Yellow properties and hope the dice don't buck you over."

6754523 I still get shit from one of my editors for letting a character with dissociative personality disorder have sex with her nurse, so expect these comments to continue.

but you did write a fun story, so keep it up!

6754529 It's Dissociative IDENTITY Disorder, you n00b! The h4t3 sh4|| N3\/3r 3ND
Other than that, you made an excellent story; I can't wait for more.


Well, I'm a bit of a slow writer, but that's because I focus on quality over quantity. So, even I don't know. :twilightsheepish:

I'm wondering if there is going to be anything with Spike and the CMC now (if you know what I mean) :raritywink:

The fuck?



Fuck the fuck.

Let's fuck.

I mean, fuck let's.


Let's... Let's just hang around and watch... then... fuck...


Now that he put of sliver of thought into it,

Now that he put [a] sliver of thought into it, Change "of" to "a"

6754749 You're changing a single word to another single word. How is that breaking the word count?

It's literally in my open tabs right now. and has been for going on 2 weeks now.

It doesn't hurt to have more of a good thing, does it?

Comment posted by xBUBBA1995x deleted Dec 22nd, 2015

Alright sequel time!

Already calling it: The Thermos contained a Aphrodisiac to enhance Dusk's "proformance".

I am calling it right now... Luna is gonna show up as a Pizza Delivery Mare!

The bits with Luna seem fun, the rest drags awfully. The setup feels like hentai writing in all the wrong ways.

Aside from the "Male Rape is Hilarious!" trope dis is good stuff.

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