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Yes, it's finally here & we didn't have to wait too long this time! Can't wait to see how creative Tempest is gonna be with Dusk in the bedsheets!

Not sure how I feel about Dusk colluding with a war criminal, but I suppose all is fair in love and war. Maybe love is too strong a word. Lust mayhaps.

Alright guys see you next year when the next chapter comes out.

Well this is off to be a fun story so far, I am hoping for femdom on this one with Tempest feeling more comfortable playing the dominant and Dusk just being Shell shocked into compliance. I wonder how it will turn out for them tonight.

So with the Mane 5, Trixie, and now Tempest/Fizzlepop, who is left for Dusk's harem?

To simplify things let's stick to ponies Twilight is canonically close to.

We know Luna wants him. Celestia seems to have a more motherly relationship.

No sign of any romantic interest from Starlight so far. Which IMO is a good thing. The power dynamics in such a relationship would be all screwed up.

Sunset Shimmer and the human counterparts are a possibility. But they add a bunch of complications. Especially if there's a human Dusk.

There's the Canterlot 5, Moon Dancer, Minuette, Lyra Heartstrings, Lemon Drops, and Twinkleshine. Only problems are that Lemon Drops and Twinkleshine have no characterization to speak of and EO would be murdered if he takes Lyra away from Bon Bon.

Lauren Faust said in an interview that Cheerilee and Twilight were intended to become close friends over their mutual love of learning. While the show never did anything with that the comics have.

Zecora and Twilight became pretty close over the Alicorn Amulet incident and Zecora's mentorship.

Derpy/Ditzy/Muffins literally took a "bullet," for Twilight in the movie. That kind of thing tends to make people close.

The CMC are somehow still minors in the show. But the show timeline makes no sense. Cutie marks are blatantly a puberty metaphor suggesting the CMC were 12 - 14 at the start. Multiple fan attempts at timeline analysis has 5 years as the bare minimum time between seasons 1 - 7 that makes any sense. So logically they should be 17 - 19 by now. So aging them up in an AU is perfectly sensible.

Anypony I'm missing?

The Invitation". If this is updating regularly, I will miss it until the last days of May. Holiday to the Wye valley and around the Hay festival.

Dusk Lyra Bonbon sammich.
Also, there's a possibility for Eris/r63Discord, Chrysalis, etc.

No Eris. The only genderbent character in this AU is Twilight.

Chrysalis is still possible, then. Not probable, but possible.

Yay, it's here!

“Where in all of creation is your guard!?” she shouted.

That is an valid question the fans had been asking for a long time.

Now I know my home isn’t the most… eh, defendable, but keep in mind that Equestria is a peaceful nation. Um, aside from the odd exception of an invasion here or there… or evil alicorns bent on world domination… or chaos spirits running amok… or treehouse-destroying centaurs, nothing really happens, especially here in Ponyville.

Now, the last part is obviously a lie.
According to fanon there is at least one catastrophe each week.

Good chapter!
Nothing actually happened yet, but it looks already promising.

One small thing: her name is Fizzlepop Berrytwist, not Fizzlepop Berry Twist.


FFS, Give Luna her deserved loving.
And Moondancer. If any mare produces his first-in-line heir, it should be her, not Trixie.

Is Sunset Shimmer a prospect, or is she like a cool big sister to him? And for that matter, is SciTwi on the other side a male as well? Or is interdimentional self-relations in the cards?

Supporting my friend.

Oh, Luna will get what's coming to her... even if she has to wait a few centuries or two. :trixieshiftright:

And as for EQG, I've never considered incorporating it in this AU before, so I guess I'd still be on the fence on how that would go if it were to happen.

Heretic. The only worthy successor can only come from the Derp.

Oh yeah. That's the type of mare for dusk.😍😈

I would have liked to see all the six (and Trixie) with their foals.

Hopefully Trixie would actually love her child and not just use him or her as solely a means to get into the upper class.

Just sit back and imagine the chaos of a dozen or two alicorn-powered foals born more or less all at once.

Discord is gonna be such a draconequus in a joke shop for years. :rainbowlaugh:


Update soon, pls?

Updaaaaaaaattteee ppplllzzzzzzzz!

This series should have been a full length fic, but oh well, wishful thinking.

Food? Food is good.

Hope this can return. We are almost at the 1 year mark since last update :(

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