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This story is a sequel toA Stallion Surrounded By Mares


Hoooooooooooo shit. I love you for this.

Hmmmmmmmmmm. We shall see.

A quick question. How long has it been between the two stories? In A Stallion Surrounded By Mares Dusk is still a unicorn, however in this story the girls are just starting to show Dusk is an alicorn and they have delt with Starlight Glimmer. That would mean that in about three months they have defeated Tirek and Starlight Glimmer. Kinda a compressed timeline.

awesome sequel is here

this will not end well for trixie

I knew someone would bring this up, but I didn't think it'd be so soon. :rainbowlaugh:

I don't really have much of an explanation, so... Twilight with a Y chromosome is OP? I don't know. :derpyderp1:

Um... Just pointing out, there appears to be a typo in the shortened description. When you said that Trixie came to the "confusion," I think you meant "conclusion."

This will be good!!!

I really though, want Zecora, Celly, Luna, and Chrissy to be impregnated by him, and maybe Starlight.

Some of those I've already considered... and more~ :raritywink:



*Bows down to you*

YOu are awesome!!!

New story? A sequel to "A Stallion Surrounded By Mares". Hell yes, so looking forward to a new chapter. The premise is already so good. I'm dying to see more of Prince Dusk and the mares he had bedded.

Please update soon, can barely wait for anticipation.


Well Discord must be loving these developments. I almost am very scared to think who else he has gotten “pregnant” as he could have found his true calling.

What if he r63ed Discord?

Or DIscord had a sister?

Have you thought about r63ing DIscord, or giving him a sister?

No. In this universe, everyone is the same gender they are in the original, with Twilight being the only exception.

k. WHat abut the sister part?

No, no sisters. If Dusk is to see other characters, they'd be cannon characters.

Well, Twilight didn’t seem to be a princess for all that long before she got her castle, and access to the map, but it seems to me like Starlight being Dusk’s pupil is way too soon here.

I suppose if you wanted to mention that Dusk’s friends all have little foals of their own by this point, then that could work, otherwise you may want to pause and consider switching over to Luna instead, so the timeline would fit better.

What the fu-

MasterMax888: NNNNOOOO!!!! NOT TRIXIE!!!


Here we go again...



MasterMax888: OH GOD HAVE MERCY!!!

...You done...?

MM888: Yeah...

...You okay...?

MM888: Yeah...I'll be fine...

...You need help.

A lot of help.

MM888: You two shut up.

Looking forward for more :twilightsmile:

And here I thought the logical next installment was going to be larger, not smaller, like: A Stallion and a Whole Village of Mares


Wow, I should've guessed for there to be a sequel, but I'm glad I didn't. A surprise, to be sure...

Took someone long enough

While "Haven't been in power more than a year" doesn't necessarily mean that it's been a year, for that saying to make any sense in context, it has to be at least close to a year. Dusk was a unicorn, and thus said year was the smallest possible gap between now and the impregnation of his friends, and yet they're only now starting to show.

Either there's been a big timeline screwup, or MLP ponies have like 5 year gestations in your fic universe :pinkiegasp:

Happy to see this story is continuing. Loved the prequels, and this definitely looks intriguing.

Though I have to ask, what happened/is happening to Flurry Heart here? Cadance's pregnancy was clearly announced after Twilight got wings, yet Flurry Heart was born after Starlight returned. So, by that logic, Cadance carried a pregnancy to term before the Mane 6(5) even started showing.

So many questions. Did the potion they took cause their pregnancies to last longer than normal? Did The Crystalling take place after No Second Prances? Did other episodes besides the ones involved in the main story arcs of Season 4 and 5 not happen, allowing this to take place in only a few months? (Which would make sense, 1 week since conception, Magical Mystery Cure-Princess Twilight Sparkle probably took place over 1 week, you figure 1 week each for the key episodes gives us another 6 weeks, 1 week for Cutie Map, 1 week for each Map episode, 2-3 days for Season 5 finale and another week or two before Season 6 started and a week or two since Trixie came back makes about 16 weeks; given an 11 month horse gestation, that would put the second trimester starting between week 14-15, making it reasonable) Am I way over-thinking a fanfic based on a children's cartoon?

Except for the last question (which is an emphatic YES, I am way overthinking this), I don't know the answers. Eh, I'm just gonna enjoy the ride. Story premise is too interesting to dismiss because I have issues.

PS: Please don't take my rant seriously. It's meant to be over-the-top as a joke on how much free time I evidently have on my hands.

Soon the babehs will burst from their mothers' chests...


Both answers work for me!

How long until the next chapter man?! I WANT MORE!!!! XD

Finally the legend continues!

This promises to be a wild ride. I'm intrigued! :pinkiehappy:

This looks like it could be fun

Oh this truly is a good Friday.

Is it weird that I’m actually MORE interested in the political consequences of 6 heirs than the porn?

Oh damn, I was just reading the sequel a week ago anticipating a third story. :D

Gotta love how ponies blow small stuff out of proportions.

So Trixe dug out her family tree I believe. Clever girl.

And here we go, after catching up & reading the 1st 2 stories, I'm ready to see if Trixie can pull this plan off & if Luna can finally get Dusk in bed with her

Dis gon be gud

If she doesn't end up with multiples I will be sorely disappointed. BEEG preggo Trixie!

No, no, it makes perfect sense. There's 59 episodes between Magical Mystery Cure and No Second Prances. At 22 minutes per episode, that's less than 22 hours of footage. What you're not seeing is that the show has been playing out in real time. We've just been watching a ridiculously busy day.

Cadance's pregnancy? You see, the truth of the matter is that alicornus vulgaris or the Common Alicorn is not a pony as is often presumed, it is a fungus. Alicorns don't ascend, they're infected like one of those zombie ants. And we've all seen how quickly a whole mess of mushrooms can pop up. This even explains why Twilight's capabilities apparently plummeted after she contracted Alicornitis.

Now it also appears that day and night are cycling like, a real whole lot of times and I can see how this fed into your misapprehension. You see, the thing is — and please don't tell them I told you — Celestia and Luna got just like super wasted that day. Somehow they were able to pull it together when they were on camera, but seriously, they were sloppy as fuck. We're really lucky they just cruised their heavenly spheres all over the sky and didn't like smash the moon into Manehattan or something.

So you see, this story makes perfect sense and fits neatly into canon with no issues whatsoever.


I have an idea. Dear author, disregard it if you so wish, but I thought I'd share:

It's just, y'know, been three months. Remember the season 4 opener? That was the Summer Sun celebration. the first mention of any Summer Sun celebration, in fact, since the series premier. And I for one got the impression that it was an annual dealio, meaning that (unless I'm dumb) the implication is that the whole first three seasons happened in a single year.

So: (a) the world is basically always ending, and as a consequence (b) depending on where the last story falls, everything could totally have happened in three months.

Trixie you narcissistic gold digging whore. And you wonder why you have so few friends.


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