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A silly thing I felt like writing in the spirit of Tax season.

Hehe... FUTA tax. Oh, Twilight. :twilightblush:


You are two days overdue. Should've filed....

*puts on sunglasses

...an extension.

It's about time someone made this kind of pun on FUTA. :rainbowlaugh:

It's 3 AM and I've already met my quota of wtf for the day...

>less than 1,000 words
How did this get approved?

Wouldn't it be Royal Unemployment Tax Edict?

If course, RUT can also be a thing if you drop the edict.

This was glorious :rainbowlaugh:

Mmmmm taxes, my favorite

Sure, it says 2,274 now, but It said 916 when I wrote that.

through the thin wall of muscle dividing her womb from her bowels.

You should change that to her vagina, not her womb. Her womb is past the cervex, and the vagina is the muscular tunnel that goes from the cervex to the labia.

There was also a part near the end that I couldn't figure out what was going on anatomy wise. How did Celestia open wide for Fluttershy's cock if Flutters was inside her colon? ...Holy shit, I just said that sentence.

So, even though Twilight told them what FUTA stands for, they still assaulted her. They're both rapists and morons. :facehoof:

pot cake m87

5881738 It's not that it is more technically accurate, it's that it is accurate, period. That's like calling the esophagus the stomach, you just don't do that. The only reason you don't find the word vagina beautiful is because of the taboo behind it making it sound dirty. I for one still cringe when I say vagina, but I blame my parents for that.

And Sunhoers presides over the most blasé airtight gangbang in the history of royal gangbangs. Later: "Ehh. I've had better."

So thanks for that.


You did it again. :moustache:

Dying, dying so hard right now.

Glorious and oh-so wrong on so many levels, I love it.

This is the most hilarious clopfic i have ever read, easy.


And for Dixie, it just made her cocky.

Oh god I see what you did there

another great clop-comedy, nothing less to be expected of the great Shakespearicles


"What say you!?"

Demon, Devil, born of the bleakest womb, what say you now?!

auugh...The aristocrats...

oh god! its orientation tax day!

This was so wrong, so humongously wrong, that if becomes right. And hilarious XD

Gotta say, you do like some twixie. I approve.

And I do believe twilight's going to abuse of her royal authority and go back to seeing Dixie... With company :trixieshiftright:

I honestly thought that the chapter would end with Twilight wanting to rewrite the title of the tax, and give it an extended name.

Then again, this is the Internet.

And a story with a 'Sex' tag.

7143138 re-did it. Try it before it breaks again haha

5875638 Y no comedy tag? I lolled myself silly XD

By the time the royal guards had returned from quelling the riot outside, it was too late. The three intruders had escaped.


"Well I'm a bigger pony. It's just proportionate."

Lovingly called "The Leviathan". While Luna's is "the Velvet Hammer".

Nice ending to the fic.

"She's never failed me before. I declare that this can not go wrong." She smiled.

This statement brings up two to important things. First, how has Celestia and Equestria survived without Twilght? Secondly, Celestia should know better than to ever say that nothing can go wrong.

Working on taxes, how else can it end but with sex?:rainbowlaugh:

Futashy was the leader of the Ponyville chapter of those afflicted with Futanari. Mares born with both mare and stallion genitalia. Among its members were Scootaloo (Futaloo), and Trixie Lulamoon, (Dixie). Futashy was very shy as a result of her... condition. Futaloo had a very tom-boyish personality. Whether or not it was because of her... extra bits, was a matter for the psychologists. And for Dixie, it just made her cocky.


On the whole, the story was a bit too shitposty for me to upvote it but that was one hell of a great paragraph and you deserve recognition for it.

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