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Otaku Boy makes the best commissions ! Praise him ! 8D

I like the humor and the construction of the story.
Well built, fun, simple and enjoyable ! What else ?

so luna gave up just like that and fucked another guard instead

Very nice story. Funny how changing the gender for one character changes everything drastically.

Pfftt placed. That ending was funny as hell.

In the matter of an hour I was gone this story got 29 more likes XD

"Preposterous, my intentions have been more than clear! For instance, in the letter I sent to him earlier, I wrote 'dust my private library' in italics; it doesn't get any simpler than that."

She has a point, that innuendo was pretty obvious.

Anyways, this was great. Not just the clop, but the actual plot. I really felt for Dusk, because he must have felt just horrible. I know what it's like to have friends and then they all hang out with each other without inviting you... At least he had a happy ending.

Excluding someone for any reason makes the excluded feel horrible.

In the third paragraph.

It was sort of a small tradition the girls started between themselves after they had defeated Nightmare Moon, one that, much to Dusk's displeasure, he was ever invited to.

That should be "was never" or "wasn't ever."

Ha ha, yeah, good work as per usual, sir.


"Please Filly, you're never gonna get what ya want if you give up like that. Now go back in there and make this a threesome."

Came for an interesting story.
Stayed for clop.



"Yeah, yesterday, Princess Luna sent this strange letter saying that she wanted me head over there and dust her personal library or something like that,...."

And she'd like you to pay particular attention to the "C" area. :trollestia:

This was brilliant and hilarious. I'm not much for reading smut but stories like this are just fantastic.

Brilliant story. I loved it. Great work :twilightsmile:

This was funny! It makes me laught! XD I love the end!!!


If someone commissions me for it... :trixieshiftright:

The High Quality Mature Fiction group needed some more good stories for the comedy folder, happy to place this one there. :twilightsmile:

6644285 ...How much would said commission have to be?

7$ (Murican) per every thousand words.

6644279 Depending on how much information Dash let slip...

6644541 Gimme a week to set things up, $28.00...maybe $35.00 if the card sale goes through. I'll PM you when I have the funds together.

Well, if you still want to give me the money, that'd be great for me , but another of you brave souls has already hired me for a sequel.

Ah. I see. That does throw a wrench in that idea...gimme a few days, I might have a commission idea for you. I just need to read a few of your more recent works to get a good feel for your writing style...and to make sure I don't request something you already wrote.

*puts on MLG glasses* Hot

I have a section of my commissioned works on my userpage.

Excellent. I'll start there.

Excellent story, and some hot clop to boot That said I can't help but wonder about a clop light version that ratchets up the drama, could be a real heartwrencher.

"Oh, what's the point?" Dusk Shine muttered to himself, releasing a deep sigh as he closed the book held in his magical grip before him.

I'm already two lines in and the innuendos are already there... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!

"That is most untrue, Private Flashlight,"

Okay I've been teased enough throughout the whole fic BUT THIS IS CHEATING!

This fic... these puns... nicely done.

You should write what happened when Luna fucked FleshFlashlight's entire garrison. Going off of what was said, it sounded really funny. Leaves open the possibility of a bunch of thestrals gangbanging Luna! I'd read dat shit...

She needs a whole garrison to feel satisfied? Dang, poor stallion, he's gonna be feeling that for awhile

She'll admit, she was a bit amused when Dusk Shine, the stallion she's had her eye on ever since Nightmare Night, sent his pet dragon in his stead

Fuck you, and fuck your ugly little fanfic.

This needs a sequel.

this is a nice story, I like nice things...


6645185 lol dont be harsh with a side of mean beans :derpyderp2::derpytongue2:

Commence read.

Nice story.

The inevitable gender swap magic referencing.

Good bits of humor with Luna.


wewlad that's some nice triggers you got there


That chapter name :rainbowlaugh:

I'm dying!

6645563 Spiketards are the best, aren't they? ;D

"Dust her personal library"? Damn Dusk, you missed such a great chance to... uh... "dust"... Luna`s... "library"... Dumbass.

An adorable and light-hearted little romp, made me feel good inside and out. :ajsmug:

6645657 Didn't you see what happened to Private Flashlight? Unless you'd like to have a broken hip bone you might as well NOT do it.

"We are just going to have the greatest time," Rainbow whispered into his ear

*Insert Rainbow's rape face here*

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