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always a treat when Drace uploads

just about everyone from Equestria Girls

As a casual fan of Admiral Biscuit and random background ponies by extension, that's a bold damned claim. If I don't see at least one "character" so obscure that you had to come up with a name for them, I'm going to be disappointed.

God damn it's been a while, hasn't it? Nice to see you back


Without giving away spoilers, in the later chapters there'll be a name or two in this you might not expect to see. Most of the focus will be on the major and side characters, but there's definitely a couple of obscure picks!


Thanks! I've been posting non-EQG stuff over on AO3, but admittedly it's been a while since I dipped into Fimfiction. Took me a minute to remember how to post!

Does that include Spike too?(though making him human first)


No Spike in this one, sorry! (I...tend to forget all about him. >.>)

So he got left out because he was forgotten.?

Futa Dash? *excited bouncing*

HONEY! Drace is back and has new EqG smut!


Honey, where are you going?

I hope this party is ready for Midnight Shy :flutterrage:

Disappointing, but I'm excited for the fic regardless! Glad to see you back! You're one lf the best erotic authors on the site.

FYI, your various uses of "unphased" should be "unfazed".

Very enjoyable so far. Please continue.

Don't know what is it about your stories, but they feel a lot more sensual than others. The way you describe things is just perfect. Keep up the good work!

Flash but it will happen I hope sci twi will appear soon!

that ending, ha ha ha

oh boy looking forward to next chapter:twilightsmile:

What could fluttershy possibly get upto? :rainbowlaugh: :fluttershysad:

I wonder if the "four-eyed nerd" who Tempest fingered earlier happened to be the hostess of this party?

This is a lot of fun, all the variance in dares and characters is keeping what could have become rote sex scenes very fresh.
It was mentioned that thia story is going to be pretty massive and eventually feature most of the cast. I can't wait to see what young, dumb and full (or soon to be full) of cum characters get the spotlight next.

Worst case? In nine months, Canterlot High would have a few dozen students taking off for maternity leave.

Gonna cross my fingers that this is prophetic for what Rarity gets up to. Always love to see the horny fashionista getting bred.

One of the early ideas was for a very drunk Rarity to get a bunch of guys run a train on her in the bathroom, but ultimately it was a bit too non-conny considering how inebriated she'd be. She definitely gets to have some other fun, though!

Yeah, I can see the need for a delicate balance. Regardless of how titillating that would be to read it wouldn't fit the tone you have so far, with the girls being pretty excited already and the booze only a social lubricant. I'm looking forward to how things go, especially now that Shining (the only adult supervision) is very distracted in the bedroom. How raunchy will the party be when he finally rejoins it?

I fine myself hoping Shining gets distracted somehow and finds himself back with Bon Bon and Lyra, even if it comedy demands they be left waiting all night. Alternatively, some other boy could encounter them while they're waiting.

Bon Bon + Lyra teaming up on a boy is one of my favorite character scenarios.

It would be funny if Sunset and Sci-twi ended up in shining armor's room! -(Lockpick)

Good to see you writing again even if it's not, anon or human x pony. Which is what I normally read. But keep it up

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