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$20 a blow? Hope she's the experience to back it.

Maybe. Most likely. Probably. Yeah, definitely.

~Skeeter The Lurker

7949178 $20 per blowjob.....if she's saving for college she better start charging $100 per blowjob

7949188 She's still Sci-Twi, so a bit unsure of herself and a little self conscious. She's underselling herself, so get in now while they're a bargain!

Where's the sex tag?

7949206 true, plus she's smart so she'll probably get a lot of scholarships

Oh good. It wouldn't be Single Awareness Day without a good clopfic from Drace.:trollestia:

That was hot, but I'm curious how more...involved, Twilight is going to become for her friends.

7949248 Sorry, I missed it first time around. Fixed!

Oh yes! I need more of this! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

7949811 There's a second chapter coming. :) Probably not more than that, though.

You know... if she charged for the glory portal too, she'd be rolling in... well money, along with the other various... fluids. Bits are solid gold, after all. :pinkiecrazy:

Oooohhhhh, yes! This was great!

There hasn't been any good twidash clopfic in months...
This one already pleases me

7950008 So, there's only one more chapter to go or after posting it, the next will be awhile?

7953031 There's the possibility of more after Chapter 2, but I can't guarantee it. This was a commission, and Chapter 2 sort of ties things up pretty neatly to be a nice nasty story.

7953231 I'd say that's a shame, but there's still a lot you could write on EBFITS'verse, so that's rather covered. Still, this promises to be good :rainbowlaugh:

Is "glory hole" really a thing in terms of sex?
7953683 What's the EBFITS'verse?

7954365 Everyone's Best Friend Is Twilight Sparkle, Domino's big complete story. I do heatedly recommend it :twilightsmile:

This was great! Keep it going.

...Her name was on the front of thr textbook, wasn't it?

Oh my! This was certainly a delightful read! I can't wait to see how this will continue! :yay:

7988434 You'll find out this week! :)

Ultra Megazord Fluttershy

Well somebody certainly has good taste in role-models

Seemed rushed and short i expected each chapter to focus on each girl.

The End.

Already? That was fast; it was really starting to get good.

I have a feeling that some of her friends already know it's Twilight behind that glory hole. They just don't want to ruin a good thing.

Was totally expecting Fluttershy to call Twilight by her name, at some point.

I agree on the best Fluttershy part here. She was rather nice and degrading to Twilight, and I always love such things! :pinkiesmile:

Though I will admit that I'm a tad disappointed that the story is complete. I was hoping for a longer story with chapters of each of her friends using her. And I was also disappointed at this open ending. Twilight was not revealed for being the cocksucking whore she was in this, and neither was explained how the girls are having so much money to spend on Twilight's delicious glory blowjobs. So I'm really hoping for a sequel of this delicious glory debauchery! :yay:

Fluttershy left without paying...like she almost always did.


That was certainly hot, but you're ending it here? It seems a little soon to end it, with clop possibilities aplenty left to explore with the other characters. Are you planning a sequel expanding the series a bit more, maybe with Twilight confronting her friends on this?

That's a bitch ass move, Flutters.

New chapter?! Oh hell yes! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm glad people liked it and want to see more chapters of it. :) This was a commission; however, and right now there isn't anything in the plans for future additions. So if it seems like it ends prematurely or if it's rushed or something similar, that's why.

Comment posted by RoastPelican deleted Sep 4th, 2017

I read the comment about it being a commission, but I really wish you'd keep it going.

I was okay with the abusive language- but not tipping? That's ridiculous. Of all the things that I'm alright with that is surprisingly not one of them.

8008054 I'd like to see another chapter as well... Maybe some day we'll get one if we are lucky...

Would love to see the reveal. You'll end by making me commission you, Mr Domino :rainbowwild:

Friend I loved this stories and the others that you have also I love, I only have one question will there be a sequel or a story similar to this ?, I say because I love your version of Sci-Twilight as a whore without remedy

Most interesting... yes indeed.

Heh, was expecting the bonus action Flutters gave to out Twilight in a certain way. Still, pretty hot.

7997685 Yeah. Kinda sad as now the story is over and no more sexiness :applecry:

Damn shame this is over, I really liked it.

down her thighs is messy, wet waves

it should say in not is

I do wonder how Fluttershy would react to learning Twilight's the glory hole girl? I feel like it's an even chance of apologizing and never going back to the glory hole, or doubling down and treating Twilight with her bitch-dom persona in person. I could go with either, personally. :pinkiehappy:

It'd be great if this were to receive a sequel at some point, it was a very nice read admittedly. And I can't say that I'm even remotely surprised by the demeanor given to Fluttershy, but that didn't make it any less enjoyable.

I look forward to reading any other story you create/have created.

Now, when does this take place? Before or after she got pregnant? If before, was it before or after she became such a slut to her friends?

Oh. this one isn't connected to Everyone's Best Friend is Twilight Sparkle. It's just its own dirty little thing. :) Buuuut she still most likely totally got pregnant at some point after the events of this story.

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