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Nice, short, and sweet. A great read.

Holy shit.

That was damn good.

You got more of those two?

~Skeeter The Lurker

Is it too much to ask for a continuation?

So cute i loved it!

More please.

Heck, I'll even take a slice of life version. It cute.

nice work

I, kinda want more of this.

Damn, it's weird seeing your name and no futa.


Chrysalis’ de-toughening is the best part.

Not gonna lie, this was kinda cute. I hope to see more of this.

Back in the long long ago, like 99-00, I exclusively wrote lesbian fluff pieces that were heavy on really flowery prose. I was more of a romantic back then, hehe.


This one was a commission, but I might write more F/F fluff later. The main obstacle is that my faves don't usually intersect with fan faves that often. >.>

Hey, don't worry about fan faves mate. You do you.

I expected dick, but I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. :yay:

I need to see her friends reaction to this, especially Princess Twilights reaction.

I suspect we would see Fluttershy being the protective one there.

Cute Cyoot level.... This.

Damn, got baited by the "In progress" tag yesterday.

......can Chrysalis at least have a chance to return the favor?

And personally? ...Fluttershy and about any other female works for me, especially Rainbow, Luna, and Vinyl. n//n

This is just a really cute slice of life spiced with some sex. Like pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

I hope to see more of this.

I think this artist's work was shown to me when I was first commissioned for this story. Sort of a "use this look for Chryssy" kind of thing.

In EQG, I find Cinch and Gloriosa really attractive, but neither of them are really embraced by the fans. (And in Cinch's case, she's actively hated.)

I love Celestia and Maud across both series, and get to write for them plenty. My only wish in that area is that I got to write them with unusual pairings. Celestia is always paired with Twilight, Sunset, or Luna, and Maud is paired with Pinkie 100% of the time. I dig those ships just fine, but always felt like it'd be fun to branch out.

This was a interesting pairing, nice :3

I'd really like to see more of this, it's that perfect mix of adorable, hot in how it's got that hint of domination and slight unwillingness that gives it a real spontaneity and wholesome, the way they come together in a more romantic light at the end.

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