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Oh man, this hit the right buttons. Ya done good.

I personally prefer a quick tag for ero-content, but your description was enough.

7481374 It's a commissioned story so I don't know if that'll show up yet, but I can promise there's some big insertion play coming.

7479777 Thanks! I hope to keep hittin' those buttons with future chapters. :D

7479910 Gotcha! I'll play around with it some next time I post a story, see if there's a better way to do it.

working in tandem with Twilight to subtly,

That should probably read "Sunset"? :twilightsmile:

and start of turn sci-twi into they personal fuck toy cum dump hehehe

good story

Story is good,but it was a little to fast from how Twilight was being a shy little virgin,to a complete slut. My boner got killed when the finale of the orgy started and that was where she turned into a slut I believe..


Since I'm still new here I'd like to ask readers; do you prefer someone to add kink tags in the Long Description? If so, I can certainly make that happen for you.

Certainly. A spoilered kink list is a shorthand way to tell if a reader is into what you're writing without having to read to the point where that particular kink shows itself. Saves time for people that don't like particular kinks and saves you some downvotes from people that got annoyed that they were 'tricked' into reading about them.

7483724 Okie doke. Thanks for the heads up! :)

This was good, but why no penertration? After all it's what they were all excited for, the fact that she had a pussy. I get that it was probably them being considerate of it being her first time and all, but they never brought it up, which from Twilight's perspective probably seemed strange.

Also, I agree with 7483514, the transformation of Twilight was way too fast.

7485422 The out of story reason would be that this is a commissioned story, and the client wanted to have the ladies all sort of enjoy her without the full moment of penetration first.

The thigh job is kind of meant to take that spot; or at least keep it in Twilight's mind. :) By the time the second chapter starts Twilight has already had her first time with all of the girls. (A convenient way to avoid any awkward virgin moments.) I can totally see your point considering they're all excited that Twilight's not like them, but by the same token I think just having them all enjoy her mouth, hands, and breasts is a good way to get her introduced to the concept of all of them.

As for the Twilight transformation, I really don't have a defense for that outside of a limited word count, and the fact that it's dirty writing. Getting her transitioned to that point meant having her get down and dirty quicker.

But I sometimes feel like that's a subjective thing. If a character goes from 0 to slut in thirty seconds, people can feel like it's too rushed. On the other hand, if they spend more time in the hesitant virgin state, you risk people disliking it because it's borderline noncon/coercion at that point. So I think it's kind of a matter of taste.

Either way, thanks for the comment!

7486607 Wait on a sec, you saying we don't get to see her first time with everyone? What a bummer, that's what I was looking forward to.

7487152 There's a short summary that they run a train over her the next morning, but that's just for time to pass for her to get more cock-hungry and the meat of the story to take place.

Actually, the next chapter is up on archiveofourown, and that has penetration.

7488211 Penetration, but not the first time. :) That's kinda relegated to the background.

Now I go back to writing Chapter 3, which is what I'm in the middle of doing now! Woosh!

Another great chapter. And yeah you should probably add Kink tags to the description, maybe even at the start of each chapter so people can't complain.

take all bet on who knock twilight up first,
my vote for sunset or fluttershy

Where exactly can I find the cover image? I looked around on Avernalism's tumblr a bit but unless it's REALLY far back I didn't see it.

7489736 It's pretty new, he literally just finished it yesterday. :) I think that right now it's only available on his Patreon. But it'll be on his main page soon!

I vote for unigue Sunset/Pinkie/Fluttershy together get her pregeant with triplets.

I kinda want Sunset to win purely because she seems like the only one actually in romantic love with Twilight

TL'DR: She doesn't even feel like a character more like a doll for the characters to fuck then throw into a corner when they are done
Don't you think Twilight would be at least a little bit angry or at least perturbed, you know something less passive, since she was just left alone like a third wheel or a toy and treated with no affection and then she finds out that all of her "friends" are trying to impregnate her without even asking about it. Which would ruin her life and just from the them of this story she would be left with a bastard child unless this is actually a story about polyamoury. Nymphomania only goes so far and a genius like Twilight would at least realize the consequences and you knoe feel something othrr then nervous.
P.S. Yes I know it is just smut but I am allowed to hold it to the standards of other storirs that have similar themes

7490255 If it makes you feel better, she does have supportive baby daddies. And either way, it occurs in a magical fetish world where boner related consequences aren't a big deal.

Whoa, holy shit, this story just crossed the fucking line. I'm out.

7491009 No worries, if it's not your thing it's not your thing, man. Not every piece of dirty writing is for everyone.

Shame to know this is a commission, probably no chance to see the AppleDashery ensue. That shower scene would be specially hot. We all know they'd be trying as hard to get each other pregnant as they'd twilight, impossibilities be dammed. They have magic, princess dammit! :ajsmug::rainbowdetermined2:

Well, I'd put shimmie to be the mother. She seems to want to be with twilight in a romantic manner, after all. It would be equally if not more funny to see her trying so hard she ended up by trading assets with twi. Then everyone would become shimmie's best friend :trollestia:

7491060 This is true, and failing to get consent before impregnating someone is way past my limit. I mean seriously, that is messed up.

Well, I'll be sticking around.

Do you have some sort of pregnancy fetish? Not judging, but definitely an odd focal point for two stories to share.

7492341 Not necessarily, but when I started dirty writing a few years ago I was commissioned to do a lot of Korra stories that included the kink. Over time you kind of get defined by kinks you've done a lot of work for; so more commissions come your way for it.

I think pregnancy/risk of pregnancy can be a fun kink, but it's not my main one. I mean, if we're looking at common threads all four stories I have posted here have futas in them. (And more subtly, three out of four have women wearing glasses, which is a larger kink for me.)

only RD and AJ would come up with a competition where they try to find out which one of knocks up Twilight first.

I'm a little disturbed that they lied to Twilight about the pregnancy I would be PISSED if I were her. I really dont like that they just treat her like a blowup doll

Now that i think of it. You would think that twilight would be a little worried that her friends are trying to knock her up

Well I DO have a big pregnancy fetish, and most of your stories is hitting all the right notes with me.
Can't wait for more!

7496586 Thanks! I'm actually about to head to bed, but I'm looking forward to reading some of your stuff! That Twilight x Twilight story in particular. :duck:

Can't wait for the next chapter! ;D

Don't stop now! We're just getting started with this contest!

Oof, this story hits all of my buttons. I really liked the double vag stuff, you don't see that sort of thing too often.
I didn't like how Dash lied about not being able to get her pregnant though, that was a seriously douche bag move. I hope AJ smacks her upside the head for it.

Futanari on female, cumplay, group sex, two cocks in one hole, bukakke, risk of pregnancy/unprotected sex

The italized fetishes.

They are MY kind of fetishes. HOt as frick.

Keep it upppppp! :D

I am so exccciiiittttteeeedddddd:pinkiehappy:

My vote is possibly anyone who can do it.

I am enjoying every moment of these stories. they are sooooo gooooodddd :rainbowwild:

7538900 Definitely keeping it up! There's a new chapter coming...this week!

7532875 The "contest" angle definitely seems like it's bee received differently. Some people seem to like it, some not. Though I'm glad you enjoyed it despite that angle. :) Hope you'll tune it for the next chapter soon!

7523373 I won't stop!

(Psst: Secret! Chapters 3 and 4 are already written, and 5 is scheduled to be penned this month!)

7542909 Yay! The excitement and hype i feel are real! :pinkiehappy:

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