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What about Trixie?

Short, sticky, and sweet, just how I like them. I love that Sunset and Starlight are so close that all it takes is a long, four-hour gangbang to more or less guarantee their status as Best FriendsTM; I still haven't really watched much of FiM after Season 4, and I need to rewatch some of the Equestria girls stuff, but I still ship those two like FedEx. And Twilight, you're such a slut in all the right ways. Never change.

Honestly, if I was the one commissioning, I'd have asked for a second chapter where Luna joins in and ends up having all five girls slavering over her royal ding-diddly-donger. Good stuff, Maynard.

Last I checked, the EG Trixie is still a self-absorbed bitch. Then again, if Starlight makes a habit of visiting often enough, that might change when she decides that having a girlfriend for each world is a TERRIBLE great idea.

I mean, if she's going to bring Luna over, why not Equestria's Trixie as well?

Starlight's definitely a high point in the most recent seasons. She feels like a better developed Twilight to me, partly because she isn't the flawless character Twilight is and they seem to be more self-aware with her. (Like her and Trixie openly making fun of the other ponies' tendency to break out into song.) They get a lot of good humor out of her.

This one wasn't a commission, actually. :) It was a Patreon poll story. I might toss around the idea of doing a sequel sometime, or if a client wants to commission another chapter I'd be down. It's definitely an idea I'd be happy to revisit sometime.

My other idea for a sequel would be a "Bad Girls Indulging" group where Cinch and the Dazzlings basically do the same thing, only much rougher and nastier because they're still bad news bears.

Mostly I just wanted to keep it in tone with the girls that have actually showed up in EqG, and Equestria Trixie still hasn't crossed over. (And I've been writing a lot of Trixie in other stories anyway.)

To be fair, Drace, can a hippie camp counselor/organizer really measure up to a sibling trio of Sirens who have much better figures? It's hard to say no to the Dazzlings for multiple reasons.

Hell yeah! All the hot girls (except Trixie, but Trixie has hardly reformed) at once! <3

It got really rushed toward the end. Still fairly hot, but you've got to avoid such jarring changes of pace. Things were done in half a paragraph when they could have been entire scenes.

Whew, finally got around to reading this. I liked it, though it did feel a bit short once the clop actually started.

I’m surprised to hear you like Starlight, I figured since you never wrote anything with her you just didn’t care for her. Any chance you’ll write her again?

At this point Starlight's come around to being someone I prefer over a fair bit of the Mane Six. I definitely like her more than Princess Twilight. They've just done a good job with her in general, and she feels redeemed while still keeping some of her old self intact.

The main reason I don't do much with her is just because 95% of what I do is commission-based, and unfortunately not a lot of people share my fondness for her!

Well, maybe EQG fans on FimFiction don’t care much for her. I don’t think she’s that unpopular. I do get the commission thing though, got to write what gets the money. Than again, since you’ve never done anything with Starlight, maybe Starlight fans don’t commission you because they don’t know about you? Eh, whatever the reason, you do good work, look forward to seeing more in the future.

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