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The question to ask.

Are the Dazzlings immortal, and lived through aincient myths and legends time. If so, did they help or were the cause of more than just the Sirens.

If they are, what way, and just how far can they go, and have they gone. Over so many centuries? :trollestia:

8066801 Did they ever give a proper timeline of when they were banished from Equestria? They could've just been the reason for all the coke and sex in the 70s and the human world could have a different set of immortal hotties that serve as their counterparts.

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Your stories are the only reason why I come back to this site.

The clop was...okay. In theory, it touches a few fetishes and is adequately written.

Character wise...


I'm sorry, I can't say I really believed any of these girls were the dazzlings. Change their names and the story remains pretty much the same, as far as I can tell. I mean, yes, you do have them reference one another and past actions, but in terms of actual interaction, they didn't feel as if they really knew each other. Doesn't help that exposition on the characters substitutes actual personality and action, and you really fail to get into any of the character's headspace. Additionally, I'm not sure if you're going for third person limited from Celestia or Luna's perspective or if its supposed to be 3rd person omniscient.

Eh, I only did one reading of this, so I might be off. But, I can say I don't particularly desire to reread this, so I'll leave off here.

8066812 They were banished by Starswirl the Bearded, right? I can't remember if it was ever stated how far in the past that was, but apparently he's part of "obscure unicorn history" so I got the impression he wasn't exactly within the last few generations.

...Oh wait. Princess Luna recognized the Starswirl costume, meaning he was at least 1000 years back. And, uh...yeah this covers it I think.

Basically the sirens were banished a long time ago, although one might question if the two worlds' timelines were always in sync (what a coincidence ponies start crossing over to the human world at the exact moment Princess Celestia's mortal human counterpart happens to be principal at CHS, yes?).

...Oh, also the story was good. I'm not usually into the serious bondage stuff, but the writing was top notch as always.

8066951 This post makes me wish I could find out a way to get paid by reviewing sexy horse words

Well I'm going to have an constant boner for the next several hours.

Fingers crossed you decide to write more of the Dazzlings being 'disciplined' by the Humane 7. Or the Dazzlings conquering the them instead. I can kind of see Sunset being their victim during the Anon-a-Miss incident. Or perhaps they blackmail her.

8067225 You and me both, buddy.:twilightsmile:


ever since I've come across your work I've been hoping for some Dazzlings content. Especially Adagio, everything about her attitude and movement screams sex. I'm hyped for the hypothetical more to come!

Though I must say, I kinda prefer them as sisters than friends. I think it makes the dynamic a little funnier and explains why they put up with each other so much. Plus, it makes stuff like this seem even naughtier. :trollestia:

8066812 Nah, David Bowie is why coke and sex were a thing then, the guy was an alicorn who got sent to Earth from Equestria and took it in stride. Unfortunately, the only magic he retained was the ability to give anything and everything a boner, but he seemed to have used that to great effect.

In all seriousness though, the idea that the Dazzlings had been on Earth far longer than what the show would suggest is rather intriguing. Nobody said that the time they were banished from Equestria has to coincide with the time they were flung to on Earth, which could lead to some interesting implications; perhaps they were banished from before Nightmare Moon was a thing, and so they still have some acclimation to go through when they're sent not too far from present day.

As for this story itself, not bad at all. Sonata and Aria's elation at a sense of freedom from being beneath the heel of Adagio's boot was adorable, especially even if they had to be turned into cumdumpsters first.

Finally got around to reading this in the right mood! Every other time I tried reading it, I had to take a step back cause it made me highly uncomfortable. Reading it now, I absolutely adore this. Killer writing!

that was an amazing clop story, especially the double stuffing of two cocks in one pussy. I really love things like that. Hope sometime in the future, you can make another clop story with that kind of fetish. Keep writing on and never give up my friend. ^^

Equestria could keep sending over sluts to wrap around their cocks, for all she was concerned. Hadn’t had a bad fuck from that dimension yet.

Let's send Discord and see how they feel now! X'D

This was nice, but I feel like it’s missing a few things.

For one, build up. You kinda just drop us into the middle of the action with no lead-in. There’s no anticipation, just “GO GO GO!”
Another thing is that you get into Celestia and Adagio’s perspectives a bit, but you don’t often get into how Luna, Aria, or Sonata are feeling. You certainly describe their physical state, but none of what’s going on within their minds.

Something I feel like you could have done without are the long descriptions. For example, when Adagio’s senses heighten, you could have made that a lot shorter.

In all, I like the concept, but I feel like it could be better.

i loved your work on dazzling discipline dracedomino will they be a chapter 2 to chapter 1 ?

will they be a part 2 on dazzling discipline dracedomino ?

will we get to see a part 2 of this ? :pinkiehappy:

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