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Sunxie FTW! And also Twily

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this was a interesting story I liked how the characters interacted with each other very well thought out and well written.

Knot going to lie, this gave me a boner.

Ended too soon. Did Twilight even finish? :twilightoops:

Thank you ^^ Really glad you think so.

7824508 7824948
Then my job is done here.

No, she didn't.

7825380 I know it was meant as a one shot but I really do hope you plan on doing a sequel to it. It was a very interesting story and I feel that it should be given a sequel. :twilightsmile:

7825380 now I must reread and clop hard. TwiSet demands it.

19.8 centimeters = 7.7 inches
4.6 = 1.8
Conclusion: small ass dick

Title kinda gave away what it was she had haha

>>The Toaster Repair
Actually, a 2013 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found the average American man's penis is 5.6 inches long when erect and 4.8 inches in circumference. So diameter would be around 1.53 inches. Therefore, Sunset has a larger than average penis, but not the unreasonably large ones often described in fictional works. :twilightsmile:

Well, I congratulate you if you are bigger than that, hurray! But, as 7826607 clearly mentions, 7.7 inches is bigger than the average. I don't know about you, but I prefer my porn to be somewhat realistic... in anatomy standards, that is.

I'm not known to be subtle =D

7826693 I can see that haha. Still, loved it

7826693 Alright, whatever suits your fancy, still liked the fic, dick could've been bigger without being 'unrealistic' but whatever, nice fic.

7826766 Yeah I could've made it bigger, but whatevs. Anyway, glad you liked it ^^

I actually like seeing (at least somewhat) more realistic versions of this trope. Part of the fantasy is inserting yourself into the situation, and monstercocks or gigantic boobs(at least, in a way that doesn't acknowledge the idea of the kinds of problems those can cause) break the suspension of disbelief.

If those are your fetishes, great, but I'd like at least some portion of my porn and smut to specifically feature some more realistic elements.

Favorite tag on Derpibooru: Reasonably Sized Genitals :trollestia:

You and I can be friends =D

It's funny that Sunset wears boxers for extra space. I personally think body tight clothing is better keeping things hidden. It works for me anyways.

"Measurements", yeah sure Sunset, I TOTALLY believe that excuse.

7863786 Well, originally she said she wears boxers because otherwise things get uncomfortable. But I'll blame my editor for that change =D

7863794 Ah, well I can't blame her for that. Ironically as a guy i get the same problem sunset has. It's a natural thing of course but I once had a thing for one of my teachers I started wearing boxer briefs because it it. :facehoof: Is it weird I just admitted that online? The previous comments I read say yes... but still.

Still, nice one at the end with twilight all panicked and stuffed. :twilightsmile:

7863799 Hey don't sweat it mate. As I guy myself, I tots get you.

And thanks for reading and commenting ^^

7863804 What can i say? Your one of my favorite writers. :raritywink: You get a place higher than Crow only because you pump out more stories than he does quicker. . . No sex pun intended there. :facehoof:

To be fair, this here is a "Boxers vs Briefs" discussion, not panties. :trollestia:

she moved her tongue in circles, in lines, tracing the alphabet

this reminded me of

8th paragraph, "Her curiosity picked", I'm guessing you meant "piqued".

Not bad. Pretty good description of a first time.

8058069 then why read one which contains futa, it gave the warning so..

Your profile pic would suggest otherwise, fam. :raritywink:

You need to get your eyes checked.

Hey man, I'm just letting you know that if this isn't your thing, it's not your place to give criticism.

Actually, that's my place if I want it to be. I can comment if I feel like it.

It is not your place to tell me I don't have freedom of speech. If you don't like what I have to say, that's your problem, not mine.

You can't use constitutional rights to defend being a pretentious dick. It just makes you look like a clown. I'm not suppressing your rights by responding to your snarky comments. I have just as much a right to state my opinion as you.

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Guys, could you continue your argument elsewhere? You already stopped talking about the story altogether ^^

My apologies. Didn't expect it to carry on. Good story btw.

Thank you ^^ I'm glad you liked it.

I love it ^^
Fave ship still sailing.

Mmm-mmm, delicious!

Also I like the idea of sunset being able to feel Twilight's pleasure just as much as her own. You don't mind if I have that for one of my fix do you? I'll give you full credit of course

Just make sure to link me!

Sunset groaned. “You have no idea. At first it was kind of amazing, having all these new sensations, but it can really get on the way sometimes. I mean, one moment I’m in class doing an exam, and the other I have an erection! Do you have any idea of how awkward that feels?!”

Too true! I can SOOOOKK relate! Not the being a chick with a dick part, but having boners in Class

Just encountered this. Decent story, but I'm bit disappointed you passed up opportunity provided by chapter title. When I saw "Sunset gets in Twilight's head" I honestly expected it to be a play on words describing a blowjob. :derpytongue2:

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