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I've seen your work on AO3 before. Loved it there, love it here. Glad to see you with FiMfiction!

7464582 Thanks! Glad to be here. :) I'll be slowly updating my EG stuff here over the next few days.

I read your other storys hope to see more from you DOOD.

Like a sequel to this one. :derpytongue2:

7464692 I don't have a sequel planned for this one (it was a prize for the winner of my Christmas contest on tumblr,) but I do have a lot more futa EG coming!

First, two things, one kinda big and the other a nitpick.

First, it seemed a tad short. You introduced this idea of Sunset cheating on SciTwi, SciTwi finds out, makes a deal with PonyTwi, she hides in a closet, PonyTwi and Sunny fuck, then they all fuck, and all of this happens or is told in about 5 minutes. There's really no time for the idea to develop, and because of that the message of SciTwi still loving Sunset unconditionally is cheapened. It kind of makes her seem like a mewling spineless ninny who will do whatever anyone wants if she'll get love and attention.

Just a little development of the story's ideas and one iota of conflict and I think it wouldn't have been nearly so jarring. Then again, I know some people like that kind of thing, so it's hard to tell if you may have done it on purpose, since it's a clop-fic.

As for the nitpick, you use the words "nectar" and "cream" a lot. There are loads of great words and euphemisms for cum (cum being a perfectly fine word itself), could probably use a few of them.

That aaaall being said, I really enjoyed it.

Kinda had to get warmed up to your prose, but once I did, I was definitely into it. It's an interesting style, kinda flowery, but still on point.

The sex was great, and a happy ending (in more ways than one) is always welcome at the end of an NTR story, as far as I'm concerned.

Definitely a nice addition to the SunLight clop-fic collective.

7465131 Thanks for the feedback! :) The rushed pace is sort of a side effect of the size limitations. I did this as a giveaway on my tumblr, winner got a 5k word story. The early bits are a little rushed simply to focus more on the "fun bits," as it were, since with two Twilights and one Sunset there's a lot of fun to be crammed into nine pages. It's definitely something that you can attribute to being a clopfic.

I'll freely admit to often reusing words, too. One of my weaknesses as a writer. It's something I try to be conscious of, to at least make it not too obvious, but it's something I need to progressively work towards improving on.

At any rate I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll be putting up more of my library of EG erotica soon. My primary one is focused around a Futa Principal Celestia that builds herself a little harem from her students. Since it's an ongoing multi-chapter affair it might not feel quite so rushed, and might be more to your liking.

7464582 same for me so instant fav.

here an odd question,
if princess twilight fuck with sci-twi does it count as incest or masturbation,

I think I read this on HF before. Still, it's a fun fic. Great job.

I was hyped to see more Sci-Twi x Sunset, but then the pony princess appears.. again, and again, and again, and over again .-. .-.

7467707 Check out my story "Everyone's Best Friend is Twilight Sparkle." It's all Sci-Twi. :)

7488237 Archive of Our Own, it's a general fanfiction website. Sort of a replacement for Fanfiction.net.

at first i expected it to be just plain weird, but as I read it I realized it wasn't too bad!

Good work!:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Do another chapter/sequel with both Twilights being futas?

7532073 It's something I'd totally be down for doing if someone commissioned it, otherwise I'm afraid I just don't have the time.

That ending pretty much sets up a sequel where Sunset gets a Twilight train ran on her.

I remember reading this, yet this isn't marked as read in any way. Weird:rainbowhuh:

Oh well, gave me a reason to read this again:twilightsheepish: Love your Princess Twilight:rainbowkiss:

That's some neat futa smut! Imagining Twilight coming over every now and again to simply use Sunset and Twilight is hot as hell! :rainbowkiss: :yay:

Sunset and her harem of futa Twilights. I can dig that. I dig that oh so very much! :pinkiehappy:

I wonder which one will get her pregnant first, though.

Idea - sequel that adds in Midnight Sparkle, Mean Clone Twilight, Tree of Harmony Twilight, and Mirror Universe Twilight.

I don't know how but contrive a way. :raritywink:

...unless there were even more Twilights out there. Then she wanted them, too.

You know, there's Twilight Velvet.

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