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ah, drace, you spoil us.

Maud's face stares deep into your soul as your hand goes deeper into your pants. Clop wisely, my friends, for Maud knows all.

She was drowsy! It's a safe bet that in any story I write, in-universe Rarity is well versed in cum. >.>

Maud watches you fap
She speaks and looks at your cock
"Getting your rocks off?"

A haiku.

"A masterful use of words, with an ebb and flow on the tongue like the tides of the ocean." 4/10 IGN

Drace stories are the best.

Drace stories with Rarity cameos are the bestest.


Well, Rarity literally did not see that coming :rainbowlaugh:

Maud was a difficult girl to read, and Pinkie was willing to bed

Not sure if Pervy Pinkie Pun, or a typo. Should it be bed or bet? :raritywink:

I kinda wanna see a sequel to this, but with Rainbow Dash instead of Rarity. Maybe even have her join in the fun.

Wheeze i love that ending

I love endings that involve Rarity getting stuff on her.

Have you thought about doing a fic where Rarity gets stuffed and a facial? Or do you already have one?

Rarity pops up a lot in my work, so if you look at my library you'll find plenty.

That said, the fourth chapter of Celestia's Stable is one of my favorites, as it involves a hung Principal Celestia in some very unsubtle seduction.

Sequel plz?
Mabye have them do it while awake.

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