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Erotic, but the diary format means it's a bit distanced compared to your usual work.

Still, very nice and high quality clop, as always.

7798802 Funny enough, one of my most well known stories is in first person format. :) Detention for Kim; it's a story about a senior in high school that fucks her teacher and gets pulled into a reaaaaaally depraved little lifestyle. But I definitely don't do 1st person too often.

Oooh, that was you? I know that story, I think I read it a long time ago on the darknest forum.
Tells you what I think about your stuff. You're really above the average!

Well that's five minutes I'm never getting back.

7798817 Been a long time since I've been on Darknest. :) It's a longer story now!

Glorious gloryholes, favorite human, horsecocks..

HNNNNG :pinkiegasp:

7798830 I don't know if she's my favorite human or not, BUT I do think she's my favorite for tackling horsecock endeavors.

Satch #8 · Dec 16th, 2016 · · 8 ·

Guessing it will be revealed in the end that it was an inexplicable hyper genderswap all along, considering the futa tag xP
At least you went with their human forms to explain why a human glory hole was used :3

And going to guess it's 1'st person based on Twilight, not whomever the dude is? x3 (Was a recent discussion it the group about how many fics that had the 1'st person view from the customers side.)


Definitely. For me it's the innocence/presumed innocence thing. One of the same reasons I love clop with Season 1+2 Twilight, while she was still kinda shy and unsure.

Of course it's also always fun when she unexpectedly has way more sexual experience than you'd think :raritywink:

I normally don't like futa fanfics....

but damn man...you got me wondering what will happen next....

Personally, I'd probably stab it.

This fic screams for a sequel! I sincerely hope there will be one! :raritystarry:

7799154 When the evil dick appears... YOU MUST STAB IT!

Probably I'd panic. The note should have been the first thing through the portal. :pinkiegasp:


Your long description needs a lot of work.

Okay, so I wouldn't mind a sequel to this. maybe all of the mane 6 receiving their own futa/non-futa dicks. Either way great story and really hoping for more.

*sighs and unzips pants* I'll get the tissue...

Creative. Smut is fun with portals.

Some suspension of disbelief is required for this fic. No, not because of an inexplicable floating fart portal. No, not because of a large futa horsedick that appears through said inexplicable floating fart portal. No, not because of virginal Sci-Twi's full willingness to orally please the large futa horsedick appearing through said inexplicable floating fart portal. But rather--this being a first person narrative from Human Twilight (and a chronicled diary entry to boot)--it feels as though it should have been done in a far more technical and scientific fashion with plenty of redundant statistics splattered in between the paragraphs. Butttttttttt--that wouldn't have made for a fun... much less erotic story. So I think you made a good choice here.

There's a silliness that runs abundantly throughout this fic. But it's a good, sexy silly. Thanks for sharing. And gratz on getting featured.


Who's horse peener is it



Butttttttttt--that wouldn't have made for a fun... much less erotic story.

I beg to differ. :twilightoops:


Darknest. Now that's a website I haven't heard from in a long time.

7799887 Fixed! I thank you, and the peener thanks you.

7799655 I'll admit I'm not a fan of long descriptions. I've always preferred a playful synopsis and a relative kink list for the sake of warning.

7799154 Careful, it might stab you back. In places. Actually, wasn't there an old porn site liked that? Mr. Stabbin'? WORST NAME EVER FOR PORN.

7799831 I 100% agree that having it be a very technical read would make it a lot more fun, but writing that sorta stuff is super exhausting. I feel mentally drained after using it even with people chatting to one another, hehe.

100th like.

Any chance you'll write about their meeting?

I really hope this is not actually the end, I really want a sequel. Also, if a horse penis appeared above my bed, I would probably panic at first, but I would also have fun with it. Fellating a horse is one of my biggest fantasies...


What I meant to say was that a super scientific and technical approach would NOT have been fun, and that the method you chose was conducive to a funner, sexier fic. But I suppose you could be right. Something insanely technical--even to the point of parody--would be hilarious in its own right. But Nietzsche knows I wouldn't want to write that shiet and I'm not the one coughing out 12+ oneshots this month. X_X

I think what you've done here is awesome. Please don't think that I'm complaining. Not even remotely.

I am so hoping for a sequel, this fits all my favorite fetishs :pinkiehappy:


If you had the time for it, may you pls update the Rarity // r63! Coco story? It was my fav bunch around here

I am... surprisingly hard.

this fic is fap friendly and pingas approved.:moustache:

I was greatly interested and wanted to read it but then I saw the futa tag :pinkiesick:. Darn. So close. Guess I'll go look for something else.... :ajsleepy:

7800608 I'm scheduled to write chapter two of it on Monday, it should be available to the public after the client gets a chance to read and approve it.

congrats on the feature

Let me summarize:

I have a blowjob fetish.

Moreeeeeeee 0,0 thank you ;) great job.

7801949 you could just pretend it's Shining Armor. Or that Celestia is a stallion.

There's one thing that really amuses me about this story.

At some point, Celestia must have had a thought like "Hmm, I wonder if I can convince human Twilight to suck my dick through a tiny portal." and that just seems so silly :p

"Goddamnit, a letter? Where the fuck is my twenty bucks?"

7802024 if its not done, why mark it as complete?

7805370 We were talking about a different story that is marked incomplete. :)

What would you do if it appeared over your bed one night?

To be entirely honest... I'd probably look for a blunt object and hit it.
"That'll teach that pony for thinking it could just do as he pleased with portals!"
I'm not sure what Celestia would do in that case. I don't really want to think about it too much. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyways, that synopsis had me rolling. Good work!


7805973 Stick her horn in and shoot you point blank with a sunfire spell

Not my favorite. Just seems like another example of Sci-Twi putting the quest for knowledge ahead of common sense, much like she did at the Friendship Games.

kinda wish for sequel.

8040568 Me too, id like to read more. See where it goes.

Holy shit, this is amazing.

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