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well this oughta be a fun ride xD more so for Sunset than us I'm sure but still

wait, was this the one from AO3? I hope so. gonna have to double check later.

EDIT: Holy shit it is. FUCK YEAH. no longer having to dig around to check it's updates!

*Reads Description*
...Mr.Takei I will leave this to you.

This is a very enjoyable read. I'm definitely going to track this so I can see what comes next. :raritywink:

7480011 Yep! :) I'm going to update with all the other chapters soon, and at that point it'll be kept up to date at the same rate that AO3 and HF are.

7480110 You'll find out soon! :D Thanks for the track, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

7479974 It's going to touch on all of the girls. :) Principal Celestia is...well, she's a greedy lady.

Yay, this is on here now. I love HF, but their story system leaves much to be desired.

7480253 Tell me about it. The forced renaming is just the tip of the iceberg of complaints I have about their system, and how they treat writers compared to artists.

I see I'm not the only author who thinks that a version of Celestia would be a rather intense lady. Added to my watch later list since I am still more everything is on fire than I'd like, but man, that's a lovely description and that stare. There are a lot of sexy things in the world, but among the top is the look of a perspective romantic/sexual partner who knows what they want and is prepared to go after it full throttle.

As a side note, what sort of feedback are you most interested in? Hotness, believableness, just whatever comes to mind...?

7480174 well, make more updates! It's been a while since the last one I think.

7480301 I'm planning on it. :) My commission schedule has just been hectic this month. But I did start another EG Futa story called Everyone's Best Friend is Twilight Sparkle. If you want your EG-futa fix, check it out!

I've been watching this one on Archive. Don't mind that site, but the tag system is kinda borked.

I love what happens with Luna though.

I remember this from Hentai Foundry...

Yes, my god yes. Notice me senpai and let me blow you for more chapters of this with preggo harems submitting to their mistress.

Read these on HF; fantastic work! I've been eagerly awaiting more chapters.

7481677 I'm really hoping to have the newest one complete soon. :) Been a few busy months.

7480991 I'm doin' the noticin', waitin' for the blowin'. :O

7480818 I like it more than Hentai Foundry for a few reasons, not the least of which being their MLP name-replacing tool. It's fine for artwork, but for stories it makes them difficult to read. AO3 is also a nice, ad-free experience, which I can totally get behind.

Have a fave. Can't wait to see who's next. Maybe the Dazzlings?!

7481854 The Dazzlings will definitely show up eventually, but the first few chapters are mostly centered around the mane gals. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!

7481878 This makes me happy and, frankly, I'm okay with any of the Mane Six if this is the quality. Now, if Luna also showed up I would be happy...

7481985 Oh, I can garauntee you Luna shows up. :3

we drift further away from Lord helix's light every day

My first thought for the future chapters was "cmc or nah?"

7482015 CMC are a little too young to include, and there's lots and lots of others to go through first.

Maybe, if there's ever a chapter that takes place like 5-6 years down the line? Celestia has a bunch of her girls living with her taking care of her children, and the CMC show up to join the fun now that they're old enough. But that's not in my current plans.

7482058 Aww, thanks! :D I took a look at your library, there's definitely stuff there I'm interested in! I'm gonna do some reading when I get some free time later this week. :)

7482067 Thanks. Also, if I have the time I'll churn out yet another story and a collab this week.


Dazzlings will show up

Sir, just take it all. Take my money, my first born, and even my soul if it means you'll write them in soon. Who else will be part of the harem? Will it be all of the girls in school? Trixie? Moondancer? Who else?

*Sprays some breath freshener and crawls under the Principals desk*

Okay, lets do this....

I was about to comment that I'm pretty sure I'd seen this somewhere before, not sure of where, but it's good to know that you didn't rip it off of somebody.

Was honestly worried there for a bit.

Gonna be following this for certain.

It's a shame.

I really wanted to enjoy this fic, and all you had to do was add a line or two of consensuality. While I see Celestia as a dom, I just don't see her as a raping bully.

Saying that the only way to stay in the school would be to let herself be used - clearly against her will - killed it for me.

7482330 Fluttershy and Rarity join pretty quickly, and there's some fun times that happen past the harem. Celestia doesn't merely have sex with the young girls she pulls into her stable; she gets a fair amount of fun on the side as well!

7482370 For the purposes of this story, it means that Celestia has a vested interest in getting her girls pregnant. It's basically a risk of pregnancy kink.

7482496 Nah, not a ripoff, just my lazy butt catching up with posting it here. :) It's already become apparent to me I should've started with this website, but I didn't even know about it until recently. (One of my readers was kind enough to point me in its direction.)

Glad you enjoyed it. :)

7482945 I can understand that, and it's a totally valid criticism. I think when I went about writing it, my intent was more for her to be a pressuring older woman, and the whole "if you want to stay at this school" angle to be more an excuse for Sunset to get down and dirty. Not necessarily a noncon aspect, but a dubcon flirting with a lot of hentai tropes.

Either way, I can definitely say that future chapters don't have such an element. There are definitely a few where Celestia toys with people's comfort levels, but most of the girls are pretty enthusiastic about what they do. Also, I can safely say that my other stories don't have this same component. "But We're Friends" is a little close, but Sunset is far, far more eager.

So I guess I'm saying I'm sorry this one wasn't your cup of tea, but if you liked the story otherwise you might enjoy some of my other work. :)

7482377 Make sure to pack an energy drink, too! It's a big job!

7483034 I enjoyed the sex, I thought it was well written and well thought out. I just couldn't get over the lack of love and compassion and the abuse of power from your Celestia.

7483046 That's totally fair, not everyone enjoys that angle. :) If you give some of my other stuff a chance, I hope it'll be more to your tastes.

7483095 Thanks for taking the time to read and give your thoughts. :) Hopefully future chapters don't disappoint!

As for told by/with clop, I'm not sure where the early chapters will fall, but I like to think the middle ones lead more towards a bit of a story. Maybe even some suspense, kind of keeping people wondering just where it'll all go. But that's for people that read it to decide; I'll just put it out there and see where things fall. :)

I can definitely confirm that the girls join in under different circumstances. One is already seeing her, one is much more willing and eager, and in general there's a pretty wide mix. Hopefully it keeps you interested to continue!

And thank your friend for suggesting it for me!

Bits of the Principal’s cum had clung to Sunset Shimmer's’ pretty young cheeks,

Was there any way that you could have not made this creepy. This is going to stick in my head like a fat spider and just repeat until I burn it out.

I can't wait for Fluttershy and all the potential kinky fuckery that awaits us. Yes, kinky fuckery.

7483115 Hmm. Drops that stuck instead of bits that clung?


No it's the "Pretty young cheeks" bit.

I just hear that in the voice of an 80 year old man, soozled off his ass, hitting on young girls a quarter of his damned age.

"Hello you young, pretty, thing"

*Stares and nods*
Aye, this one might be a double canner.

So this is molestia of chs

Hmmmm, not sure that it was a good idea to send Sunset out with cum on her face, cum coating her clothes, and cum in her hair. :facehoof: Given that at this point Celestia might want to keep this under wraps till it comes to full completion. The leaking cum thing might be alright though, but yeah she was too covered in cum to be any kind of subtle.

7484246 The fact that Celestia isn't subtle at all becomes a bit of a plot point later, when one of the other administrators figure out just what she's been doing. :3

7482053 your taking your clop to seriously

So is Twilight (pony) going to get punished for sneaking into her school without permission and running for fall formal.

oh so this is finally out here as well, huh? been following the story for a while now on... a different site and I'm looking forward to the reactions on your work you'll get. guess it will be a while before i can expect anything new though, considering this is still a few chapters short.

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