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yep this is going to be good.:scootangel:

"Alright... You win, Sunshine." He said. "So... What exactly do you want to do when I get off?"
Sunshine shot him a dirty look.
"I can think of a few... fun activities we can both enjoy..."
"Yeah?" Dennis asked, his interest peaked.
Sunshine bit her bottom lip seductively.
"Yeah..." She muttered, letting out a very soft moan. "But before we do that..."
Dennis leaned across the counter until Sunshine's lips were a breath away from his ear.
"Get me my damn steak."

Sounds like Sunshine Harvest is a bit of a man-eater!

This is going to be good*rubs hands together* really good

"Yeah..." She muttered, letting out a very soft moan. "But before we do that..."
Dennis across the counter until Sunshine's lips were a breath away from his ear.
"Get me my damn steak."


She through her arms around her wife's neck and planted a wet kiss on Sunset's cheek.


Dennis ? across the counter until Sunshine's lips were a breath away from his ear.

? = leaned (insert here)
So far so good, but need more to tell better.:pinkiehappy:

I live in 'Bama too!!

this is going to be vary interesting and super good also.

Ohh dear. Sunshine might be carrying "precious cargo"

hum no change coming threw the mirror. i know of only one reason the magic would not change her. and i agree with Valiant Charge on this one Sunshine is carrying "precious cargo"

7353219 hmmm fra-gee-lee...must be italian
(yes...christmas story reference)

7353314 While I agree she has a bun in the oven I believe the reason she didn't change is because she is a hybrid. Think about it, when Twilight travels to the human world she becomes human and when Sunshine's father traveled to Equestria he became human.

:heart: this is going to be a interesting revel.

i knew it! I KNEW IT!!! THIS IS EPIC!!

Dennis had better show up. I also love how you used my idea.

o this is going to get good.
I can see Dennis visiting as a pony EPIC.

Sunset and applejack are not gonna be happy about this.


Oohh its gettin good now!

dang I was hoping Sunset and Celestia would patch things up.
and I am still hoping Dennis and Sunshine stay in Equestria.

Summerset Shimmer?

So he's from the south west of Britain then?

My only gripe of this is how short it is and how fleshed out it could be, same with the previous installment. I still enjoy these...just needs...more

six month-year


Is this a translation of the relative development of ponies vs humans, so a six month pony is as developed as a 6 year old human?

Or just a mistake?

Summerset's first words!! I'm getting a mental image in my head on how it would look like and I'm just jumping at how adorable it looks :twilightblush:

dawww I vary cute chapter.

I do think she should talk this over with Denis before deciding to live in a different world for the rest of her life. Summerset can make a decision when he's older but you'd think his father would at least be asked his opinion before his kid is kept away from him (or asked where he'd like to stay from now on).

I'm so happy I was mentioned I've loved everyone of these stories they've really twisted my heartstrings

I would like to see the fact celestia gets a child with a human being from the Equestria girls world bassed in this story and see what happens from there if you are planning it that would be cool in my opinion

bravo bravo this is a exultant chapter absolutely perfect.:heart:

Wonderful chapter, I felt the emotions of the two characters as they were talking . To pride and joy sunset has and the curiosity and the feeling of being reunited with an old student and now restablished friendship is overwhelming. I could not help but smile and ponder my own friendships and how they have contributed in my life :)

IF ONLY THEY WOULD HAVE FUCKED :rainbowlaugh: just kidding this chapter was quite the spectacle I really loved it and I've loved this series

7359396 I just thought it was a terrible name in general, but it was a good story.

I was half expecting Celestia lifting her banishment and allowing her back.

When are we ever getting the actually story of how these two got together? You told, but we want to see

"I did, many years ago. She was an ambitious student of mine. I... forget most of the details. It has been quite a long time." You're thousands of years old. Not that long ago comparatively.

Also is it meant to be Trail or Trial?

oh shit... Dennis you fucked up :pinkiegasp:

ps: :heart::heart:

Don't fuck up...fuck down. That way you don't get it in your eye.

Yeah, I'm a jerk.

Damn she got pregnant young

7509463 Obvious excuse to change the subject is obvious.

Great storys i loved them and i would like more like it.

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