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Tradition demands that I leave overly critical reviews on your stories, but that's proving difficult here.

I had originally envisioned the effects as being a lot more subtle, and Rainbow slowly figuring out what was going on over the first few chapters...but let's face it, this way works much better.

Let's hope I keep getting commission slots. I have such lovely plans.

I was just watching EQG and thinking about your stories when I checked the site on a whim and... well... here we are.

7909863 Rainbow Rocks screenshot. The larger pic was Dash being a smug bitch with her guitar, as she is prone to do.

7909867 It's fate!

7909748 Looking forward to writing all those lovely plans!

Well, this story certainly didn't fuck around

I mean, I like a lot of what you do here, but the writing is very... "distant" and telly compared to what I've read from you before, and it was difficult not to skim. It's missing physical sensation, and in some places it's missing thoughts, feelings, and other internal narrative that is present in only part of the story. Ultimately, I think this was caused by the POV "zooming out" to cover some of the things going on outside the closet and then never really "zooming back in" enough during the sex scene.

(Also, a touch of Lavender Unicorn Syndrome.)


Unlike the story, however, Rainbow Dash will certainly be fucking around.

You used a line break! Holy shhhhhhh--well... almost a line break. Close enough. That blew my mind.

I laughed out loud multiple times in this story. I imagine you've done this sort of thing so much that it helps to... er... fuck around a bit with the otherwise formulaic structure. In any case, well done, and there couldn't have been a better choice than Pinkie Pie to head up the main action.

And, of course, Rarity's lines are the best. They're always the best in your stories. Well done.

Now if only this story would get enough comments to match its hits, votes, and popular standing within the feature box.

I can't believe I am happy that this got updated.

You can't believe you're happy? Why not? :rainbowhuh:

(There are more chapters coming eventually. I don't know when they'll show up here, but they're definitely worth the wait.)

Just something I wouldn't have believed a few years ago about clopfics. I was just trying to be funny.

I love how you get just the right mix of happy and depraved going in your stories. :twilightsmile:

My favorite part of this chapter was Rarity with the compact, putting on makeup. F'naaa.

But seriously, though. Nice sexy chapter with best sexy partner. Glad to see this continued.

“Gosh, everyone from Equestria must be so nice.”

That, sad to say, isn't true. It's the norm, but not everyone is so nice in Equestria. Sorry Flutters

This is starting to remind me of my own fics in reverse. :moustache:

This chapter isn't bad by any means -- I do enjoy it -- but to be honest it's probably my least favorite of the bunch. I wish I could put my finger on why -- I don't like to criticize without something helpful to say.

I dunno, maybe I'm just not into romance.

Perhaps the lack of Dash and her zipzapping cock?

See, when I was in high school, whenever I tried getting into a research project like this with a lady partner, I always ended up doing it by myself. :facehoof:

I'm not sure. Obviously I like Rainbow Dash, but I still like the other chapters that don't involve her more than I do this one. I guess...perhaps those others each feature a more dynamic match-up of personalities than the two nerds?

When it becomes Sci-Twi's turn well Sunset Shimmer will have a all-around ticket to Continuous City.

I hope you're going to write about Twilight's turn with the amulet, that would be awesome.

I originally wanted this chapter to be titled "Double Dusked," but this is good too.

You know Sci-Twi could reverse-engineered the Amulet for her and Sunset only so they don't have to borrow that one every time.

Sci-Twi is brilliant, but if she had any idea how to build magic items properly, we wouldn't have gotten half the plot of Friendship Games. The creation of penis pendants is probably best left to fully trained Equestrian unicorns (and/or alicorns) who actually know how magic works.

If she actually tried this, she would probably just end up as a crazed futa Midnight Sparkle and...okay, I'd totally read that story. :twilightsmile:

Hot. Wonder if she plans to give Flutters the taste of apples, or if she's aiming for someone a little older? Dash might be mad if AJ beats her to Fluttershy though.

Either AJ's using it on Rarity, Fluttershy, or Coloratura.

I would take Twilight saying that "Pregnancy isn't a concern with it" with not much grain of salt since if "Everyone's Best Friend is Twilight Sparkle", Twilight still manage to get pregnant despite saying the girls even with their dicks couldn't get anyone pregnant. I feel by the end of this Rainbow would still get one of the girls pregnant

This is a very well written story, with solid build up, character descriptions and sexy times! Very nice work, excited to read the rest! :rainbowwild:

Rarijack is always amazing. Rarijack>AppleDash fite me, m8.

Appledash is a ship that would always end up explosively ending.

I'm with Musicman here!!! RARIJACK IS AMAZING!!! Plus I could see them dating after experiences like this. The fact that Rarity was willing to open up this side of herself to Applejack, plus the fact that Applejack seems to have a serious soft spot of affection for Rarity all adds to their chemistry. Plus, why would Rares make an embroidered apple piece to go with her sexy ensemble ;)

My personal theory is that at least one of the Apple siblings has a secret, shameful fetish for pears. No one must know.

I like every chapter in this story, but this and chapter 9 are definitely the best so far. :rainbowwild:

I think this is the first time you've written Fluttershy without her being kinky.

There have been so many stories and chapters lately where 'Shy is the most kinky one (because it's always the quiet ones, right?) that this was actually a breath of fresh air... and I loved it. It was so tender, so affectionate, that it was simply wonderful :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you liked it! The new chapter involves Fluttershy too, but she's still not kinky so much as happy to have fun with her friends. Enjoy!

I like kinky Fluttershy, but also sweet and innocent Fluttershy. I like all Fluttershies!

Then they realize the guys that had sex sith the girls with the amulet are pregnant :) love this story

I'd like to see more anal involved, personally. All the anal fun!

My first reaction was a rather poor attempt at a “two in the pink” joke. Now, if Pinkie were with one other girl, I might have at least been able to justify a “two on the pink” joke. Probably for the best.

I'll see what I can do! Perhaps there'll be some rumps raised in the future.

You never have to fear the ramifications of a bad joke. Embrace it.

Any chance of the Dazzlings getting some action? or maybe the principals or teachers?

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