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Are you going to do the rest of the main six?

7473670 This one was kind of a oneshot deal, it won my Patreon poll that month. But pretty soon I'm going to be posting a different story where a female Twilight has to contend with all the other girls as futa. That's a multi chapter one.

7473734 cool just wanted to know.

It actually won a Patreon poll recently, and it's getting a second chapter soon. :)

Didn't this used to have cover art?

Nah, I think I posted it in the long long ago, before I put cover art on every story.

The End.

No no no no no, that can't end there! Come on!

I would read this, but I’m curious about something. The wording of the description is iffy so...is Sunset like totally Into it all the way? Is she being pressured to be their fucktoy or is it completely her?

I wrote this a long while ago, but if I recall correctly Sunset's mostly nervous about the location. Otherwise, she's pretty much into it and it's a very soft dubcon at the very worst.

Hmmm. Maybe I’ll give it a try. I’m just super duper picky about stories if any sort of dub-con or non-con is a factor.

I think you'll find this one to be pretty soft as far as that goes. Definitely nothing like some of my other stories.

Let me know what you think!

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