• Published 17th Apr 2021
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Reformed Unicorn Group Podcast - Quoterific

Four former unicorn villains share some laughs and fun upon reflection about their past

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Chapter 7- Lovebug

"Today, " Trixie announced to their listeners, "We have a very special guest who is taking time off ruling to be with us today,"

"He is a former servant who has turned against Queen Chrysalis and helped save our friends as well as the Princesses of Equestria," Starlight excitedly added.

"Allow us to introduce, Thorax," Tempest introduced the new changeling king to the show.

"Thanks, it's a pleasure to be here really," Thorax appreciated with usually timid tone, "Pharynx is taking care of everything so I can be here with all of you."

"You let Pharynx be in charge of the hive?" Starlight asked with worry, "Isn't he a bit extreme?"

"You'll be surprised to know that he has taken aboard your lessons when you and Trixie visited last time, and he as calmed down over time. Though that doesn't stop Pharynx from being Pharynx," Thorax chuckled wryly.

"If you say so," Trixie said with trepidation.

"So tell us," Tempest shifted the topic, "How did you become a renegade from Chrysalis' rule,"

"I was different from the very moment I hatched from Chrysalis brood," Thorax sighed, "I was more timid and didn't get involved with some of the rough activities of some of the other changelings at the time. Pharynx was there when others ganged up on me, but mainly it was just me, doing my own gentle thing. Pharynx used got me to hit myself as a lesson to toughen up and be more like them." Trixie chuckled, causing Starlight to give her friend the usual threatening glare.

"What changed?" Sunset asked with intrigue, since she wasn't in Equestria most of the time.

"I was there when Chrysalis attacked Canterlot," Thorax shamefully told, "I saw Twilight and her friends' fight to reach the Elements of Harmony. Even though it was in vain, it made me realise something. True love shouldn't just be kept for ourselves to feed on, it should shared and enjoyed by those all around. Twilight and the others fought with passion and love, not just for Equestria, Cadance and Shining Armor, but for each other. They supported each other throughout out the fight. It grew to the point of almost sensing it inside me as well." Thorax smiled at the memory.

"What happened next," Tempest urged him on.

"After our defeat and being expelled from Canterlot, I knew I couldn't live the same way like the others. I wanted love to be shared, but held back. I left the hive and tried to search for some creature to take me as I am, regardless of my links to Chrysalis. It was at that time I was drawn to the Crystal Empire's love over the Crystalling of Flurry Heart. I hid around the Frozen North to sustain myself with the Empire's love. It was there I met Spike. Be saw me as not a bad guy, but some creature who needed a friend, something stronger to sustain than just feeding off of it."

"How wonderful," Sunset noted, "And how has the Changeling Kingdom and Hive adapted now?"

"It was a bit of a bumpy started," Thorax nervously laughed, "Some things were new and all. We tried Twilight's guide to celebrating Hearth's Warming Eve for example. We may have taken the list a bit too literally there,"

"Correction, very literally," Starlight laughed out loud, "Ocellus told us about it. That shy little bookbug."

"Of course she did," Thorax laughed along, "However, things are coming together nicely. I am also taking lessons for being a more assertive leader by Dragonlord Ember. She was a big help ever since she and I met at Spike's accidentally planning arrangement. Although she still messes up on who's who in her letters to me. I mean, who in Equestria is Twilight Glimmer?"

"Don't remind me," Starlight groaned, "I mean, how in the name and Celestia do me and Twilight look alike?"

"Don't get me wrong," Sunset joined in, "But it can get confusing. With me in, it's Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer. Mine and Starlight's name sort of rhyme, so it might get confusing. I wonder what would happen if Ember met all of us unicorns?"

I dread to imagine the confusion on her face," Starlight giggled.

"Thank you for your time being here," Tempest thanked the changeling, "We are going to have a break right now. Hope to see you all again soon. Thank you for listening once again creatures!"

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